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  1. And unless you are computer savvy, you are very vulnerable to catching a virus or worse, especially through an old version of outlook, as that was full of holes and has not had security updates for years.
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  3. Plod was incorrectly parked, he should have realised that the cyclists would take a close line to the edge, he should have parked a few metres up the road on the right, where there was more than enough room and well away from the actual race line.
  4. I once met an Australian named Shelia, or at least I think that was his name!
  5. I think because I use Booking a lot and so get special discount now and again, I get extra with Agoda now and again too, I travel a huge amount and always book via one or other of these two agencies. Probably a booking or two a month.
  6. If the TV is using android, you can download a VPN directly to the apps folder and run when needed, or, if you are using a router connected to the TV then you can possibly install a VPN into the router, I use that system when here in China, permanently connected to a UK server. Be aware that free VPNs often carry adware or leak your information, while many also sell your browsing history. However, a VPN will slow down your connection, usually because the router is not fast enough with the processing, so if you buy a router, get one with the fastest CPU you can find.
  7. Oh "cuddles" to me it sounded like C**ts Thanks, I can relax now.
  8. Can someone watch this advert and tell me if a particular 4 letter word is used by the child, or is it some American slang? At about 0.20 seconds. https://www.arlo.com/en-us/products/arlo/default.aspx?cid=050417_CHPmothersday_us_em
  9. She was not in prison when she died "Police said that Rollins, who was charged on April 24 in the service dog’s death, was found dead at 5600 Netherfield Place."
  10. Just checked Agoda for prices this coming weekend
  11. Yes you're right, but on the other hand, I get to see things most visitors to the city miss. lol
  12. Really? I have stayed at Marriott hotels all over the world and not one could be compared to the awful Quest, overpriced, dirty, unhelpful staff and a security system that makes you feel uncomfortable entering the building. Personally, I am happy to pay extra and stay at Lex best Western, or if on a budget the Castle peak is still better than Quest IMO. Red Planet is ideal for a short stay, clean convenient and easy access to Ayala, Shame about the No smoking policy, which means you have to share the pavement outside with some strange locals.