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  1. A lot of helpers want to know if hand washing of clothes is part of their duties,and want extra if they will do it at all. I paid mine P350 plus provided one hr lunch. All the rice she could eat plus corned beef or dried fish.
  2. I have been looking high and low for this wheat bread! From both of the groceries in Ayala, to SM City, to SM Seaside and several Gaisano groceries. Is it just out of stock or out production all together! Trying to eat healthy as possible!
  3. Theres an All You Can Eat restaurant on the 3rd level near the outdoor playground area. You pick your choice of meats from pork,chicken,sausage,shrimp, etc etc. Then theres a hot grill sunken into the middle of your table where you can grill your meat just the way you like it. Kogi-Q is the name I think. I got fuller then a tick on a hound dog!
  4. What would you pay your "Stay Out" helper per day of cleaning?
  5. Stay In Condo daily salary? Stay in 3 bdrm house n lot daily salary?
  6. Its gonna boil down to two choices..Live in it or rent it out. Life in the Philippines.
  7. Cebu Pacific used to have some great promo fares in the past and I mean great. Now they are far and in between and if the do have great fares its purchase now and travel next summer! WTF?
  8. Maybe you expect to much from a 3rd world country.
  9. If a people and culture agitated me in many ways, why the feck would I live or visit there? The Philippines is not the only asian country right?
  10. You ever been inside Duljo? It goes on and on with shanties far away from the water mains on the street. Its hard for the firemen also because hundreds of families are trying to save whatever household items they can. My girl was there helping her best friend carry items from the house,which did get destroyed in the fire.
  11. That's 1 km to much. Im not talking about that corner it could be a left turn before the you get to the Mall coming from the south.
  12. It would be nice to have a left turn into SM Seaside for customers driving from Talisay on the SRP. As of now they have to drive past the mall and catch the U-turn and backtrack to get to Seaside.
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  14. Allstate offers this kind of coverage,I know first hand.
  15. Dont waste time asking the line attendants in immigration. This is my 2nd trip where I asked one of the guys where's the office to get my visa extended? Both trips the guys told me to go through immigration first and then apply for extension. Thats wrong advice. I did that a few years ago and made a big boo boo!