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  1. Didn't notice much difference in Cebu City. I'm not sure I understand the protest...seems the drivers are up in arms about not wanting to upgrade the vehicles. Most of these drivers are not owners...I would think they would want to upgrade. These machines are held together with duck tape and bumper stickers. I was in obne today that the driver had a tube that fed the radiator and every couple of blocks he'd pour a bottle of water into it!
  2. Talented homeless man... [media] [media] [media]
  3. Thank you George Washington Carver... [media]
  4. [media]
  5. [media]
  6. OMG !!!! They've been filming me on the bus?
  7. I like the old haircut...this is kind off a gay look! (not that I have a problem with that)
  8. Add some rum...you'll forget all about cleaning!
  9. Great stuff...haven't seen it. We used it for cleaning our glass cooktop. Maybe if you ask around for a product that will do that you'll find an alternative.
  10. would be better if the cat was peeing in it at the time
  11. What a concept...used furniture and golf clubs! And I thought the topless donut shop was cool!
  12. Tastes like Chicken
  13. Honestly...it looks like its about to fall apart. You may want to start from scratch. If you secure diagonal it would give it temporary support...until something else gives out.