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  1. JUST finished Dr. Strange...another home run by Marvel.
  2. Falcons -6 was a good bet - Falcons offense is sick good. Packers defense is brutal in the secondary due to injuries - not much of a pass rush either. Rodgers needs to play perfect in the 2nd half and the Packers need some turnovers - from the team that gives up the least I also like Pittsburgh and +6
  3. Twas 14- 13 Packers with 3 minutes to go in the third...that included the hail mary. Not quite 10 minutes of the Giants looking good. The Giants were dominating them for almost 3 quarters.....then gassing took place, the dropped passes, and the defense can't cover receivers for 5 minutes per play. Rodgers is the best QB in the game when he's on...nobody can do what he does. Without Nelson and his Giants causing broken ribs, the Cowboys will run through them and keep all in front on defense. Should be an easy Cowboy home win.
  4. Catching TD passes vs. drops would of been the start.....
  5. NY Giants 8-0 last 8 playoff games (including the 2 Super Bowl wins) ALL on the road. Beat the Packers twice in Green Bay to advance. Packers 4 point favorites. Hope it's cold. Defenses have the upper hand come the cold playoffs.
  6. Yeah, the old saying seemed to apply...all plans go out the window when you are punched in the face. Go to the 3rd floor of the metro sport complex on Salinas (where the old sunflower disco was) and ask one of the "little" filipino guys to spar with you...don't sweat it, they use the puffy gloves, and now let him nail you one good shot. Then, not go down if you can, and absorb as many as Rousey did...if you can. I'm guessing you will turtle, quit and laugh it off as being too old now. I'm doubtful you will keep "fighting back". Haha - she barley fought back?
  7. Giants at Green Bay Again......hottest QB vs hottest defense in the coldest place
  8. Her net worth is more then that.....most of the earnings are from ppv sales and being the headliner. She made 3 million before that came into play, and 207 sold well. Her endorsement deals alone make more then the fights....although they could be dropping with the latest destruction. You rarely see top level men fights end in arm bars anymore. It's easy to defend and all good wrestlers learn where not to put their arms with good Bjj on the bottom. Her big issue imho is they are trying to make her a striker....she is not a striker, and handles the pocket and being punched like Brock Lesner. They should of been teaching her head movement and simple wrestling 101....level changes and two legged take downs.
  9. You mean fighters taking dives?....certainly hope that's not what you're seeing.
  10. Or, a pituitary tumor, as I have. Whomever is not using the gel, and taking a shot of depo testosterone, or cypionate...these are androgenic and not anabolic (come with estrogen effects, which is also needed to get erections and create libido). Bodybuilders use these in massive doses, as these create bulking, while the anabolic stuff will create strength, hardness and a limp dick. Anyhow, a shot every three months is not the dose a doctor who knows what he is doing will give you...more like 1CC every 10 days (bodybuilders will use 6 times this amount every week, and be using a couple other injection meds such as a tren ace, and a few pills such as anavar, anadrol etc, (liver damage)... as well as some anti estrogen pills to avoid as another poster says, bitch tits, acne, a desire to watch the Ellen show .... and the other side effects estrogen will cause. A doctor, and blood tests to make sure you are in the normal T range is needed. Too much will create thick blood, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and testicle shrinkage - so death with small balls. Clomid as well as HCG are used between cycles to get the natural testosterone back working - not sure why older people are taking this clomid to create a rise in testosterone as your body is making test, just at a normal lower amount (not shut down). This is of course bodybuilders taking massive doses of chemicals and cycles - those who are going through andropause (vs menopause woman go through) there is no reason why you can not take the safe dosage and improve your libido, thus allowing those erections from any ED drug to actually not be dry, but full of young man lust. Once every three months? Useless and dangerous. That's ED, one "possible" cause, and nothing to do with testosterone or libido.
  11. A quick update - have had a few PM's asking for these. I will be dropping them off after the holidays, and I am physically able to take the v-hire. Will PM and post where and when. It WILL be by next weekend. I had a getting old, and still as stupid fall the other day. Needless to say, do not use a rain storm to shower when the water is out...or do not use shower shoes to walk outside onto a stoop made of slide on your ass when it's wet tiles. I might be reconsidering a move back into the USA and iceland. Nothing broke, but sure smashed up elbows, back, hip and pulled my groin. Not sure I can ever laugh at those funny video shows anymore....I've felt their pain man.
  13. Tonopah...bwhahaha. Ever been to the Tin Top? We used to do a poker charity ride for a fire chief each year, and we ended up at that place. Huge road house...loved the place, but was afraid to head out there on a weekend night because it was, to me, a DUI zone...in the middle of nowhere. Responding to the rest of the Arizona thread turn..... Sedona, as said....an artist hippie wiccan warlock zone, and expensive. I almost killed myself looking for a freaking vortex, that required some Dodge Ram off road driving into red mud and steep cliffs, some that were a 2 foot slide out from. I stayed in the truck as the then wiccan wife and still jesus loving daughter located said vortex. Sedona can get heated in the summer, is dry and as most places in Arizona, heat regulated by elevation. I -17, interstate located totally within Arizona....is a 2 hour ride from Phoenix to Flagstaff, that climbs 7000 feet above sea level, from I believe around 1000. This happens fast, and you will go from cactus to pine trees within 2 hours.... I- 10 to I-40 (route 66), Flagstaff is a nice college town, lot of California people nowadays, and that would be the cold I am looking for in Wyoming. I traveled by train from here to Syracuse NY in the middle of winter, and awaited outside the train station to be opened....4 degrees. I love this weather...or did. One year in Wyoming will decide if this be still true. A few other places of interest, Prescott which is also a California yuppie paradise. This gives you "some" snow, like Sedona....whiskey blvd(?) by the courthouse is a nice place. Like Sedona, and Flagstaff in areas, too "California" for me overall. Quick story - from Prescott, you can go the "other" way vs I-17, and take the switchbacks until you are down, and go through Wickenburg (cowboy town, now also taken over by California)...we were riding in a group, and some friend of a friend who just bought a Honda Shadow of all bikes, attacked the switchbacks without a helmet, and rode ahead. I kept pace with my BMW 1100, and helmet, and kept an eye on this inexperienced rider, who eventually let the blacktop take over his steering as he slid to the shoulder in a tight turn, and flipped him over the bike, only to do head on pavement cartwheels until he finally stopped with a gaping hole in his head, and shoulders busted, out of socket. I ended up now, without a shirt, trying to stop the bleeding, and he had to await for a ride from the EMS back to Prescott. Needless to say, switchbacks and Arizona are there, and many a rice burner gets killed riding on these things too fast. Route 89, I believe, the back highway from Sedona to Flagstaff is also a must see. Oak Creek Canyon... awesome highway. I can honestly say, I have been everywhere in Arizona....from Tombstone to the four corners, through John Wayne movie land to Yuma and Mexico, and back to the big grand hole in the ground. Saved a rider in the switchbacks, a baby on a Indian reservation from choking, and almost killed my exwife in my dreams ....well, all over the damn USA. I love Arizona, when I could ride, as it allowed to escape the heat by a 2 hour ride, and if you lived at 7000 feet, you could hit the valley and 70 degrees if you wanted to snowbird it. Awesome riding. Nevada has Las Vegas...no pro sports teams but a lot of as said, great places to eat and entertainment. A bit boring a state riding wise, but the north (cold) is also beautiful. Like the Phoenix valley, Las Vegas is tract homes and very small yards. Las Vegas seemed to have smaller back yards vs. Phoenix when I was looking to move out there. Anybody moving into the desert of the states need be wary of rattlesnakes, scorpions and all knowing yuppies (those from California). I'm taking my filipina to Wyoming....time for revenge. https://www.facebook.com/Nipa-Hut-149725808557990/ Damn - so much for revenge. Layers you pansies.