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  1. I am looking specifically for this type of curry powder: I bought some at SM Seaside last time I was in Cebu and I should have bought all that they had. I can't find it anywhere here on Bohol or on the internet. It has to be exactly the one in the picture. McCormick's makes a few different types. I have tried them all, and the yellow one is the best by far. Anyone want to either mail me ten packs or so (if it can be found anywhere) or bring it with you on your next trip to Bohol? I can pay via paypal or Palawan Express plus a little for your troubles. If you bring it in person, I will also throw in a van ride from the Pier to anywhere in Tagbilaran or Panglao Island as an added thank you!
  2. So if you go in for heart surgery make sure to ask for the doctor that has no experience versus the doctor that has 20 years of experience. I believe the ones that are more timid are the ones that have been t-boned a time or two and have learned that their actions have consequences. The dogs that have a permanent limp are much more cautious crossing the street.
  3. Let's not forget many Filipinos are first generation drivers with very little experience driving anything. In the west, and I am sure other places, there is a natural progression towards driving a car. I was given a tricycle at around age 4 or 5. Then a bicycle. Then later on I started driving a riding lawn mower maybe around ten. At fourteen I was driving a John Deer tractor. So when I turned 16 driving a car seemed easy. Now let's look at the progression of a typical Pinoy. Most Filipinos driving/riding experience is on a scooter if they are lucky. And It's a huge step up to move to four wheels and a completely different set of skills. Now here in Bohol they are offering a new car to anyone with a pulse. I read in the paper they sold 5000 new cars a month, every month last year. (I have a hard time believing that number). I doubt there are 60,000 truly qualified drivers on the island to drive these new cars. This will not end well.
  4. Yeah, thanks "well meaning" missionaries!
  5. Just learned something cool. If you load is expiring, as mine usually does, you can do a pasaload (load sharing) to someone else and it extends the validity of the load. For example, I had 47 pesos about to expire tomorrow on my Globe sim. I sent 40 of it to my wife and now it's good for another 15 days on her phone. It costs you one peso to send the load, but it's better than all of it going to waste! I still say it's BS that they put an expiration date on prepaid loads though. Hope that helps someone!
  6. I have argued the shorts vs. skirts discrimination for years. What do they do for the bayots here? Has anyone had to go to Sergio Osmena Camp Crime Region 7? I actually need to go to the Interpol office across the street. Anyone have any idea if they have a dress code there? I don't own any long pants and would really hate to have to go buy a pair for what should be a 15 minute visit.
  7. I thought this was really good and it's based on a true story. It tells the tale of how insane the government contracting business can get.
  8. I've got a Rouser 220 that I love to ride around Panglao and Bohol, although I think it'd be a bit cumbersome in Cebu City traffic. My only complaint with the Rouser is that it feels like it needs a sixth gear. At 100 Kph it's already pulling about 7000 RPM. Granted it doesn't redline until 10500, but it feels like its reving too high. A sixth gear could bring that down in the 4 to 5 thousand range and make longer rides a little more comfortable. I saw one of these for the first time yesterday. Looks like an older Kawasaki Vulcan with the Indian made Bajaj 220 motor from the Rouser. According the specs it produces almost 19 Hp. Might make a nice cheap cruiser. I would guess it sells for less than 120K.
  9. Anyone know how well they stand up to earthquakes? The thought of sleeping directly under all that heavy concrete in an earthquake prone area would make me a little nervous. I have looked into the earth bag house idea several times. That really does seem to be the way to go here, if, you can get the permits to build one. I would really like to build one almost entirely underground to keep it cool, but I have a feeling I would be constantly battling mold and fungus. Plus I imagine it could flood during a serious rain storm. One other issue to think about with these atypical homes is insurance. Many insurance companies will not take on unknown risks. They have tons of computer models that can calculate the risk of insuring a normal brick and mortar or stick home. They don't have enough data to figure out how much to charge in premiums to make sure they don't lose money if something catastrophic happens to your house.
  10. Great find shadow. I watched it with my son last night. Reminded me of the old Warren Miller ski films. Thanks for the link!
  11. I have always used this place in the past. I think it runs from 2000 to 2500 a night with breakfast for two and a king sized bed. http://www.casabocobo.com.ph/location/
  12. I have load stolen from me every single month. OK, technically it "expires", but to me it is still theft. I paid for one hundred pesos worth of your service. Why do I have to use it up within a month? Does it cost the company more if I keep the load on my phone longer than 30 days? It's total hogwash. At least I am not alone in thinking this:
  13. I guess everyone is getting Monorail fever! http://boholchronicle.com.ph/2017/01/01/transport-upgrade-needed-to-complement-new-airport/
  14. The fee from USAA is fixed. I believe it's 20 dollars to USAA and 25 dollars to the Bank of New York, or vice versa. The fee from Transferwise scales and I think it's set at one percent. I don't know if they would do a dollar to dollar transfer though, like the one you did.