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  1. amd 16 core ryzen soon to debut also.. maybe the 1st time in 15+ years they beat intel with speed.. (for me.... id also invest in a fire extinguisher) Platforms have changed a lot, and tho some may argue with me, I do see the end of Moores Law coming sooner than later. It got to the point of whats the difference between a gnats ass slamming shut verses a gnats ass slamming shut in a windstorm... Modern day lithography is already using light wave technology to shrink in increments of a single wavelength, metal is being sputtered in angstroms, tri gate technology proven itself to provide a single transistor to accomplish more than one tasking. Most Fabs found it easy to go from 4" to 6" wafers to 200mm then to 300mm wafers. Its all about the $$ from the customer of course.. Technology exists for 450mm wafer fabrication but the sheer size of real estate needed in a fab environment and cost associated with tooling doesn't justify the purchases. Contango is spot on with M.2 because they have to flatten the platforms, and reach outwards to the peripherals. Can we afford all this ? or should we afford all this is the question... Theirs some great systems running with a lot less.
  2. That without doubt is an extreme system... 8k Monitors x 4 ? Must be running some of Janes or other Real world Flight Sims
  3. every time I go in there, theyre cheese or garlic flavored
  4. MMMM Good Old Oscar Mayer Bologna sandwich sounds good right about now... ,,, or even pimento loaf, or jalepeno loaf, or mmm just thinking out loud
  5. This topic seems a bit my forte. I spent 15 years developing next gen technology microprocessors with Intel Corp, before hanging it up and coming here. Soon to go back and reactivate my brain cells a bit more.. but anyways.... For the budget minded... Its all "price verses performance"... That said... AMD chip is the way to go... Any system is only as fast as its worse bottleneck... Recommendations on this thread were noteworthy... SSD for a drive is the way to go...Even now, my 2009 AMD configurations I designed and built are still up and running in a café in Carcar tho I lost the specifics, but the one I refer to below is a 2015 configuration. I have a PPT doc available that breaks down general info about the pieces of a system also but below is my word doc I made for someone interested in getting a café together: What’s a good computer system for the Philippines or anywhere in Asia? I’ll share my insight into what makes a good computer system for the Philippines,, and I’ll also share thoughts anyone can relate to. Everyone wants a powerful and fast system. No one has endless money to constantly buy parts and service repairs, and upgrades. People want a nice system but most people dont know what a good system really is… Everyone at the computer stores will tell you what they think you want to hear just to sell a product. But how many people actually know how to properly piece together a system properly… Hardly anyone… “ I want a performance system that wont break, be able to stay current and last forever, but I don’t want to pay a lot” 1. For home use or for Internet Café use, The primary consideration one should think about is how much electricity it will use. 2. Based on this first consideration, you would find yourself being forced to make changes about performance. Hence, the secondary consideration would be performance. 3. When you change the level of performance you can afford because of electrical use, the third consideration that comes to mind would be “how long will it last” Simply put, we will now examine components ( pieces) you need to make a computer system run. Every system has a power supply. It is usually the most energy eating part of the computer. Let me explain why… Every Power supply has its own energy efficiency rating that’s not normally shared to purchasers. Inexpensive Standard Power supplies have a 50% efficiency rating which means that to provide 300 watts out, it must consume 600 watts of power. That’s a lot of unused and excess electricity lost and also a lot of heat being generated to make it run. Think about your experiences with other peoples systems. How many systems do you know that broke down. Inexpensive power supplies eventually short out or “smoke” and need repair or replacement… It happens, and the money people gain for short term solutions is spent on repair, new parts and downtime of the system because its broken. ( Yes, even when its not working, it costs you money in “lost” income if its for business) Quality Power Supplies are “rated” based on their internal components and efficiency. A 80plus silver rated power supply will give you 80 percent plus efficiency in a 110 volt system environment. With certain models, It shifts to a gold plus rating for 220 volt systems providing up to 95 percent efficiency. Therefore if you have that same system that needs 300 watts, your using only 315 watts… just by choosing a proper power supply, you can save 285 watts of power under full load.. Processors are another important aspect of a system. The company called AMD (Advanced Microelectronic Devices) is less expensive than Intel processor chips… People like AMD because of the price. It costs lots less. This is what is called a Price to Performance Ratio.. And true to fact, their speeds are good, and can compete quite good with some Intel products depending on what website you read. At about one half the price, people will say I will buy that… But here you also get what you pay for… the Processor is less expensive because its “heat” signature is hotter. It must be kept cool and even when cooled, its life is shortened by heat. ( all processors are affected by heat, not just AMD, but they are worse for heat). So what to do, how to choose… The amount of heat generated increases with the amount of energy used. In 2017, one of the best desktop processors is still the Haswell C0 stepping I5 4460 Designed and manufactured in 2014, At 65 watts, its one of the lowest heat and energy signature processors on the market ( exception intel atom for tabs and cell phones). It cannot be overclocked and is a very stable microprocessor… I helped build many computer chips for Intel and this one too, I should know. As a FYI, theirs different types of Intel I5 Haswell C0 computer chips. So don’t be fooled because theirs so many different kinds. For a low power, low heat processor, The I5-4460 3.2 Ghz with 6 Mb Cache is the one to get. The chip should have stamped SR1QK on its casing. Anything else and it’s a different I5 processor chip. OK… so now you say wow… That seems too much to remember, but you actually now have a good recommendation for what kind of power supply to find and a good recommendation on a specific computer processor chip, but now what. Well… before you can go further with picking items, You need to find a mother board to put the chip on and make it work. One of the best motherboards for this chip is the AS ROCK, Z97 Extreme 4 motherboard. I choose this because it’s a very energy efficient motherboard, and it has the Z97 chipset (by the way that would allow you to overclock another computer chip), It meets all requirements for today and tomorrows technology, without a lot of extra stuff no one uses anyways. Remember were still talking low power, high performance setup… ( we haven’t drifted)… The Z97 chipset is specially designed to overclock the processor. People with some expanded knowledge may say a Z87 chipset motherboard would do just fine for the I5-4460 because its not a “K” overclocking chip… but these people who seem knowledgeable still have a small tunnel vision. The Z97 chipset, allows tweaks to performance gurus, and it also allows non tweaked maximum throughput ( maximum speed) for all items added. That’s the caveat that the Z87 doesn’t provide. If you took this advice, now, you’ve got the motherboard, processor, and power supply figured out. What about memory……The motherboard supports DDR 3 memory… DDR3 is Good stuff… Whats important here is you never buy a single stick or memory, or mix and match, you can, but to work correct, they need to be set pairs. The most memory you will ever need for anything is 8 Gig DDR3… Why ? only 8 gig and what about the speed? The maximum memory speed of the AS ROCK motherboard is for 1833 Mhz DDR 3. Instead of installing this kind of memory, you install 1866Mhz DDR 3 instead. Reason for this is, it exceeds the memory requirements, and there is no bottleneck ( slowdowns, or constraints or whatever word you want to use) for the memory. There is no different power consumption, there is no added heat, it won’t get overburdened, and weaken. (simple example, what makes you more tired, using all your evergy or part of your energy). You will not overburden the memory because the motherboard sets the limit. Novel Idea, some may argue about cost factor or availability, but in real life situations its never overworked. But what kind should I get someone will ask. Well, a great memory product with proven lifetime usage is Corsair DDR3, 1866 mhz (megahertz). And it comes in different colors… The color choice is just that… a color only…so you can get black, red, white, whatever, it will be inside the case anyways. I prefer black. Were getting somewhere now… still staying glued to the prize of low power, high performance system that will do whatever you want… Next is storage ( hard drive)… wow… this may seem hard to choose, but actually its a no brainer ( easy choice)… People will offer you these huge metallic 1 terabyts hard drives, 7200 RPM, etc etc… Don’t listen…don’t go for it.. For the ultimate performance boost in this system ( or any system) you must go SSD ( Solid state device)… Its like a usb but different… With SSD theirs no moving parts. Nothing mechanical to go bad… Its memory at its finest and its fast… way faster than any IDE hard drive. And no moving parts, means less energy too. Whats even better is the AS ROCK Z97 motherboard and a SSD are a perfect match. Install Windows 7 professional and you just changed your computer boot up time to less than 30 seconds. Tweak a few things and your down to 20 seconds. Do you think customers would come to your shop knowing they don’t need to insert one or 2 pesos waiting just to get the screen working. Stay away from the 120 gig SSD’s tho, its too small. Find the Samsung EVO 250 SSD. Its one of the best on the market. Technically you can stop here, and the system will run real good you can use the video output from the motherboard and your Facebookers will be happy but your DOTA fans will still be sad… So what to do… Add a video card… But you think theirs soooo many… and the answer is yes, there are soo many… You’ve got the titan out there that everyone loves… but its using 600 watts by itself… you wont make money with those but your customers and electric company will love you… Hands down,,, The perfect match for this combo is The Palit 750TI video card with “one” fan… not two… Where this card leaps out above others is it need no additional power from the power supply. Its all provided by the motherboard. It’s a huge savings in electric, and it plays dota and others seamlessly on screen. It does so because it has 2 gig of DDR5 on board. You cant beat DDR5. Hard to find, and priced competitively, it’s a video card for any café or home. Well,,, Ive shared lots of information so far about a system based on low power and high performance. But lastly, weve got to see something and you cant see without a monitor. When it comes to monitors, we all know their either slow refresh, small in size and sometimes pricy to use electric with. The Viewsonic VX2452MH is actually the 2015 #4 most energy efficient monitor in the world ( not country, but world, and feel free to verify). It’s a 24 inch wide screen that can play 1080p HDMI crystal clear without and lag. With a 2 ms refresh rate, it ranks top tier along with alienware and others more considerably priced. It has a DVI and with nice connector gives HDMI quality with split volume so you can run audio from the video card out to speakers. At about 10,000 pesos per monitor, it may seem high pricing, but you get a superb monitor with setup adjustments where it also goes into sleep mode using the Haswell C0 chip and AS ROCK Motherboard. This combnation can be left turned on and with Intel C6 sleep mode will use one half of one watt of power when not being used or walked away from at home or with time still running on a piso piso system. All said and done, this system is designed to run under full load ( using 100% of all resources) at 238 watts of power and the power supply pulling only 249.5 watts at full load. This system runs without additional fans for cooling… The video card will sit at temperatures of 37C (98 degrees F) and the CPU at approx 54C (130 degrees F). Both well below average temperatures. Additionally, the power supply of choice would be the Silverstone 600W Strider Plus, 80 Plus silver, modular Power supply. It is guaranteed to run 100,000 hours under full load. ( that’s 11.41 years without shutting it off). And under load were only using 249 maximum, and sometimes less than 200 watts under normal conditions. Theirs systems that people play on that use less energy. They have a small motherboard, small memory, small hard drives, and cheap power supplies, and cheap monitors. People use those systems because their there… Im sure if someone would choose between paying or using the same for their system or the system we just built, which do you think they would choose to wait in line for? As you wouldn’t want to put all this in any case, id recommend the GT Aero Cool CPU box. Its very user friendly and makes for easy installs.. Again, more pricier than most, but you get quality and if you invest, its best to invest wisely. I guess in closing, people cannot not take the time to actually sit and find energy efficient system based on some variables. Most don’t know how to research correctly to find the right results. Actually 99 percent of the people making money don’t care because its all about the money, not the experience. One may ask,, How am I personally so sure about my advice… Well … I know what to research, and built these systems, and im using one right now.. For home use or Business use… you get a solid ,solid , system… By the way,,, these systems run with LOW Voltage, and NO EVR/AVR required.. They will not shut down or hiccup with low voltage conditions..
  6. Ive taken my L3 up roads in the hills only Habal Habals or crazy foreigners would traverse, and those roads are better than some Cebu city streets..
  7. God made few perfect heads, the rest he put hair on
  8. Marry Christmas early Dave007... I think your wifes family in the mountain just got a high tech port-o-potty. I'm Located in Carcar, but will be in Cebu on Wednesday. Whichever is best for you, message me. I picked Daves answer basically because it didn't do shit for me here, maybe it can for someone else
  9. No But I'm sure you can get a castrated male from Owak, don't know if that would help much tho
  10. In celebration of the holidays, I'm giving you all just 1 Christmas present. But if you want it, you have to work ( or type) for it.. We all know nothings free here in the Philippines... So, I'm Giving this Nice, useable, toe warming, electric consuming, housegirl approved, Conair Bubble/Heat Foot Bath tub for free, to whomever comes up with something quite original as to why this would be nice in your own place of abode. Now mind you, creativity can count so long as theres a semblance of truth interlaced with the wit. Because I KNOW everyone here is full of "wit"... So break out your best pity me and my fumunda cheese, horrid tales of portaband toenail cutting, Makota Grinder callous removal, just give me a pair of wire cutter stories, and let me know why you think your housegirl or wife needs to have this to pamper you a bit more than usual. I'll give the topic about a week or so before gifting this smell removing, toe jam softening, quality product away.. My free delivery area is around Labangon / Feunte Osmena circle area.
  11. Bump this thread.. any other input since 2014 ?
  12. So... Lo an Behold, Im like goin thru my piles of "stuff" and here's my damn piece of rock ive been carrying around for more than 20 years now. I thought, hmmm maybe I'll give it to the school... then a big Nahhhh came to me (they'd use it for a leg stand most likely), and i said.. ahhh craigslist so i dont have to lug this thing around. Well I posted to CL, then curiosity got the best of me an I said shit, what value is this thing anyways.. Well I guess its always the buyers price, but when I saw what their touting as museum size and not near as nice as mine, and still asking $20k... I say to myself hmmmff.. think I'll just pack this in my suitcase and call it a day LOL