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  1. Not that it matters or any of my business but I thought you were the other side of Valencia proper from me (I am near the Mormon Church). This particular landslide was about a 10km drive, close to Red Rock on the way to Ocean 24.
  2. Which is why I have said from the beginning it is not perfect, but it is the surest way I know of to try and check to protect yourself. Do you know a better way? It is certainly better than doing nothing but believing everything any female says...
  3. It is the closest you're gonna get to 100% sure. There is still a small possibility she knows one of the workers there and they are willing to commit fraud, in the open, in front of and next to co-workers, and in sight of anyone near the counter. Also a small possibility she is willing to commit fraud and try turning fake or someone else's supporting documents to the NSO. MUCH smaller risk than just believing anything she says or shows you though.
  4. Sounds good, the trick is finding them in the Philippines for a reasonable price, especially since it would take a few to cover the house.
  5. The fan you have pictured looks to be an attic fan. Typical installation is in a common hallway, louvers down from the attic with a timer on/off switch. When turned on the fan pulls air in the windows of the house, automatically opening the louvers, and exhausting the hot air out through attic vents. The attic vents need to be sized for the fan to prevent attic overpressure and loss of efficiency. I didn't watch this entire video but it looks like it explains it.
  6. Anything similar available in the Philippines for those of us already here? I have a security wall but no bars on the windows. With no aircon I keep them open for the breeze so something besides exterior lights would let me rest easier.
  7. Certainly not romantic but the closest way to know for sure she is who she says she is, as old as she says she is, and as Single as she says she is.
  8. My first experience with fake was a fake CENOMAR. I was instantly suspicious of it because it was produced wayyyy too early in the relationship. My way of spotting a fake is... I don't. Go with her to the NSO, you then know how the request form was filled out, saw all supporting documents, and saw the document received directly from the NSO at the counter - no fixer err umm expediter involved. Still possible but very much harder to get a fake that way.
  9. Totally agree with this. Took my wife to Disney/Hong Kong in December. 1st stop in the airport was to get her an Octopus card (Kind of a prepaid credit card for public transportation. Using it gets you the best price for train/bus plus can be used in many stores like 7-11, Subway, etc. each individual needs their own though, you can't swipe your card twice for you and your wife...) http://www.octopus.com.hk/home/en/index.html
  10. Here is that same guy talking about septic tank "fertilizer", which is really just adding 'good' bacteria to the system. Does anyone know what the Philippine version of septic tank bacteria is called and where to buy?
  11. Depending on where exactly you are going, it might be easier to use the plentiful and convenient public transportation.
  12. A very western idea few if any expats living here would recommend.
  13. The electric company owns all the way to the meter, property owners own what the meter plugs into. If she doesn't want the new meter, no problem. Remove the old meter and leave. Refusing access to the meter is theft. If she decides she wants power they will come back and install the current meter they are using.
  14. I did the demand draft at BPI in Dumaguete, took about 10 minutes which is much easier than going to Cebu and using a credit card (unless you are there already) No hurry, also do not forget if you are leaving the Phils you need 6 months remaining on your passport to enter. Can't do Christmas in Macau (or wherever) and come back expecting to renew by February...