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  1. never lost internet in China as far as I remember Cebu Paul, need the connextion and power supply here.
  2. Thanks guys, Lost internet for 2 days but all ok now ;-)
  3. Finally made the move, Left China in May a little forced due to a health issue got treatment in the UK and then moved to Cebu to rest and recuperate, nice apartment and getting settled in.
  4. yep have a good back up in my uk bank. I am looking at making 60,000 roughly a month part time.
  5. I factor both, Looking at friends I have there and their costs and lifestyles. Then at what I spend when I holiday there too. If all goes well my apartment is sorted and I will buy all the furniture/internet etc from my friend who lives there now and just take my clothes. So that cost is settled and fixed, all I am trying to do is sort out what I will generally need to earn so I can live as I wish, my wish is often very different to most others. My idea of hell is waste and excess, others call them luxuries ;-) we are all different. I aim to live there on my earnings from my teaching and am just trying to work out how much I need to work, again just hoping to get an idea so I cam balance my work/play life. I have plenty of savings so this is not scrapping by it is merely basic living costs. yes, food is basic but as I clearly stated I listed the basic housing etc costs separately from fuel/food and fun as these are very fluid. I am doing this not because I am broke or penniless, just so I can have an idea if it is viable for me to work less enjoy more and not blow all my savings in a short time. Planning and research for me are essential, as if it is not viable I will just carry on working full time and wait to move.
  6. I did clearly say 'basic' and showed what was included, food fuel and fun are not included as they are widely variable. I usually spend around 10,000php a month on food or less, and fuel usually 1000php but again they depend on the day and what I am doing. So if u like all costs (basic) would be 40,000php a month, again it is very fluid as I will not do much but work some months, others I will travel, take mini breaks etc. Don't forget I also allowed 3k as a float in my basic costs, this is for utility costs fluctuation and or small cost increases. Allowing an extra 9k in my living costs is ample so I have covered all my bases. This is for my lifestyle, I like to eat local, definitely, do not want a car, love a minimalistic lifestyle and dislike excess. Will travel sometimes to Bantayan island and others which will obviously cost more, but my basic costs are for my day to day for me to know how much I need to earn, my spare cash will pay for special stuff if needs be.
  7. So my true costs seem to add up to this- Rent 10k utilities2k Internet 3k (dsl line) Visa's over 12 months = 2k a month adjustment allowance 3k So 20k a month will see all my basic needs.
  8. Thanks all, Weird how people keep jumping to conclusions on this site! I asked what was your true costs, that would of given me I hoped a spread to work off to get a real average! OK, in cebu, my friends very very nice 2 bed apartment(gated) is 10k, his internet etc is 3k more and teaches off that no problem. So I was just looking for a few more examples... Health care was left blank as there are so many types and costs so again was asking for you personnal experiences not all the horror stories. Yes I can afford insurance, hence the question trying to get an average cost! Yes I have back up cash, no I am not rich witha big pension but I have a few million php as a back up. If I go live there today I would take 800,000php(not from my back up cash) as a start up to get my first rent paid, buy my set up needs, My online is doing great and can easily bring in $1500 a month although I might just do a $1000 depending on what my costs are like over the first year. NO I do not drink a lot or even often, just special occasions like a monday , tuesday, wednesday thursday and a friday(JOKING) very rarely drink! # I do not smoke I would not be hunting ladies of the night, not needed! I would have a wife(when I find one) a dog , a motorbike, a few chickens and possibly a business too. So come on guys, keep on the OP and give me your costs please so I can get a good Idea of an average!
  9. SO living in the Philippines, what are the true costs? apart from lifestyle choice what are the costs? As far as I can gather as foreigners we need;- Visas = 20k a year? Health care average ? does anyone have an average cost of an average insurance for a 55yr old? yes before u say I know that is hard to define, so just tell me what u pay a year please! D/L License and various other bits for the offcialdom 6k per year For me basics living costs IE rent, utilities, internet/tv = max 20k a month What am I missing if anything please!
  10. de·feat·ist dəˈfēdəst/ noun 1. a person who expects or is excessively ready to accept failure. I have not failed, I lost 50+kg now I need a different approach for the last 30kg!
  11. My attitude, you amaze me, you are the one labeling all fat people , you are the one saying you know best! I am sorry ur mate died but my best friend died on a motorbike, I still ride! As i said we are not all the same but u think ur way is the best and only way! So maybe it is ur own attitude that needs an adjustment, Me I am not so arrogant, I think we are individual and need different things and different ways, not one size fits all!
  12. No rant just hate ignorant people, and yes I have been tested and refused the operation as I wished to continue my fight and diet and exercise!
  13. Off-switch for overeating and obesity found in the brain Deleting the enzyme from mice doubled the food they ate, tripled their body fat. Being overweight or obese usually isn’t really about the body – it’s about the brain. Overeating and compulsive eating are often about how the brain resorts back to ancient eating habits that are no longer relevant in today’s food-rich world. A new study now confirms that the brain circuits responsible for overeating are quite distinct from those that govern normal eating. And understanding where one network begins and the other ends may lead to targeted drugs or non-invasive therapies that will be able to stop food craving in the brain almost before it begins. The problem in overeating is that our brains are still set up to do something they evolved to do eons ago: Crave food like crazy and gobble it up as a matter of survival during times of scarcity. Even though food is no longer scarce in the U.S. – in fact, it’s everywhere we look – we still behave as if we had to eat everything in sight to stay alive. And that overeating behavior isn’t going anywhere any time soon: As study author Kay Tye, researcher at MIT, says, “we haven't yet adapted to this new environment where there is an overabundance of sugar everywhere we look, and we probably never will, at least not with natural selection alone.”
  14. The Atkins diet is denounced by a leading scientist as a huge health risk. The diet, followed by stars such as Jennifer Aniston, was singled out as the worst. Atkins Facts - Atkins "Nightmare" Diet www.atkinsexposed.org/ You are placing your body in jeopardy." He continued "Although you can lose weight on these nutritionally unsound diets, you do so at the risk of your health Yep every one else is wrong, the list of medical professionals denouncing this diet is endless, yet you know better. How sad to label all fat people the way you do!