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  1. To get hit with a 250k bill after prepaying for everything is not easy to take.
  2. Most was all normal that he knew. But just the last day. When tring to check out it was taking a long time . Ok still normal. But he kept asking for the billing and the nurse said they are working on it. He said the girlfriend can go down to pay it off. They said she will being it up when she can. Then we get the bill and tring to look at the charges. Extra meds and extra doctor that should not have been on there. But we got he bill at 4:30 and the billing closed at 5. He didnt have the full amount and no one would talk to us about it. Only you have to pay in full or stay until monday to talk to billing, we could not even talk to a head of admin.
  3. More from Eric. We will try to go to chong hua hospital for the second operation in 2 months. They're a better hospital, better equipped without bullshit. I'm bed ridden. I can't leave the bed until I heal enough to start walking a little. We're going to talk to my wife's family. There's a lawyer in the family. The comments that I posted during hospital stay, i thought I was being treated good. In the end, we found out, the hospital is nothing more than a hungry wolf in sheep's clothing. All they care about is money before they treat you. And the one night we didn't have money they told us the cold compress thing. What kind of hospital is this??
  4. This is copied from Eric. Not my words. Im home. Last night we went to pay the bill. It was expensive, more than we thought. An orderly wheeled me down to pharmacy to pay the bill and abandoned us. I had to call my bank I'm going to withdraw all my money at the hospital so I can go home. They told me I had to pay the whole bill which is more than what I had. They said if I couldn't pay the whole bill I would be stuck in the hospital with ongoing bills. Dale wheeled me around the pharmacy to a quiet corner so I could make the call. The orderly disappeared, no longer in view. Dale had to go outside to call to see if he could raise some money . Me and Maria we're left. The pharmacy had a sliding window right there. I'm tapping on the window to talk to them and they refuse to open and they're sitting right there. I tried to wheel myself but Maria got mad at me because I might rupture my stitches. There was nobody to help. Mariah couldn't wheel me because I'm a big guy. Dale came back and wheeled me back to pharmacy and I was there for 10 minutes before I could talk to anybody. They said I need to talk to billing, which closed and would open on Monday. They say I pay the bill in full or I stay there and they will keep charging. Dale had money that he owed a friend. He paid the balance. Still nobody to wheel me, dale had to wheel me to the elevator and asked the security guard why isn't anyone helping us? They did nothing. Dale wheeled me into the elevator and the doors were closing on my wheelchair. We went back to our room. It was all on dale. Nobody helped. I needed help from the nurse and it took them a long time to come to the room. They didn't care, their bill was paid. During my time there, they refused to give me medicine to sleep because I couldn't sleep . The bed is uncomfortable and nobody did anything. They gave maria a list of medicines to buy on a daily basis. Dale lent us money while we we're in the hospital to buy meds. The hospital would not give me any meds. Continuation: it had to be bought beforehand by kyra and Mariah. Karly and kyra we're out of school, they we're in the hospital with me, kyra and Maria had to get the meds and we're gone sometimes for more than 2 hours. Karly was the only one with me and helping me during those times. When kyra and mariah left, karly was there. The pharmacy at the hospital must be empty because everything had to be bought before and given to the nurses station and given when needed. She would spend up to 15,000 a day on meds, which is $300. Why do they have a pharmacy if the pharmacy cant give meds? I was without money for one night and running a fever. Mariah asked the nurses for medicine for my fever. They refused to give me medicine and told Mariah to put a cold compress on my head. A hospital, with a damn pharmacy told us that. We spent 2,000 on medicines and they couldn't help with medicine for a fever for one night. Long story short, I couldn't make it to cebu, the pain was too great and it's twice as far. Dale is a xracecar driver from southern California. He was a professional racer. He was promodified race car driver and he was racing. He did good. We could only go to mendero because I couldn't handle the road trip. It's the worst hospital that I have ever been to. They don't care about patients. If you have the money they treat you. If you don't, they don't give a shit. Wtf kind of hospital is this? This hospital is life or death. I found out I could have died if I was two days late. Kyra is dictating this for me because I'm in bed. I'm crying, telling her what to put down, crying because it's the truth and it hurts. I thought mendero was a hospital, not a flea circus. All of us we're present at the hospital and saw the bullshit they provide. I was suffering and they didn't give a shit. All they did was change iv, check my vitals and that was it. It took every penny we had and more to get out. Now I don't know what to do. I'm home now.
  5. On the dive home i asked him if her would sign in here or he could use mine to write his story. But here is some from his daughter. Many other people had said not to go there. They have also seen or heard of problems. But he could not stand the pain to make it into the city. Well my dad is home now. That's the good thing. Thank you everyone who helped us get through this tough time. This is my first rant. But I feel this needs to be read by the public. So as a lot of you may or may not know, Mendero Medical Center in Consolacion, Cebu has a lot of bad reviews. I'm adding something that I HOPE they read. Of course they might read it, but they won't care as long as they get their money. They had me and Ate Mariah running around Consolacion, Mandaue, Cebu City and Lapu-Lapu City to find medicines, gloves, blood and plasma. Some things like the medicines and gloves they should have already had on hand, no need for us to go and buy it. Then they had us leave everything at the nurse's station. Of course they used the gloves on other patients other than my dad, even though it says "Halterman Only!" Now the blood is understandable. But that has a story of its own: 8-10am: nurse calls us and tells us that the doctor ordered some blood. We go to Red Cross in Mandaue to buy it. surgery was supposed to be at 8am, then postponed to 3pm, then postponed to 5pm. 4:45: nurse says "Doctor says you have to buy 2 bags of plasma before 5pm or else the surgery will be postponed again. So we went to the red cross in Hoops Dome, Lapu-Lapu to buy plasma. They didn't have any, so we went to the red cross in Cebu City. We arrived back at the hospital at 11pm. they had postponed the surgery AGAIN to 9pm. And now onto the doctors. They don't give a feck about time. They schedule to see you at 9am, then they will see you maybe 6-10 hours later. I understand Filipino time, but 6-10 hours? I mean come on! If a patient was that late to an appointment, they would lose it. Don't you think the doctor should show at least some consideration or respect to the patient regarding time? Oh, and another thing, when my dad didn't have any money on hand and he had a fever, the nurse checked on him, and since he didn't have money, instead of giving paracetamol which wouldn't have costed that much, or that they could have gotten from the pharmacy and just put it on the bill later on, they told ate Mariah to put a cold compress on his forehead. They didn't give any medicine because he didn't have any money to buy it himself. And when he asked for some medicine to help him sleep, they didn't give him shit. And now onto today. The doctor was supposed to check on my dad at 9am to tell us whether or not he can go home. She arrived at 3pm. Then we received the bill at around 4:30, half an hour before billing closes, but we didn't know what time billing closed at the time. We talked to the people at billing and asked if we could have a large down payment and make monthly payments from that (we did the same thing for something before in Chong Hua I think) and they said no. Then as we're going over the bill, we saw some bullshit that they added: they added 1 extra doctor that we needed to pay. medicines. They never gave us medicines, we bought that ourselves. That should NOT have been on the list. When my dad and Ate Mariah asked why the extra doctor and the medicines were added on the list, they never gave an answer. They just said: pay now or stay here. If you don't pay, then you're stuck there, and the bill will go higher and higher per day because of the room. Mendero, I would LOVE to tell you to go to hell or go feck yourselves, but as the bible says: God will take revenge. And honestly, I can't wait to see what He has in store for you guys. I know that we aren't the only ones who had problems there, several had too, or else why would they have bad reviews? And here's the ironic thing: They advertise as a hospital that has state of the art technology and are affordable. THEIR EQUIPMENT IS fecking BROKEN AND THEY'RE fecking EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how to end a rant.
  6. I am writing for a friend that was just there. So many things so wrong.
  7. Yes the comp clutch. The electric magnet must kick in.
  8. Wait if the clutch is not coming on then why is that first. Clutch is one thing, electric problem is another. Clutch not coming on would be the first to check. Not comp. Problem..
  9. Yes find out the true problem and then contact GM. And file a complant. And see if they will help you any. If you like to come up to Danao city? I would take a look. But sounds like all had said the same thing.
  10. Haha oh ok?? If you haven't driven it. Why would you have to take it in. But i've had a frend in the US tell me they have problems with training here. Don't get any.. some will go to the US to learn how to work on cars then come back.
  11. What year is the car cause they car go by that what every come first to deny a claim. Look in your owners manual for waranty.
  12. So there is no psi change when the clutch comes on? Then contact GM first if thats who made the car before doing any more work. But good to get it checked by oher party.
  13. I would highly doubt the comp is bad unless there was a defect in it. But sounds like you have a leak in the system some place. If the compressor does not come on at all cause there is not enough freon in the system. Get a second opinon.
  14. Forex has been excellent for me. Door to door, Los Angeles to Danao city Cebu. Boxes have never been opened, smashed a little but good shape. And they do ship direct to Cebu now. Before would have to go to Manila first then Cebu.
  15. I take B12 complex vitamins and they don't bother me so much. Use Off overtime lotion when outside in bad places. My room has the fine screen nets but I still have to sleep with the fan on so they can fly around me with no chemicals on while sleeping. And the mosquito swatter for the fun of it.