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  1. Yes, Lee, I realise hence the question here, to get people's views from their area so I can map out a travel plan! I think I said earlier that when I have enough info from the good people here I will make a plan and will plan my vacation around the internet. eg- first week probably spent at a friends house who has awesome internet, so I can teach! week 2 maybe Bantayan island, no info on the internet there so will not book any lessons and just chill week 3 Toledo city, the internet is available there and checking right now with the hotel the speeds they have and if pocket works and the chances of me getting my own line at my expense. And so on for the full 2 months stay, One reply here was to rent in Cebu and use it as a base which is something that I am talking to a friend about as his place may well be for rent for the whole two months, that way I could book my lessons in advance as I am required to do then also book mt free time for my trips out. Cheers Ash.
  2. Data no idea sorry i am useless at this crap, my current speed is 100mb and it normally speed tests at 65mb which is great, i can go as low as 10mb I believe for my online teaching, i need it normally between 5pm -9pm then on weekends 9am -11am and then 5pm to 7pm I will look at renting a condo with good internet but will also need to travel from Cebu city as it is a vacation and would like to be able to teach at different locations, if not possible i will book days or a week off a few times over my vacation period
  3. Ok talking to a real moron here so keep it basic and simple, please ;-) I need to teach online and need a good cable connection or at very least high-speed internet connection for "on the move" how can I obtain that? is there a fast mobile wifi type device ? any and all suggestions on topic are welcome please Goals = be able to teach online from my chosen hotel. house either by buying a monthly line or mobile connection if available at the right speed! Cheers Ash. please be gentle as i hate computers and only know enough to get it all wrong ;-) sorry forgot to mention this is for my next 2 month vacation in july, when i move there i know what to do when i get my house ;-)
  4. Can anyone or everyone please give me a condensed idiots guide/outline to the visa required and anything else for living in the Philippines year by year! I will research later when I have more time and after any replies on this thread point me in the right direction ;-) Cheers Ash.
  5. Well back in China and all is great in Beijing so far, just thought I would mention Alta resort (mactan) as I stayed there a few days at the end of my stay and loved it, awesome service, food and rooms with a great pool. Well worth a few days there for sure. Back toCebu in July....
  6. If u remember the last post about this from you, I said that I did not underestimate the danger but neither did or do I believe it as bad as some make it out to be! I still firmly believe that if u act like a victim u will be a a victim, I am no ones victim! I have always said the respect earned here is what it is, as in China it is temporary and when it suits them apart from a few very decent people here! I still feel safe here but am and always have been fully aware of the dangers. I conduct myself accordingly, no I did not back down to that loud mouth thug or his mates last time here and ur prediction of my impending death was very overrated as it is now! hate to telll u I am still kicking and have traveled a lot of the world! I have never denied the dangers here but have seen for myself the image painted by a few here is not the real image for me, it is not the wild west and is safe enough! not every Filipino has a gun or wishes to shoot u! My post was not about danger it was about the differences I noticed here from my last visit and how drastic that was, I met more bad people this time, more intolerance towards foreigners! once again I only met one person that I had serious words with out of all the people I met! My post was about lots of little things, EG how hard it is to even complete the simplest of tasks, The stores seem to have no stocking systems and care not about it! how they seem not to care if they take ur money or not, where as my last few times here most seemed interested in earning a $ or two, how u can buy something one day then the next day the same store has never heard of that product! how they can tell u they have it and look in ur eyes then try to sell u a completely different thing! how many more dogs seem to running wild and no one cares or takes responsibility! How there seems to be more liars here this time in a nation of supposedly Catholic people! how they can sell u a sim card then have no load for it! For me the changes are tangible and drastic this time, it seems the people here have had a very big change of heart, some of that maybe attributed to my expectations, the weather being crap and a few other things, but what I said still stands true for me and a few others I have spoken to! it has changed here and not for the better! These are the simple things that have been very difficult this time for me! things that were simple on my previous visits now seem impossible! even getting my motorbike serviced was a nightmare, from getting oarts to getting the work done to a reasonable and safe standard! that was no issue last time! So again I reiterate I am a seasoned traveler who has no doubts of the dangers of visiting other countries and that includes the UK , USA, Asia and Europe they all have their dangers! and I must say the Philippines is no worse than many other places I have lived and possibly a lot better than a few too!
  7. Think ur right mostly, I think it is a mixture of the place has definitely changed and so have I, Too much bad luck and met too many bad people this time around. OF course the weather has been fairly bad which undoubtedly changes ones experience, but that said the people I met this time were not as nice, the service not as good, the lies bigger and more often! Next time try a different place, but I have met a nice lady this time so maybe that will help me if I meet her again next time which seems likely right now, again time will tell. Cheers....
  8. yep great advice the only problem for me is I really want a simple life but the province I thought I really liked ended up being not for me, time to start looking again, and yes will probably rent in Cebu when I move here and then see from there, but that is a year away and as we all know things change very quickly ;-)
  9. Na, when u buy a roast chicken u get a black sauce usually and on weekends a shredded banana type sauce which I really like. Never had a "foreigner status" really or felt that there was one, I do not nor never have believed that all Filipino women were here waiting for me as some men do, unless u go to AC then I suppose it may feel like ur a god but it is only fake! Not sure why Balamban has changed, I am sure I have changed and maybe my expectations, maybe it is an effect of the DU30 presidency, maybe it is just a combination of many things! What I can say for sure is that it has definitely changed for the worse and not just for me either, Another friend left there this year for roughly the same reasons I have left he now lives in Cebu and is much happier. So only time will tell maybe a thread on "where u live" would be a good thread, info on all the pros and cons and a visitor guide? I for one could really use some suggestions for my next visit!
  10. not sure the mirror will help with a cleaning lady who runs off with my money a few pessos, has got do with me in a mirror, nor any of the other stuff I mentioned! I have chqnged for sure and I accept that and things change I accept and expect that, but such a vast change I have not encountered before. Also my needs will not change by looking in a mirror, when running a performance bike u need dot 4 , dot 3 simply is not good enough, I did not complain I just said no thanks I need dot 4, that seemed to cause offence! never did before! Just to clarify , the cleaning lady cleaned my small room and washed a few clothes a day for me, this took her about 1 hour, her day job paid her 100 php a full day I gave her 100 each day for roughly an hours work and never complained She did a good job on her own. Why did she run off with 50php, she said she was tired and needed rest, why she never came back?? no idea,,, did I complain about the 50php NO.... just got another lady to clean. Why someone would lose that kind of easy cash I just do not know. then new lady was great...
  11. here until feb 16th then back to China, it has been ok really just not as good as before, a noticeable difference sadly ;-) 0
  12. well Balamban has turned out to be fairly crap this time, changed so much in 5 months it is almost unbelievable! Really not enjoyed it much at all this time and the weather has not helped just rain, rain and more rain. I am not sure why people and the town have changed so much in 5 months, people not so nice, more people in a hurry and more spitting too! People seem to be more anti foreigner here too this time, like I have never encountered here before, very sad, but as a balance I have to say my friends here both foreign and Filipino are still awesome and I have met a few more awesome locals but sadly heavily out-weighed by the bad stuff. EG, used to get my bike fixed at one shop, very good if u gave them direction as I am a fully qualified technician and they seemed happy to do what I wanted as I wanted and I had lots done to a few bikes last time here, left on a good note. This time they really do not give a toss, tried to sell me the wrong battery and got angry when I told them a 5 amp hour is useless on a 9 amp hour bike!! Tried to fit an off rd lever to a Yamaha yb that was such a bad fit that u could not pull the front brake with two fingers and the travel was dangerous to say the least! yet they wanted me to pay for it! that did not happen and I stopped using them, beside that everything was out of stock!!! Went to the store I usually use for lubricants and asked for dot 4 brake fluid and got dot 3, said no thanks I want dot 4 which seemed to cause offense! The list is endless, even the man I have used for a year to buy my roast chickens was off, always kept me a banana sauce mix as he knows it is my fav, this time nothing and when I asked he was really off with me, so I took my business to the next stall and got my sauce that I like and got great service for the 3 weeks I been here so far! Crazy to lose 5 -7 chickens a week business for as far as I can see no reason! it has struck me this time that never mind how much of a rapour you think you have built up or trust and even no matter how much regular business you give them they just do not care a toss. This is a new and not pleasant feeling for me here! I have noticed a higher degree of dis-satisfaction in my friends here too, more than normal complaining and more specific too..... ah well off to Cebu as I am so tired of Balamban right now and will finish my holiday there and then will look at pastures new for the next trip, maybe Dumangante not sure I spelt that right!! or some other places, who knows. As for moving here to live, that is still on the cards but a complete re-think is required, maybe I need to base myself in Cebu or the likes and get good internet and services then just travel this lovely county in my free time!
  13. it is fine, no worries at all, I travel it regularly. Was on it yesterday too and all good, some works where they have had land slides.
  14. I personally would like to see the feeding stopped and a lot less interaction too, What u mentioned about a passing view of them would be in my humble opinion a better deal for me and them, to see them acting completely naturally would of been better.
  15. Yep, next plan is to visit a friend in Cebu as he lives in a nice area with good internet and easy access to the mountain rds and much more so that looks possible. Next holiday here will probably be a tour or a two stop affair trying new areas. Gone is my fixation with Balamban, really enjoyed it previously but this time has opened my eyes to a few deficiencies that would eventually drive me crazy! Still number one priority is good internet, still need to earn a living when here! Still looking at 12 months max 18 months to move here, just need to get my money up a little and finish my new contract! Where is the SUN!!!!!!!!!