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  1. The prices I saw a couple weeks ago when phone shopping were nowhere close to being significant, much less low enough to assume the risk of an issue and the time and data loss it would cause.
  2. Not just airlines, why would anyone want to buy one? Especially since some the the 'fixed' refurbish ones have had the same issue. There are enough choices out there to just ignore the Samsung 7s
  3. True, but this couple seem to be out of bounds...
  4. Should you buy the DVD? Nope Should you download or watch on Netflix or similar? Yes it's good enough to watch.
  5. Here is the speedtest site I use, for 4G connection click 'more' to see the 4G tab http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest
  6. Call Globe, just need to dial 211 for customer service. Tell them you have been waiting for your volume boost.
  7. Passing in an intersection is prohibited so the situation you describe starts with a violation.
  8. In Manila a few days, figured while I am here I could look for some parts I can't find in Dumaguete. The only "real" parts store I am aware of is JrSpeed an hour away (not gonna pay that taxi ride 2 ways just to look). I am walking distance to Mall of Asia, here for my VA appointment. Does anyone know a motorcycle parts store (an actual store with inventory to look at western style vs a counter you walk up to on the street) that is within a kilometer or two of Mall of Asia?
  9. The wired broadband is treated much better than the LTE broadband. LTE has 50GB limit vs your 100GB and it throttles closer to 0.3Mbs which isn't good for much more than email, and that isn't even reliable. (for my connection anyway)
  10. I have filed under this theory also. If I do not have any skipped years I don't have to worry about 'proving' not enough taxable income to be required to file for those years and the IRS does not have a blank year they can ask a question about.
  11. Let me save you that hassle http://www.globe.com.ph/broadband/volume-boost?jsid=1488628376703
  12. You will be able to continue to use it to run different scenarios or file amended returns. Remember we are talking about taxes, tax laws and even the forms change every year. The software you would be buying now is for the 2016 tax year and has up to date 2016 rules and 2016 forms. Next year you would buy the 2017 version, and so on. There is no tax program I am aware of that covers multiple years.
  13. It wouldn't be more fun in the Philippines if simple things like that worked. I pay using the Globe machine thing so often have a credit balance. Had a -p542 balance and they turned off the phone because I was p204 over my limit. "I have a credit balance, take it out of that" - "you have to authorize us to do that sir" - "I am authorizing it, when will my phone be turned back on?"......
  14. Yes you can check usage on my account - the usage on your previous bills, not current usage. How did you add 2 Volume Boosts in one month? They told me can only avail once every 30 days, called back 3 times, different reps, same answer. Also I have to wait until monthly 50GB is out before I can order, then wait 24 hours for it to kick in, how about you? Check out the new pricing... 150GB boost now available for p599, highest 'volume' now 300GB for p999
  15. Home and Business has recently been renamed Self-Employed and is what you are looking for. I looked at mine and it does include a section for both Foreign Earned Income and business income.