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  1. ha, not with an avatar like that anyway! Russia really must be making an impact, now the Filipino news comes from there first. I think we will see some scaling up of the fight against terror now globally after the UK concert schoolgirls bomb.
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  3. I agree with things like playing loud music in late hours as been arrogant but when I think about it why should we get angry when Filipinos slow our frantic schedules down? In the West time is everything, it means another hours pay and that has been brainwashed in us since we started school, the importance of time and to HURRY UP. If you really need to rush because of a medical emergency or whatever then go up to the people holding you up in the que and explain, they will probably be happy to let you go in front if they know your wife is nearly dying waiting for her medicine or whatever. but if you don;t have a good reason then maybe it's you that needs to look at why you are in such a hurry, are you angry at your life? Next time you are slowed down in the supermarket que because a couple of happy Filipinos are having a family reunion, smile and enjoy the moment like they are. * Disclaimer I have only read first 2 pages of thread
  4. yeah I can imagine Byron Bay has progressed from a laid back community I did hear that before. The area around there does look like it has fertile soil so I guess that helped make it popular for permaculture. Well 5 acres near Camden would be OK, and also easily derivable to Sydney. 5 acres was about the amount I would be happy with if it was close to a city like that. I could imagine now that would be well out of my budget these days. You should be able to do plenty with that amount of land. Hope it goes well and your one in Philippines. I did consider having land there but these days I'm looking forward to building my home in OZ but will travel again to Asia and beyond when I can. I have started the sale of my property and got it signed up to go on sale soon. I have also been having a change in my plans and I may prefer to find a major reno project to take on once I get my money. Something I could live in and do up over 6 months and turn into a profit. So I'm keeping my options open but the long term plan will not change and that is still to have my own piece of land to make a farm. I also would love it to be near the beach or salt water fishing. I could live off fish as well. If I can get a bigger budget I could find a good piece of land with a little more money. We will see....
  5. It's not the thing I'm interested in. If I have a large property I want it to be mine and I can do what I want. Living in an apartment has taught me how much I hate to have strata and utility companies running your life. It will be so nice to get out to my own piece of land and go off the grid. I will try to blend into a local community though and take some produce into town and meet locals even if it's just to be sociable. There seems to be a community of people into this sort of thing around Byron bay area so I will check it out there at times. Eventually I could run workshops or a resort and have travelers staying there and working on my farm etc. that is inspiring, there is always someway to make a living It will depend lot on the location when doing things like this. I prefer to be off main roads but it might be convenient to live not too far from a place I could sell stuff on the road. In a shop facing the road from my property would be ideal, think of a sari sari store for fresh food. I sort of crossed that off as I thought the climate might be too cold in the winter 100k south of Woolongong but I have not been down there so I would not really know? What did you find when you looked there, are you still going to pursue a lifestyle like this?
  6. thanks for the info. It sounds like you have a great place. I believe I can pick up the land I want here within my budget, obviously I will not be sharing those but I have one bookmarked for many acres that looks great. It would be great to have utilities connected and a place to live. I have over a month or two before I will be able to buy so I have plenty of time to research. I could end up preferring a small plot of just a couple of acres that is closer to the city and already has a home. This is why I'm bringing it out in the open to get ideas and it's all part of my research so thanks for sharing. Deceased estates and mortgagee sales can also bring some top deals. I'm keeping a close eye on all corners of the market. part of my strategy is to make low ball offers so it might take 10 offers before I pick up a great bargain but once my apartment is sold I will sit on the cash and play the market. If someone has had land offered for months they might take an offer at 60% of the asking price.
  7. another income idea is to create a motorcycle or mountain bike track or offer weekend nature walks, and accommodation. I could have a little cafe and sell coffee, snacks for the tourists. There are plenty of options. Obviously I will need to get to that stage and could take awhile but eventually it would offer plenty of ways to make an income. Long term goals could include offering a resort style organic accommodation for highend prices.
  8. That is interesting and I read up on him . I will probably bring a mix or natural and permaculture. Working with the environment but will also will landscape and change areas as needed.
  9. well it's more about lifestyle for me. I don't care about money, it will only be for necessity. I also have a few other income streams that will grow as I have time. If I diversify and grow various exotic produce that gets good prices per kilo rather than bulk then I can concentrate on niche markets. I can even preserve and bottle stuff and sell it online or with a market. If the land is large enough and has forests then I can sell wood, land resources, and maybe find minerals or gold. I would not want to travel around looking for gold, it might be an interesting idea but I look forward to having a piece of land I can call my home and sit my ass down and do what I want. I do not want to travel around in caravans etc. I'm happy to stay in a van or caravan on my property though as I can make it part of the long term plan. I already have some good plots of land bookmarked for my budget that range from 20 to 150 acres. I'm not sure about large blocks and how much the rates would be? Yeah the climate will get hotter so that is why I will look for properties with good annual rainfall.
  10. As mentioned applying for a visa before you leave might be an idea. I would do this before I traveled on some occasions just for convenience but I found the best way was to get a visa extension at the airport on arrival, not sure if much has changed now.
  11. It's all about living the life I want. I would like to sell produce or do something with produce as that will be a big part of my plan as I enjoy gardening. I will need to make a living as well so whether its selling produce or bringing in an income some other way I will have to see how this goes. A lot will depend on the land and location. If it's within a few hours of a city then selling produce will be fine but if it's half a days drive then I might need to think of other income methods. Making an income will only be a necessity to cover any costs including land rates. Eventually money will be something that is not thought of much as the farm becomes fully self sustainable. I might just prefer to enjoy the quiet outback with very few people around, I will see what land I get and what I want to do at the time. I probably prefer the quiet route. yep I plan to grow exotic and niche produce, not carrots etc. At the start I will obtain as many different seeds as I can so I can experiment with different crops, I already have a box full of seeds I have kept. The first year will be all about testing and experimenting. I have had a garden in the past and it was a permaculture project although at the time I had never heard of permaculture. I was turning a dry backyard into a living landscape making compost,veggie gardens, fruit trees etc. yeah I will have to check out the details when I'm interested in a property. I really don't want to be too restricted. Water will be important, the land will need to have a reliable year round source. What about this land in the photos, do you think it can be workable or would it be too dry? How hard would it be when you are up on hills but with creeks etc?
  12. this one is a place I really like and seems more lush than the one I posted above plus it is much larger area for the price.
  13. I want to grow many types of plants, veggies, fruit etc and sell them later.
  14. So recently decided I would sell my property in an outer city as I was not doing much or getting anywhere. I was nearly about to rent my apartment out and go live right in the city and do some part time work. This was mainly to cover mortgage payments and rates etc. Then I looked at the other option more carefully which was to sell my place. The more I looked at this option the better it seems. This has always been a last resort option as I have strong beliefs property can make you money and the longer you can hold it for the better. Mine had made me a little profit over the years but nothing like some people have got in Sydney. If I sell my place it will leave me around 100k in cash once the mortgage and everything else is covered. Not much for a middle aging guy but better than nothing. I have to make do with what I have. it could possible be another 20-30k if the current property sells for more, My plan will be to budget for 100k ( I could get more) Buy Van to drive and live in temporary, budget 10k max Spend 70k max on property (includes fees etc) That leaves me 20k in the bank to live on and use for tools, equipment. The new property must offer at least 10 acres of usable land and with water supplies like a dam, river, creek etc Over the next 10 years I will create a farm, resort, permaculture centre, dream home on the land. If there is a building I can use to stay in that is ideal but it will not be a deal breaker, The priority is to get the best land I can for the budget. I will live in the van if I have to. I will also create a small building to live in if nothing is there. I will also design and built a home and all the other buildings for my plan. I know authorities will be on my back so I will research them for each area I'm interested in before purchasing. If councils have bad reps It could be a factor in my purchasing decision. You are not usually allowed to live on your land in our nanny state and there are some good reasons like sewerage, rubbish etc. But I will organically organize everything. I may have to find a deep clearing right in the Forrest to live to keep them off my back until I can get proper approved plans etc. I do have experience in gardening and landscaping which will help. I have also had my own permaculture garden a few years back at my earler home. Now, the hard part is to work out what land I can use or not, this is where maybe anyone here that knows can help. I have seen some videos on how guys have turned parts of the desert into lush gardens with permaculture but I think some of these have taken years. I don't want to be waiting 10 years+ before I can enjoy it. So will I need to write of dry land or many parts of Australia or could I get some outback rural land that is nothing special and turn it into a productive mini farm in 3 years? I'm thinking places that are on the NSW north coast and inland to the west, The lower to the south the better but it will depend on prices at the time when I'm ready to buy. Here are some pictures of the type of land I'm interested in, does this type of dry land look workable in a 3 year time frame? it will have to have some water resources somewhere to create the changes:
  15. not the 3 people that took the cash. if they had some blood on their face they might have had several million added or more, the lawsuit will be huge, probably in the hundreds of millions for the Asian guy.