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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. How often do you tip taxi drivers?

    Different place and expectations than Cebu or Manila. In Baguio, 99% of their rides are Koreans or other Asians that do not tip. They do not expect you to tip there. I rounded up 6-10%, and they were very happy.
  2. Prime Rib

    i did the Marriott Saturday night buffet twice in the past year, and at p1400, it is expensice. $28 for a meal. I spoke with the head chef, and he assured me it was U.S. beef. Damn good. The trick is they serve it rare, so if you want medium rare, you got to tell them. I stayed at St. Mark's hotel last July, and they were doing prime rib buffets 3 nights a week. Around p340. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. It looks good, but it is still pinoy beef.
  3. Where to Move

    Awesome photos Dog. I need to go visit that area. Thanks
  4. Where to Move

    Puerto Galera is very nice. Been there. Pushiest beach vendors in the Phils, and kind of small beaches, though I was only on Sabang. But, it is in my top-10 places I'm currently looking at. Palawan is just off my radar for now.
  5. Where to Move

    Spent a day once getting the tour of Siquijor. Beautiful island, and yes, very short boat trip to Duma. Even weent to a so-called house of witches on a mountain. At one time, was looking at another place near Duma in the hills, called Valencia. Camiguin has seriously intrigued me. Great beaches and tall mountains. But, to let the cat out of the bag, and I imagine the response from Shadow, I want to see how the next 1-2 years go, to see if ISIS makes southern Phils their new base. A lot of indications they will.
  6. Where to Move

    I didn't get off Bantayan till July. Turned out, a lot of loose ends to tie up (and no, not women tied to a bedposts). Got an offer on land I had there, and "Filipino time" took over. In the end, I just gave my multicab and atv to a friend and left. Spent some time researching it all, and decided to try Baguio for 4-6 months and get a feel. Being from Oregon, I must say, seeing and smelling those pine trees nearly brought tears. The pro's: Awesome views/scenery, produce, and the best and cheapest taxi's in the Phils. But, the rest sucked. One driver told me the population there had swelled to 400,000 people, and I did not argue. Densly populated. Only 1 major supermarket...SM. I tried different days and times there and from entering the checkout line to getting into a taxi is 40 minutes at a good time. 1-hour on a Friday afternoon. Long lines everywhere. I also like to walk, and walking there is different. Uphill and downhill, all the time. I saw very few expats, and a few I saw looked miserable. SCARCE cute girls. After a few weeks, I said "feck this" and went to Makati to regroup. And I was shocked at that place. When I first came to the Phils, I spent a week in Manila and hated it. Dirty, beggars everywhere. But, Makati is different. Very, very few beggars. Hi end malls and a sense of a well-educated people. Spent 40 days there, struggling to see if I could adapt to such a large city. In the end, decided I could not. Mostly cuz of my PTSD and all the commotion there, but I will say, Makati is an oasis of Manila. So, I decided to try Subic. Spent 2 weeks in the "Freeport Zone." First, duty free stores there are a scam. p44 for a 375ml bottle of Tanduay...exact same price as a sari-sari on Bantayan Island. Baffling. And that's just an example. But, a very clean place, good roads, law enforcement out visibly, and clean air. Only eyesore there was the pathetic beach. Last 2 weeks, been on Baloy Beach, about 10 km's from Olongapo. Supposed to be the best beach here in Subic, but it sucks. Not much sand. A lot of expats with their girls, but even that is shocking to see after my years on Bantayan. No wonder they drink so much...maybe she get beautiful? The vibe here is the same as my time years ago in Angeles: Seedy, and lots of expats waiting to die. 2 weeks left in my month rental. Stay here and find a reasonable rental, get a cheap used car and explore western Luzon? I hear San Antonio and La Union are nice. Sounds great, right? Here's my problem...it is a different Country here. People leave me alone, but I am like a fly on the wall. In the Visayas (except Leyte and Samar...and a little less in Bacolod), people treat me like an honored guest, like they are happy I'm in their Country, and let's face it, the girls are just better looking. And, I really liked that. Guess I'm just rambling, and tyring to figure out what next.
  7. Where to Move

    I guess I am Googling it all wrong. Gawd. I'm old and stupid. What time does that ship leave from Cebu? What Port?
  8. Where to Move

    Damn Headshot, you are spot on. I did move here right after Yolanda. 3 years ago. But, I now own a multicab. 4-wheel drive. low miles. Worth 11,000k. An ATV worth 40k. I cannot get to Puerta Princessa with these things. I can go there. Boat from here to Estancia. Boat from there. Do I just leave these things behind? Anyone have recent trips of here to Luzon?
  9. Where to Move

    First, I apologize if I've posted this in the wrong spot. Been a while and this site is different. No disrespect. I'm moving. Been on Bantayan Island for 3 years now, and I feel the need to move. I love the Visayas. Been looking at Moalboal, Cadian, Argao, etc. Paul once said Biliran was a cool place, so I went there and looked at it. Not bad, but a bit small for no beaches. Damn, I like Bohol...but what happened there recently scares me. Can do America, but so expensive. So, I'm thinking Luzon. Was thinking Thailand or Vietnam, but their customs are too difficult to figure out. Plus, I have many things. Been doing research and not much online about this trip. Driving from Cebu to baguio this week. In my multicab. What is the best way? Good idea? Bad idea? Why?
  10. Drivers Lic Denied

    Well, yeah, that's because the Witches scare all the people there. Most honest trike drivers I ever seen. Very, very friendly locals. Imagine going to LTO, having a bad experience and then go up to the mountain to tell on them?
  11. http://abchotelcebu.com/main/ Jawny, if you are like me, you hate to travel "blind" without a plan. But, I'm telling you, this place is so new, and very, very big (lots of rooms), no one knows of it, so they will have a room for your stay. Probably has as many rooms at a place like Red Planet, but again, it is new. Buko Beach, if memory serves me correctly, those prices are all in. But, I reserved on Agoda and paid p1800 a night and was so pissed when the girl told me that...lol
  12. Drivers Lic Denied

    I did mine, March 30th of last year. Went to the main LTO office in Cebu City. 3-4 very aggressive female fixers at the gate. Sorry, OP, but I do think you need to be here a year for it. Pee test was a joke. It all was. My Oregon license was expired, so written exam was required. Waited an hour for that. Go into room with 5th grade desks, and lady hands me exam with 8-10 page pamphlet on driving laws here. She placed the pamphlet upside down on my desk, which had the answer key written on it. I was shocked. I flipped it over and read the thing and took the test correctly. I think the female fixers went in to complain I was not paying them, as I was there for 5 hours. End of it all, they called me up for more money. I think it was p400. I asked why and was told it was for an "expedited exam fee." No receipt. Check Mate. Game was over and they got me.
  13. I stayed at ABC last December for a week. Great place. New, clean, 5-minute walk to Fuente Osmena. Elevators require your room key to go upstairs past 3rd floor to the rooms. Famous original Casa Verde restaurant 3-minute walk away. Independent laundry shop on ground floor, along with convenience store and good places to eat. 3rd floor has a nice rustic coffee shop. Downside, is it is so new, 90% of the taxi drivers did not know of it, but I just told them "across the street from Cebu Valez Hospital" and never a problem with that. Just to note: their walk-in rate is cheaper than online rates at places like Agoda or Booking. p1,450 during the week and p1,500 on weekends.
  14. Tourist visa

    Ah, Skywalker...the person who could suck the life out of a hermit crab. Is it true...do Sith's run in pairs???
  15. Tourist visa

    Oh hell no...I don't plan anything out. I do follow all laws, swim a lot, but this 36-month thing snuck up on me. Been late by a few days twice in the past on my visa. Felt stupid, paid the fine. No one said a word. And I mean less than a week late (once was a typhoon, no boats running). P1000 extra. But, it is what it is. My Visa expires tomorrow. Been on Skycanner.com last few hours, trying to piece together a trip to northern Thailand. I'm frustrated. I can get to JCenter tomorrow, but fear they will want an exit ticket (again, I got here April 4, 2014). I'm okay being late and paying the fine, but maybe 3 times is the charm and they kick me out? Oh phuck. I'm drinking and anxiety is high. I wish Simple Man, I plan like you, but I don't. Will they require an exit plane ticket tomorrow? It's a 6-hour trip to get there.