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  1. Must be a regional thing. I have not experienced it myself in most other areas I have lived and worked in Canada.
  2. You would be referring to the American tourists visiting in Canada, trying to blend in, right?
  3. And those rich families will be shocked one day when those poor people burn down their houses. I am not a socialist, but I do recognize that you have to account for what other people want and need as well as your own desires. Treat the poor as if they are contemptible for long enough and they will eventually come and burn your house down. It is a common theme throughout history. The rich seem to rarely learn that particular lesson.
  4. With Masa you just add water. If it is cracking then there is not enough water or you are rolling them too thin. For a press just get two pieces of flat wood ... plywood or something, cut two pieces of plastic bag just bigger than the desired size of food, roll a piece of dough place it between the sheets of plastic, place between the boards and firmly but slowly press the boards together. The pressure needs to be even and centered.. The dough should be dry enough that it is not very tacky, yet wet enough that it doesn't crumble in your hands. Kind of like play dough ... maybe a touch wetter. Go slow with adding water though or you will be adding more and more masa.
  5. Try going off the diet for a weekend then restarting it. I found that when I plateaued that process kick started the weight loss again.
  6. How about installing an underground sprinkler system ... with motion sensor switch turned on in the night, aimed at waist height to filter out small animals ...
  7. I don't understand this desire to have AC set to 16. If it is less than 23 I start to shut down and can't sleep from shivering ...
  8. Now you know why she buys so much ... ;-)
  9. I read that as dried mice ... I may be getting old ...
  10. It was illegal because a Democrat made the deal. That is all you really need to know. It explains everything.
  11. Jeremiah 13:23 ... a leopard can't change its spots ... The US political process has become, IMO, irreversibly divided. Statistically 1 in 2 people is Democrat, and 1 in 2 is Republican. Neither side fundamentally trusts the other. They each believe that they have cornered the truth. I am not sure what those of us outside their system should do ... sit back with a bag of popcorn, or build bomb shelters. You say you personally don't like the Trump but respect the office. Sorry I can't do that. The office is meaningless if the occupant is not worthy of respect. Too many bullies have hid behind a title or office to justify respect for an office or title. Respect is for humans.
  12. Well that is a deficiency in the process then. I guess you could argue that they are politicians and it goes with the territory. Don't like the heat then get out of the furnace.
  13. I guess how the dots connect is pretty perspective dependent. As a member of the Armed Forces Committee the contact may very well be legitimate and acceptable, I don't have any issue with that. In my opinion, the moment any active member of a committee like that starts to actively campaign on behalf of a presidential campaign, I would think in the interests of transparency and preventing potential conflict of interest that stepping down form the committee is warranted, but I may just be idealistic about that. Seriously, it pisses me off that both left and right do the same stupid things over an over again. They get into power and then do the same things that they accused their opponents of doing. The politics in the US is getting more and more divisive. Both sides are to blame.
  14. Irenicus, I don't know why you bother ... you are trying to reach those that have been drinking the Koolaid for so long they think neon purple is a natural piss color ...