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  1. Whats the price of this house please.
  2. Last September while my wife and myself was in Cebu made an appointment there for 1pm my wife got there 1 hour early, came to 1pm they told her sorry going for lunch now, my wife walked out very upset, she got the work done when we got Surigao city at a fraction of the price. Some on this forum recommended this dentist, sorry i heard of Filipino time sorry lunch time.
  3. I have been to the one In Ramos twice had the spare ribs very impressed, the second had a burger very enjoyable, their mango shakes very nice as well, my wife had pork belly thats was good as well.
  4. I have now flown twice with this airline never again from Brisbane to Auckland on Xmas day no Xmas decorations, not even a merry Xmas from the staff on the plane, the food was shit, even had trouble getting a drink, on the return flight from Auckland on both times, everyone was on the plane, the announcement came on sorry about the delay leaving we have to off load 4 passengers and their luggage this will take sometime and it was said this will benefit the passengers going to Taipei they wont have to wait so long at Brisbane, their was kids screaming and it was getting hot inside the cabin, its funny this happen both times the big delay it was around 90 minutes late leaving , both my wife and myself had a 3 hour drive home this pissed us off, never again will fly with this airline we will pay extra next time fly with someone else..
  5. I am having trouble loading previous pages only 1st and last page has he been beheaded yet.
  6. Yes they say they poor living in poverty , where we stay where my wife mother stays, its very rarely we stay but when we did stay there 6 cooked meals in 1 day my wife got upset when I would not eat 6 times in 1 day saying was insulting her family, I still refused, you look on face book most Filipinos always got photos of food, go to the big malls in Cebu most of the time they are full.
  7. how old is this man, does he receive a pension from his own country, sorry if I sound negative, he meet a girl has 2 kids to her maybe not his, why would you go to a foreign country without little support financially, again as I said before I meet many foreigners living there meet a girl have kid running away from their own countries owing money, got criminal records and living on very little money, and if they go back to their own countries, anyway why cant his family help him overseas, and if he been there that long how can he pay the visa fees and extra and even an airfare, sorry to say he got himself to blame.
  8. Yes i be interested Musingloudly thank you for your prompt reply .
  9. can anyone help me please
  10. Hello everyone, my wife and myself will be spending I mouth in Cebu during December this year just wondering if any members here know where we can rent a at least a 2 bedroom condo in Cebu around Ramos or nearby it would have to be furnished , maybe a member owns own one maybe looking for some money while not staying in it, would be grateful if anyone can help please.
  11. I love the t-shirt how true.
  12. !2 yeara ago a married this Filipino woman , I got very suspicious immediately she wanted the money I sent her monthly and demanded more and more money, she told me she was pregnant. I thought this is strange I could not have kids because of low sperm count, anyway she did not want to come to Australia on a spouse visa, only on a visitors visa, which took ages to process and the travel agent kept asking for more money, any visa was denied. she told me why do you want me living with you, my reply was we are suppose to be married we should be together not apart and I want my baby born here and educated here, her reply was you only kill me if I come there I want to live here in my country and you can send me money to support myself and my baby. I rang the Australian immigration told them my concerns, the man told they get more complaints regard Filipinos by far than any other country most stay with the man for 6 months get a friend then get a friend to put brusies on their bodies then go to the police and file a complaint and leave their husbands, also they get half of what husbands own, he also said there a loophole in the law where they can stay in Australia, when you bring a spouse to Australia the husband , the husband got to gurantee to support the woman financially for 2 years until she get her permeant visa, normally if he cant support in that 2 years she is sent back to the Philippines. I live in a small country town In Queensland Australia we have a population around 4,000 people nearly every couple of weeks hear some shocking stories about what the done to their husbands and this is caused by these get together , I could write a book about what happened here in my town. Some here have said there good and bad in every cultures , however you here more a bout Filipino women and even my friends and people I know hear many bad stories. Thankfully my wife now never attends their get togethers, only has 1 close Filipino friend we see about once a month for dinner or coffee, my wife is discussed what they do to their husbands, even if I got to know one the husbands I warn him most take no notice, the stupid thing all the Filipinos in town know what going and what surprise me most of the Filipinos look up to these woman what they doing to their husband or have done. Anyway about 5 months after I married the woman 12 years a get a phone from a friend living near bye my wife, he said your so called wife has a baby girl and the whole village is talking it not mine and she was already married the husband works overseas, and its his kid, anyway she had the baby 5 months after I left to come back to Australia , I had not heard from my so called wife for about a month 2 weeks later she phones me where my money no mention about having baby, sorry no more and thank for telling me you had a baby and its not mine and you getting no more money and she never got anymore money , I was lucky I did not lose a lot money, but some men I know lost everything.
  13. Hi Dafey, thanks for your reply, yes when my wife came here 8 years ago here my country town there was a Filipino get together every weekend sometimes twice that was an eye opener, woman talking about their hubby got a high paying job expensive car nice house etc, when you talked with their husbands, if they worked full time all their wages going back home to greedy families, some having affairs with other men, Filipino overseas workers on 457 work visa, gambling, thankful my wife and myself have many years now not attend these get together she was very discussed in their behaviour, even with my brother ex girl friend family
  14. This about a family now living in New Zealand, I have just return from New Zealand, my brother been living with this Filipino lady for 5 years, she now has Nz citizenship, now get the aged pension, the youngest daughter moved to NZ about 8 years ago, in NZ the have a program called family repatriation, any way this daughter brought another sister across to live, at the same found a man for her he paid the visa cost and airfares, she only stayed with him very short time found another man with more money, anyway the sister brought another sister across again finding another man for her paying visa costs and airfares this man very old anyway after a short kicked the man out of his house found much younger man with more money, then the first sister who moved there brought her mum across, introduced my brother to her again paying all cost, my brother lives in a caravan park in an old bus, my brother had 2 broken marriages allay had very poorly paid jobs , now on aged pension , about 3 years ago his girlfriend wanted to go back to the Philippines to live did not like it in Nz, anyway he paid her airfares one way hopefully finally got rid of her,,anyway after a month she wanted to come back, my brother refuse to pay for her airfare, anyway her 2 daughter paid for her airfare back To NZ. When she returned she demanded for my brother to give her $9000 so she can do repairs for her house in Cebu, this house was paif for by her other daughter husband living Germany, and her 2nd daughter living in Nz give to her ex boyfriend who had no money of course my brother refused, when we were there 3 years ago if she said once she said it 100 times your brother wont give me money for repairs to my house etc. My brother said she chase all my friends away even chased then away producing a knife, and accusing him having many affairs with other Filipino women. My wife and myself arrived in NZ on xmas day his girlfriend had gone to her daughter place for 2 weeks, my brother need his space free from her, any 2 days later he gets a phone call come and pick his g/f up she causing trouble told everyone in the house shes going to kill them, my brother not happy with this when she returned i dont to live with you anymore, you are crazy and causing to much trouble, so a big break up happened, anyway the first daughter was staying at a caravan park in a cabin her her husband, they moved to Australia 3 years ago her husband is a sheep shearer, they were there for 4 weeks on holiday, anyway was quiet surprised what she said to me my mum wants my brother to buy a house for her, i tried to explain to her my brother dont have any money tpd her the averaged price for a home in Auckland is 1 million dollars, the she said why dont he buy her a home unit again I told her units around $800,000, the she said why dont they rent again I told rentals around $500 to $600 a week and they get $600 on the aged pension a fortnight, these rental are in the very poor suburbs of Auckland. this was talking with is about 35 does not work her husband earn very good money the job he does. This typical Filipino mentality even if they lived here for a long time dont understand that it cost money to live in our countries that money dont grow on trees, and they expect us to live in poverty. Even where live here in Australia we have a big Filipino population per % population and you here many sad stories living husbands to move in with some one with more money, or husband lose everything so their families back home are better off.