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  1. I've used Malayan Insurance for the last 2 years. They have a web presence (www.malayan.com) and a branch in Cebu. Comprehensive coverage for this year cost P22k. I filed a claim last year when a motorcyclist t-boned me in Mandaue. Painless filing, they covered all repairs except for the P4k deductible. I'd recommend this company.
  2. I received my dual citizenship last year under RA9225. I filed my application at the BoI branch in J Center Mall. Along with the application (BI Form 2014-01-005, can be downloaded from http://immigration.gov.ph/downloads/application-forms),I submitted copies of my birth certificate, U.S. passport, and oath of allegiance. Paid P8760. It took about 6 weeks before I received the certificate. Here are some hilites of my experience that may be useful: -- I'd already live in the PI for over a year before submitting my application, so by the time I applied, I'd already had an ACR-I card. The BoI clerk asked to see it but did not require it as part of the application. -- The application needs to be notarized -- there are notaries near J Center Mall, that cost P200. -- I had to go back to the BoI after I gathered all required documents for them to inspect for completeness and accuracy. Then I was told to put all documents in a legal sized brown envelope and come back to the counter. No, they don't sell the envelopes to I had to go to a bookstore to buy one. -- The clerk put all my documents inside envelope, sealed/addressed it and told me to register mail it to their main branch in Manila. They gave me a phone number to call for status after 4 weeks from mailing. All in all, submitting the application took about 6 hours. -- I called 02-465-2400 (ask for the "Dual Section") on the 5th week to get status. Be prepared to be on hold for a while. I was told that the application had been approved and for me to pick it up or send someone with an affidavit to pick it up for me. -- THEY WOULD NOT SEND IT TO ME (even if I paid for the registered mail). So I flew to Manila and went to the main branch located in Magallanes Dr, Intramuros, Manila. -- Arrived at the branch the next day at 9AM. I was out of there by 10AM. Received 1 piece of paper which is the certificate of dual citizenship. I applied for a PI passport after that. It was a better experience at the DFA in Pacific Mall than that of the BoI.
  3. Similar to Woolf, I use my cell phone in that way but seldom text/call. I still use a Samsung S4 Mini. Since moving to the PI, I write a check 1x a month to deposit into my $ account ( by the way... PNB now charges P200 for check deposits). Otherwise, I use my US banks' "Bill Payer" service to pay bills in the US.
  4. I didn't find those new fees at the PNB site. http://www.pnb.com.ph/index.php/personal-banking/deposit-accounts/dollar-savings-account The fees appear to be the same as when I opened my USD account 2 years ago.
  5. I buy meats at S&R
  6. AQD, thanks for your tips. The return leg is thru Manila, a 4 hour layover.
  7. Yep, you're right -- just finished checking it out. I can't figure out where their (Cebu Pacific) P1549 "All In" promo comes to play. Cebu to Taipei came in at P2138, the return leg at P7564! Even while my travel dates fall w/in the "promo" period.
  8. Saw an ad by Cebu Pacific -- P1549, Cebu to Taipei. Never been to Taipei so I thought to check it out. Mainly to go eat and see some museums, and some shopping of course. Any tips on where to stay so I'm close to train stations or walking distance to night markets where food stalls can be found? I'm thinking staying for 3 days, 3 star hotel would suit me.
  9. I have a '14 Mitsubishi Strada 2 x 4. I use Malayan Insurance. Comprhesive coverage is P24,000 a year w/ a P3000 deductible. Prompt response when I put in a claim after getting hit by a motorcycle last year.
  10. Thanks Samatm. So far, of all the rental locations (Banilad, Talamban, Banawa, Consolacion) I've looked at in the past 2 weeks, this subdivision looks to be the best maintained with a good mix of amenities. Even the cemetery area could be a place for a jog (chuckles). I may just sign a year lease.
  11. Thanks to you both, Woolf & AussieLex -- I use Google most times to try and save me from driving around in traffic looking for what I need to buy. The next trick is finding a vendor who'll make/install a couple screen doors and screens for windows to keep the bugs out. Googling gets me a bunch of vendors selling aluminum and glass. I found a source in LinC but the thread was 6 years ago and the numbers posted don't work anymore.
  12. Hello there! Anyone ever lived in or are familiar with the Bayswater Subdivision in Marigondon? I'm considering renting a townhouse there but have heard rumors that there may be water supply and/or water pressure issues in the subdivision. By the way -- no toilet seats on either toilet in the rental unit. So I Googled "toilet seats for sale in Cebu"; I almost gave up in disgust as I just wasn't getting any hits -- I thought WTF! I have to buy a whole toilet just to have the seat???? Thank goodness Google offered a link to LinC and eureka -- one of you suggested WILCON. Sure enough, they listed several models. I'm going there tomorrow to check it out. This forum is grreaat.
  13. Over the bridge to Lapu 2x, I wish it had rained as well - the lawn could use the water!
  14. When I had to convert mine last year, I went to the Lapu Lapu LTO -- they told me to go to the Mandaue LTO. The Lapu Lapu LTO only does re-newals.
  15. In my case, as I prepare to move to the Benguet area, AirBnB may be a great short term solution while I look for a place to rent long term. For a quick start, AirBnB is good since there wouldn't be any startups (i.e. lease agreement, setting up utilities, cable, etc). But for the long term, a year or more -- I'd prefer to have a lease agreement so the monthly rental is frozen with a guarantee that I have a place for the term of the lease. It appears that AirBnB hosts could raise the rent at any time, or not allow you to stay any longer than the period of your reservation.