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  1. I have no intention of ever buying a Samsung phone, the battery fiasco should never have happened, and one has to wonder just what they will do with the thousands of batteries they have in their warehouses, no way will they get throw away!
  2. You could support local business and buy a Philippine made/brand phone, such as the Starmobile range http://www.starmobile.ph/ They do a very large range of phones, I have three now, all have been used in various countries with no problems, and all seem to function as well if not better than the Samsung/apple etc. They have a store in Ayala. Just remember, that whichever phone you buy, the internal storage always seems enough until 6 months down the road and then you wish you had bought the bigger memory one lol
  3. Sadly this is how fake news is created, one picture, misinterpreted and then, because of a certain mindset, a false idea is implanted into those viewing the picture. Even the photographer is horrified at the way the woman has been vilified, and has also asked for the picture to be withdrawn from the media circus, in support of the innocent woman. Those who wish to be enlightened can read the woman's comments here https://uk.yahoo.com/news/muslim-woman-pictured-on-westminster-bridge-requests-media-remove-her-image-123545765.html
  4. I can see your point of view and believe there would be merit in such, if we were dealing with a rational enemy. But the problem is we are not dealing with anything close to rationality, the extremist portion of these terrorists, see only one thing as important, their faith, and the only way to destroy their faith would be to destroy Isam as a whole, thereby destroying something millions of innocent people also have an interest in, besides, how does one destroy a faith or belief? Historically, when it has been tried before, it has ended up making the faith stronger and worse, more extreme.
  5. Have you tried a different VPN provider?
  6. It's really not been thought through, laptops are not insured when checked in, what if a passenger purchases a tablet in the duty free when on a stopover? What's to stop some terrorist setting off from an unlisted country? This could mean that holiday flights that normally would not cause much interest will now be suspect to being blown out of the sky. Surely a better idea would be to have more intense security checks and making a rule that all electronic equipment is stored in the overhead compartments or in a secure lockup controlled by the cabin staff? And what about the FAA ruling that no lithium batteries can be checked in because of fire risk? Surely with such a huge amount of batteries being stored in the planes hold, there is a far greater risk of a fire occurring than any bomb? Just heard from Emirates that they will not be affected by the ruling when flying from Dubai to the U.K., good news as I have 50k in miles saved for my next trip to get a free upgrade!!
  7. It appears the UK is following the USA lead, and banning electronic items such as laptop from flights departing the Middle east. Looks like I'll have to change to another airline.
  8. Just make sure you leave the battery in your check-in bag, or invest in a large reel of cable, One day you can maybe buy an ipace, from Apple, just plug into any lightening socket and you're good to go
  9. I am not sure of the point you are trying to make, the article says "Twelve carriers flying from about a dozen countries will be affected by the new rules, which could be announced later. Some Middle Eastern airlines are affected, including airlines based in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, although the other countries were not named." That would suggest to me that countries outside of the Middle east and North Africa could be affected, furthermore, this would also appear to be the beginning of something, so I won't be holding my breath that European and Asian airlines are forced to follow suit.
  10. Not sure if this is completely true, but according to Emirates (I just phoned them in the UK) they are reviewing carry on items and will make an announcement soon. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/us-bound-flights-ban-most-electronic-devices-212800134.html Partial Quote from above link "US-bound passengers travelling from about a dozen countries will be banned from carrying most electronic devices, officials have said. Twelve carriers flying from about a dozen countries will be affected by the new rules, which could be announced later. Some Middle Eastern airlines are affected, including airlines based in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, although the other countries were not named. American carriers will not be affected. Passengers will still be allowed to keep mobile phones and approved medical devices with them but anything larger, such as laptops, cameras and tablets, will only be permitted in checked luggage. The ban has been under consideration since the US government learned of a terrorism threat several weeks ago. Earlier on Monday, Royal Jordanian Airlines told its passengers that laptops, iPads, cameras and other electronics would not be allowed in carry-on luggage for US-bound flights from Tuesday." You can read the entire article at the above link. If true it would seem the terrorist have won again, when will we learn that by showing this kind of weakness just encourages more and more disruption?
  11. Interesting footwear for a professional driver, and what happened to the train driver? Looks like ne of the high speed trains used in China,
  12. Did we read the same post? Maybe as I'm British my understanding is different to a Canadians, but all I saw was someone saying he was angry and upset at being threatened for threats against him on facebook, where has he complained at an opposing opinion? where is the drama in responding to a threat?
  13. I never said it was right or wrong, just that it was a tradition, it's a bloody pain in the neck here in China, but as a Guest, there is nothing I can do except drive around such obstacles.
  14. But drying rice and other things on a road has been a tradition and custom of Asian countries for generations, what gives you the right as a guest in another country, to overrule the host country customs? Small wonder Kanos are not welcome in certain places.
  15. I'm down to just 3-4 a day, and really didn't want to read that comment, thanks for destroying my motivation. LoL