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  1. Price98000/month AddressAvalon Condominium Luzon Avenue, Cebu Business District Cebu, , Philippines Please contactYves +639266768185 (Please text before call) Tenancy: 1 Year Requirement (flexible) For a per night stay and more images then view this link: http://abnb.me/EVmg/ji5mQ4Yr2B Unit Type: 3 Bedroom Floor Area: 123sqm Location: Luzon Avenue, Cebu Business District Landmark: Across Rustan's Department Ayala Security Service: 24hr w/ building cameras and guards Lift Access: 4 main elevators 1 service elevator Unit Features: 1 Master Bedroom w/ Ensuite(w/ Bathtub) & Wardrobe 2 Bedrooms w/ Queensize Beds 1 Bathroom for Unit 1 Guest Toilet Washing & Drying Machines Space for Maid's Quarter/Powder Area Living Room Kitchen Amenities: Spa Swimming Pool for adults & kids Locker Room w/ sauna, powder area, showers, toilet and lockers Gym Parking Space Lounge Area Roof Deck Please contact me if you are thinking of buying the unit. (title CertificTe and Updated Tax Dec Ready)
  2. Hi Aussie Lex, i'm a Filipino Cebuano but i studied in australia and been there for 5 yrs and that was half a decade ago. I still have my CBA and when i do telegraphic transfer, i put it on my bank accounts from PNB, MetroBank & BPI. And if u transfer money over 500kpesos, they will ask u simple questions and just answer that its money coming from your own australian bank account and won't hassle you anymore Sent from my HTC One max using Tapatalk
  3. Nope its 810 Sent from my HTC One max using Tapatalk
  4. Yes CCT is of course after full payment but don't tell me you get the CCT after turnover because it will take time unless you process it yourself. Yes real estate property tax is tied to CCT so if I don't have my CCT yet then i'm unable to pay tax. Sent from my HTC One max using Tapatalk
  5. See this is how it is, I cant pay TAX on my Condo Unit because they still processing it and somewhat stuck at RD. What I do have from the developer company is the deed of absolute sale but I dont have the Tax Dec and the CCT. I need Tax Dec so that I can pay my tax ya know. Tax Dec is if in australia like Council Rate but different. Sent from my HTC One max using Tapatalk
  6. You wanna buy my condo unit? 123sqm across ayala. Sent from my HTC One max using Tapatalk
  7. Ok if you buy a condo unit, don't be surprise if the real-estate company hasn't given you your certificate of ownership of your condo unit. Actually they should've given you the ctc within a year but most of the people i ask for my ctc, they always say it is still stuck at the registry of deeds office or how we filipinos call it RD. I have no idea why it taking so long but i'm living in my unit and still has my papers. Although they have given me papers that show it my unit # and my name on it but CTC is more important because that's the only certificate if ever you try to sell your unit. I will wait although there maybe a quicker for your certificate to release is by looking for a processor inside RD that is already known inside RD who can do it but be prepared to pay, although as i remember the service only cost 5k but thats not the only thing you pay but the transfer fee which is a legal fee which the condo making company should've paid to do. But anyways im ok awaiting my CTC so that I dont have to pay Tax anyway but I already know how much my tax for my condo unit wd be since its a 123sqm which is about 12k per yr. Since i dont have my CTC yet then i dont have to pay tax yet. But im quarterly calling the company when my CTC be released. Sent from my HTC One max using Tapatalk
  8. The pump didnt die, it may look like that but it certainly works that I may have to grab an offgrid solar power for it if fix because Veco bills will go high... Yes its been 2 yrs and im just asking now because water from the weeks that passed by, water was scarce and only provide early morning. Sent from my HTC One max using Tapatalk
  9. Yes, but how much do you think would be the price? I dont wanna go there naive about the price... [emoji14] Yes maybe the quake shifted the water, i mean this pump is old, i bought the house 2nd hand and about 600sqm lot area. Sent from my HTC One max using Tapatalk
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  11. Last 2014, there was an earthquake in my area and somehow my deep well pump doesn't pump anymore water. Sent from my HTC One max using Tapatalk
  12. We should create skillful jobs like being a Marriage Contractor
  13. Actually the suburb has a mall built up and a McDonald just last yr but these are along main national road which is there is another road thats about 5km away from the tourist spot and my area is along that road and is 2 km away from the tourist spot. We would be the first to make a mini mall over there.