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  1. I will celebrate new year for the 4th time on this lovely island soon...I also had the same instinct the first time i went there.. that it would be great to be based in Mambajao to explore the rest of island...Lucky for me I booked a closed place thru Agoda and end up at one of many small resort there is on Camiguin.... i cant find any reason to stay in the small town of Mambajao....many great places close to airport and easy get around everywhere anywhere on the main road that goes around the island... btw this was in the paper today.. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/843652/protecting-camiguins-wild-side
  2. Richard K whats wrong with you.... he did awesome share great stuff to all---you ??
  3. If any humor in it I would laugh too... but its the opposite
  4. How it look like now in ... Birmingham.. Wtf https://twitter.com/onlinemagazin/status/754370082327986176
  5. will not happend Im afraid...big meltdown in my country and all we built up goes in the CR
  6. how long must it take before we banned the islam as we did with the nazi ?? europe is under attack you blind fools
  7. i only send from bank... cash in europe is nono...
  8. world remit compare whats best for you
  9. i turned it off at the Karaoke part most because all the photos shown western people sing along...buuuu
  10. I wonder why it post here now..I saw this almost a year ago...
  11. hmm just what i said but repeat it for the ones that not get it the first time then
  12. I wrote Naia 1... in BKK I ment the biggest Suvarnabhumi I agree what you say on transfer and that is not fun if need change terminal. even if the got more shuttles between the terminal now then before.. Btw I used terminal 2,3and even the small 4 during xmas and new year and all of them have improved if you go back look 2-3 years
  13. thats not relevant anymore.... I latest arrived from bkk to Naia1 10 days ago on a monday at 4pm.. it was like heaven...they have refresh and rebuilt it and I was thru the Immigration in only 5 min got my bag after another 5 and believe it or not there was 4 airport cab in line and just 2 couples before me !! Then Im in the Manila traffic but thats another story if I compare to BKK airport as I use very often ..BKK is super overrated ..always a few km to walk from the gate to get to Immigration and there its always packed of people and you in average have a 20-30 min in line to get your passport stamped..
  14. its amazing that UN will back up Julian...all Sweden want was to get him into a hearing about an investigation of rape....he refused and now he suddenly is the victim...sick sick world
  15. hmm this no way anything new... maybe the dollar rate is but that sheet I saw 5-6 years ago... in september me and a Canadian was talking in the line to yellow taxi and he did ask for fun how much to Makati from terminal 2 and they say 1600p and he quickly replied...nono I will not buy the car