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  1. Add some rum...you'll forget all about cleaning!
  2. Great stuff...haven't seen it. We used it for cleaning our glass cooktop. Maybe if you ask around for a product that will do that you'll find an alternative.
  3. would be better if the cat was peeing in it at the time
  4. What a concept...used furniture and golf clubs! And I thought the topless donut shop was cool!
  5. Tastes like Chicken
  6. Honestly...it looks like its about to fall apart. You may want to start from scratch. If you secure diagonal it would give it temporary support...until something else gives out.
  7. I took a huge suitcase full of Pi-pis to the US my last trip. Nobody even looked. But if they did I would just claim a family reunion and couldn't afford T-shirts. Nice mark up on these. Came close to paying for my trip.
  8. I feel your frustration...There have been times that things like this made my blood boil !!! In the end you have to adapt. Not that you need to think like them but to allow them to stay inside the whole in the ground that they believe is the world. Those that are willing to learn new things, I am happy to help. But if they look at me like I'm the idiot, I smile and walk away. I have a BIL that thinks because he can play Candy Crush on his phone he has a line to the outside world and unlimited knowledge. Even though I have 40 years more life and world experience than him he thinks I am dumb. No prob!!! Figure it out yourself. When it comes to tools I have the same policy I have always had. You can borrow as long as you bring it back on time and in the same condition as you borrowed it. You break it...you buy it. My family and neighbors won't borrow because they know I will hold them accountable. Want to use my multimeter? This is how much you owe me if you break it... Don't get frustrated because they don't think like you...you will have blood pressure problems if you do.
  9. Looks lami !!! Next time take a photo before you go face first into it ! Still can't find the sarcasm button...
  10. I remember my dad stating emphatically...that V8 crap will never beat my flathead 8!!! So I try to keep an open mind to new technology. (he also didn't buy Poloroid at $.25 cuz...who'd want that crap?)
  11. Very cool but for someone focused on safety it doesn't make sense to light the powder with a cup of powder right next to the picture
  12. Sounds good, I will look for it and try some. Thx for the tip. Good web page...I'll use it to try some new tastes. When in Rome...I'll stick to Phils beer. Had my fill of drinking around the world. After the first six or seven it's hard to tell the difference anyway!!!
  13. In the Phils they will just ban the phones cuz they set off bombs and distract drivers. Better to just block signals everywhere....
  14. Looks like a dishonorable discharge... [media] [media]