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  1. Anybody have a recommendation for a shop that is reputable for AirCon service in Cebu City?
  2. [media]
  3. Consider a Charles Schwab 1 checking account. you can withdraw up to $2000.00 US a day with no international fees or ATM fees. You can even transfer from your WF account or have your check direct deposit into Schwab.
  4. I give them a sealed bag...obvious that they have not been tampered with. Crews are instructed not to consume things like home baked cookies and since they are regularly and randomly drug tested the understand the risks in that.
  5. Those are good words to live by!!! Some people like to drag everyone down to their level of unhappiness. It's a shame they can't pull themselves up to someone else's level of content. Sorry...
  6. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...indeed!!! [media]
  7. I always ask...nicely and explain why I would like to switch. Often, they seek me out after with a sweet seat! I also bring a big bag of chocolate that I take to the rear galley before settling in. I tell the FA that I know how hard they work and appreciate it...hope you enjoy this...don't share it with the pilots! You'd be surprised how often I'm upgraded after the door is closed...
  8. Too bad you put that big ice cream in front of dessert!
  9. I have to disagree with this but I will say the bad ones stand out enough to make it feel like you are surrounded.
  10. If they made man sized seats, you would be much happier. Half of the issues in flying today comes from having to cram in like a Jeepney.
  11. I just ate an excellent lunch at Casa Verde on V. Ranudo Extention. This is near Robinson's at Fuente Circle. If you go east on F. Ramos until you hit the first right, (southbound), toward Osmena. Then take your first left on V. Ranudo Extention, Casa Verde is on the left We were celebrating MIL's Birthday and it looks like this is a popular place for celebrations as there were several groups doing just that. I was surprised to be the only foreigner in the place being so close to where tourists generally visit. My guess is that it is a hangout for the local Filipinos so keep that in mind and behave accordingly when you go. The wait staff was extremely accommodating and cute! There is plenty of seating indoors and ample open air if you prefer. There are also private areas if you choose to have a large group by yourselves. My wife was hoping for a good cheeseburger and they certainly got that...(more on that in a bit). We ordered nacho chips which were good at about 280 pesos but nothing like Tex-Mex...small order of BBQ ribs, 288 PHP...Shrimp skewers, 250 PHP for 3 skewers done up shish-kabob style. We also ordered a burger that three girls were going to split, (they eat like birds), and the waitress vigorously nodded when they asked if it was big enough! Turns out the burger was 1 Kilo !!! Had to put the coke can in the photo for perspective... While the burger dwarfed my plate of ribs, they were more than ample to satisfy a man size appetite. the BBQ sauce was just a little sweeter than I like but very good, (high praise from a ribs connoisseur), and they were accompanied with rice and mixed veggies. For 888 PHP you can get a jumbo order of ribs, (house specialty), and share or just go face first into them. Shrimp came with mixed broccoli and cauliflower steamed perfectly with french fries. Add 5 soft drinks and our bill was under 1900 PHP !!! I stepped out to the front before the meal and told the waitress about my MIL's birthday and she was very excited and asked if they could sing. Of course I urged them to and they also give a free desert, very nicely done ice cream scoop with all the trimmings. When they arrived there was a group that stealthily congregated behind me and burst into song!!! I wasn't ready and almost pooped my pants at the first note. (fortunately I had my depends on) While this was the only dessert we had I watched several tables receive an astounding looking ice cream dish. One was in a fountain glass that was easily 2 feet tall with 5 straws and equal number of spoons. I would guess...another specialty of Casa Verde. They boxed up the leftovers, which were many, and we joked about strapping the box to the roof of the car on the way home. The food was good, service was excellent and the accommodations were above par. I would rate this restaurant Very Good, 4 out of 5 stars for Cebu City
  12. 1 rotten apple doesn't spoil the barrel. Thousands of flights take off and land without incident and I never hear a compliment of "oh my bags made it" or "the flight was on time" Again, not justifying the actions of baldy but there are some extremely nice and accommodating airline personnel.
  13. [media]