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  1. We went as a family just over 2 weeks ago. The young bloke (3 1/2) had a great time with plenty of rides for him to go on and to be honest when he's having a good time, so do we. Upsides. Plenty of good kid friendly rides for young one to go on. Plenty places to get a feed. Plenty of friendly, happy staff. Good size park to lug a young one about. Not too small but not too large either. We saw it all in a day. Downsides. As with all theme parks food and souvineers were expensive. Lines for rides were around 45 mins per ride. Long wait in sun or rain. It did both while we were there. Most rides went for around 2 mins, so time on ride versus wait time not so good. People pushing in line all the time. Make yourself wide. Lol Overall we had a great time and had lots of fun and took some great photos and have some great memories. Yeah it cost us a lot of cash and the rides are free but we splurged on souvineers and food. We went there with the attitude that this would be probably our only visit here, let's live a little. Would I go again ? Yeah probably when our number 2 child is born and old enough, but we would not splurge as much. Eat before you go, bring drinks and don't buy souvineers you save some cash. The young bloke had a ball and so did I just watching him have fun, but to be honest he had a ball just playing in the park at Sha Ting (where we based ourselves near) and that was a short walk from the hotel and completely free.
  2. We came to the Provence from cebu by cab as the bus lines were sooooooo long. Was easier for us to do this but quite a bit higher than usual rates because of timing. Looks like Mother's Day had a lot to do with as much as election. Talking to friends and family they agree. A lot of family caught the bus we were due on, but only about four busses later. They said busses were jammed packed and many stood for the whole journey and we are close to as far from cebu city we can get on Cebu itself. They're all voting fo DU30 also as well as everyone else we have talked to in the last week. Interesting times ahead.
  3. We used to play cricket with a pub social group, for the "Vaginamite Cup", which was a large vegemite jar with a picture of a "you know what" on it. As the man of the match you got 1/2 price drinks for the night but you had to drink from the Vaginamite Cup. I like my vegemite spread thick with out marge or butter on toast.
  4. Simple kitchen implement but many may years of therapy. Lol.
  5. As a young boy I was disciplined by the spatular as she used to break too many wooden spoons on my bony butt. Always have feared them since.
  6. I always thought bullets cost more here than buying a rabbit. Lol
  7. Moooooooo cattle class rocks!!!!!!!
  8. I like my steak medium. I guess 400 days makes it well done.
  9. Had them in oz for years and feel like dry reaching whenever I see a pack of smokes. Must admit I'm a non smoker though.
  10. Most "Locals" I know are very poor swimmers and barely go more than waste deep. However the picture where people are just hanging their legs in, is the hot pool and sitting in there for longer periods can be quite uncomfortable.
  11. Some more pics. Do's and don'ts. Facilities as I said very simple. The waterfall is a little difficult to get to but quite nice. Wouldn't get there if there has been recent rains as it is very muddy and slippery.
  12. Have been to Mainit Springs a few times. Nice enough area but very very simple facilities so won't suit most people. They have a massage hut there for a back rub after "boiling your eggs". 3 or 4 rocky man made pools set up in an icy cold river with each pool a different temp from "warm bath" to "ouch my boys don't like this heat". Also nice waterfall within walking distance but a bit hairy to get to when raining. We go there as a day trip with the entourage, (100 million family members and neighbours, you know what it's like) and take our own food and drinks for a picnic/family reunion. (It's amazing how many people I'm related to apparently even though I'm an Aussie). Here's some pics of what it's like starring my mini me.
  13. My little mate enjoyed this place, a short boat ride away. Not what you call a beach but nice anyway.
  14. I've always eaten closer to the last pic and yes I bring a large jar every time I visit. The young bloke eats it like pic 1 but I am slowly ramping it up to pic 2. The little boss at home won't even touch the jar.