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  1. I am not so sure it's down to the rice, here in China I often leave rice out all night and most of the next day, then make fried rice for dinner, never had a bad tummy, and I know that most Chinese do the same, rarely putting rice in the fridge and often reheating it the next day in the rice cooker. I am sure it is down to local water, not being boiled etc.
  2. I used the v-hire to Argao and remember that the one I used went on to Oslob. But that was when it was next to the Soth bus station.
  3. I think several people who were involved directly or indirectly with the two latest attacks would think differently. Having said that, the security forces in the UK are among the best in the world and have stopped far more attacks than have taken place, so it is possibly one of the safest cities in Europe.
  4. How indeed, there is going to be a huge army presence on Election day I would guess, I understand leave for certain Military has been cancelled until further notice. Next weekend is the Queens official Birthday, massive crowds in the city, going to be a nightmare for security
  5. If a member of the Public had shot and killed the attacker, he would have died a martyr, better he is caught and imprisoned than encourage others to also become martyrs.
  6. Why no comments from the London Mayor? Not a fecking word and it doesn't matter whether this was a deranged angry man or a terrorist attack, he should be doing his job. Not impressed!
  7. It was much the same in the UK several years ago, plus a foreigner stands out. so easy to spot in a crowd. In the last city I lived in here in China a city with 1.5 mill pop. There were only maybe 5 resident foreigners. If I sneezed on one campus, the other teacher on the north campus would txt me and ask if I had a cold, the jungle grapevine was so intense and fast. I remember some years ago, parking in the main city carpark, a young man came up and asked .if I was ****************, I replied I was that chap, he then said that when I fly back to the UK, I can leave my car at his Uncles house which is next to the airport, he had a big shed, and it would protect my car from the sun and save me money. Later I discovered I had taught his wife's cousins son and they were genuine, now I always park my car at the uncles house, and give them the money it would have cost at the airport plus a bottle of Scotch for the old man when I return. Again it is because I'm a foreigner, I stand out and everyone wants to know my business. Now it no longer bothers me, go with the flow!!
  8. Use the international phrase "Subject to fair usage policy" which pretty much allows you to do whatever you like lol
  9. I have a Metrobank Debit card, not a savings account a regular account, works in ATMs and at various outlets, such as Prince Mandaue Foam etc. Strange they said it was not available, try Metrobank at Osmena Fuente, that's where I opened my account two years ago.
  10. My father was in the RAF during WWII, he told me that everyone knew rape was awful, but it was joked about constantly, pilots saying if they got shot down over enemy land, they would get in as many women as possible before being captured etc. In modern western countries, we have come to realise that these "Jokes" are harmful and inappropriate. However, many Asian countries are still living in the 19th and 20th centuries, so they have yet to learn that these comments are not suitable under any circumstances. I suspect that in 20-40 years, such 'Jokes" will not be common in the Philippines as they move closer to the 21st century. Clintons daughter is naive if she really thinks her comment will have Duterte quivering in his boots, she perhaps should be questioning why her mother can get away with so much in the world first country, rather than discuss a third world country with a culture she has no or little knowledge of.
  11. And unless you are computer savvy, you are very vulnerable to catching a virus or worse, especially through an old version of outlook, as that was full of holes and has not had security updates for years.
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  13. Must be wonderful to know the future.
  14. Plod was incorrectly parked, he should have realised that the cyclists would take a close line to the edge, he should have parked a few metres up the road on the right, where there was more than enough room and well away from the actual race line.
  15. I once met an Australian named Shelia, or at least I think that was his name!