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  1. have not seen that place, will be looking for it
  2. I imagine they could upon request, we raise ducks ourselves...so ducks are on the home menu
  3. with drinks, one could easily spend $125 a head at Blue Bar (Marco Polo)... they make great drinks and the food is awesome
  4. Have to say, SM Seaside Mall is my new favorite place for food shopping in Cebu...not because it is the best place for food shopping but because there is more to the day out, when heading to SM Seaside Mall... The grocery store at SM Seaside has a larger import food section than anything found in the Carcar area, south of Cebu...and enough so, that it can completely eliminate the need for say a trip to S & R Membership shopping each month...one might still head to S & R quarterly, but surely, no need for monthly S & R trips with SM Seaside option now available... The pizza at Sbarro @ SM Seaside is better than S & R pizza IMO...it is nice to grab something from Sbarro for dinner and take a pizza home...do some food shopping...and head to the Director's Club for a 9:15 PM flick... Florida Natural products (orange, apple, grapefruit and lemonade) can be found at the grocery...the import condiments, including A1 sauce...and the meat section (pork, chicken and fish) is as good as any place in Cebu...the lacking area, would be beef...so the need for making burgers at home still requires a trip to S & R...and of course ice cream til Baskin-Robbins arrives, I ask about it all the time, they advertise they are coming to SM Seaside but that remains to be seen
  5. I am happy to see a legit pizza franchise give Carcar a shot... I will give them a compliment where it is due, they make a decent crust and cook it properly (we ordered 3 pizza's each cooked properly)... true the cheese could be better but as you states, it is not "horrible"...which is a compliment when it comes to pizza in the Philippines also noting, the sauce is not "horrible" either we did try the pepperoni on one pizza, passed my sons taste test, so we would order it again!!!
  6. Calda Pizza has set up a temporary structure near BDO Bank in center city Carcar, something similar to what McDonald's did in the Carcar market a few year back before McDonald's opened in Carcar... http://www.caldapizza.com.ph/ They make a decent thin crust pizza...wishing them the best for their success in Carcar...about as good as pizza is gonna get this far from the city
  7. Michael Angelo, I will agree with...they have good pizza for a good price...I often forget about them but they are a place of actual value... Abaca Baking Company - I like this place as a place for desserts...and i will take something home...sometimes desserts, sometimes a bread product of sorts...as they have discounts after like 8 PM or something...which adds value... The Social - they are removed from my list of recommendations...had their "special" twice now on weekends, which was a disappointment...had their "pulled pork" which I would call a total disaster on a plate!!!
  8. they (S & R) sometimes sell Arizona (Tea products)...huge cans (maybe a liter) that say 99 cents on them...they sell the case of 24 for around 1000 pesos...which is a better value than those cases of Snapple... They (S & R) also have large, I think gallon, of Arizona Tea...green tea with ginseng and honey...not sure the value there...I really do not pay attention to the price of every item...but its good stuff, regardless of the price... I tend to buy Snapple at Ayala Metro, tends to be a little more per bottle but you are not forced to buy flavors you might not like...the Snapple in glass bottles also maintain flavor better than those plastic bottles S & R sells... I am looking forward to seeing what Landers has to offer...I tend to give any place selling USA products a look see...
  9. Be careful that Abaca Baking Company place, they will serve you too much good food!!!
  10. appreciate this update...not gonna click like, cause sure do not like this news
  11. on a day that you have too much time on your hands, order one of those Greenwich frozen drinks (bring a bottle of Tequilla and Rum with you, helps to travel with a large cooler, easier to hide the booze)...and make your own mixed drink...good stuff Everything tastes better...
  12. sounds like that pizza place next to the Carcar Jollibee...the things some folks think they can call pizza is astounding...
  13. The owner of "the Social" @ Ayala recommended I try their "pulled pork sandwich"...so my wife and i BOTH ordered it.... It was by far the worse darn sandwich I ever had and my wife agreed, even she did not eat it...and she eats anything!!! they must have been having a real bad day because the drinks we ordered were watered down and nasty... I have eaten at The Social many times...this was my only disappointment...but geez, the owner recommended this terrible sandwich...he will be out of business if he keeps making suggesting like that!!!
  14. The Sbarro Pizza at Sea Side has a modern pizza oven...and their pizza is better than say the Sbarro Pizza at Ayala, that for some strange reason, uses a pizza over from the 70's...and said pizza oven does not get hot enough for their pizza to cook properly (which could also be a transformer issue)... I am a big fan of Sbarro Pizza at Sea Side, they make the best pizza I have had in Cebu...yet Sbarro Pizza at Ayala, SM and Robinson's is always under cooked
  15. yes, as I pointed out...the sell by date was almost a year when I recently threw one out...just pointing out, Grey Poupon has a very short sell by date...because of that, places like Metro Ayala often sell them buy one take one, making it a pretty decent deal