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  1. I have an old M1600 22lr----Love shooting that little gun----Deadly accurate
  2. I don't, Mine just made me some last week Women today just cant cook like the old country girls could. My mom has taught my daughters pretty well but they will never cook at her level
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. I dont know many people who would travel halfway around the world to bury thier dog
  5. She was clearly loved despite everything she went through in her life
  6. Take a recording of a couple of pittbulls barking. Then blast it through loud speakers anytime the motion detectors are activated ?
  7. Just another BLM protest blocking traffic again----Beaver Lives Matter
  8. They make these for shotgun shells also
  9. Buy a revolver and wrap a bandanna around the weapon plus wear gloves-------- ghetto thuggery 101
  10. What particular four letter word are you referring too? I see no curse words----Just baby talk
  11. Did anyone notice that the woman did not retrieve her gun until the service person repeatedly put his hands on the woman ?
  12. This guy has a few videos out. lives in a shack on the beach if I remember right
  13. So what are they going to do to the cop? murder charges?
  14. My guess Airplane parts are big money. Then you got the supplies for a whole base One of is right---- Its always about the kitty or the Benjamins
  15. And at this point Fred shat his drawers. I know I would have