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  1. Black Label Bacon, a regular price of 399 was on sale at S & R for 100 pesos...it was not showing to be on sale when on display...it was a price correction done when checking out... I said, are you sure to the girl at the check out, she showed me the discount...I went back for 6 more...the sell by date was July 28...with all the bacon lovers in our house, it won't last til July 1!!!
  2. I noticed the Quail eggs available at Rustan's are good til November...the Quail eggs available the Metro Supermarket in Naga are good til June 27th... Are those Naga eggs really that old compared to Rustan's...or is there just a big difference in the sellers opinion of the best sell by dates?
  3. certainly cheaper to operate than electric here, just wondering if it matters what tank its hooked up to, as to, if it will function...one never gets good answers from the good folks selling them
  4. I have been wondering about the gas dryers too...
  5. just a simple snack food really, but these German made pretzels are available @ SM Seaside...not sure if this is going to be a regularly stocked item in their import section but plenty of them right now... the availability of any style pretzel in Cebu has been limited, I often resort to making them myself (which is an all day project) https://www.lorenz-snackworld.com/brands-and-products/saltletts
  6. planted some watermelon seeds...got the flowers but they did not produce fruit... told we need bees? our tomatoes produced fruit, they need bees too to the best of my knowledge, why did the tomatoes grow and not the watermelon? I have seen the busy bee at work on our tomatoes, maybe our bee does not like the watermelon plant?
  7. glad to catch S & R on a day when they have both regular California Sunshine milk and that chocolate California Sunshine milk Ayala had a sale on Lucky Charms last month, I was in need of a lot of milk!!! They have giant size turkey's...around 2000 pesos, gonna have to take a measurement of my oven before I buy one of those!!! They have giant jugs of Frank's hot sauce...and I do mean giant...around 700 pesos...thinking for the volume, that might be a good deal, compared to buying those little bottles at Ayala all the time... other key items in stock...imported Gatorade, Arrowhead water, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, those 48 packs of Planter's Peanuts, Florida Natural products and Johnsonville Polish Sausage... that strange looking USDA ground beef has been removed from the shelves,good move on their part... what I thought was a huge supply of Grey Poupon last month is now sold out...
  8. we bought a pack last month, returned today...bought two more packs...I think it is the best "hot dog" option out there right now... also tried those Virginia hot dogs last month, I prefer the Johnsonville Polish Sausage to those...but not a bad idea to keep mustard in my wife's purse for times when I am walking the mall and buy a one of those Virginia Hot dogs...cause they do not offer mustard...and its a pain in the butt to keep buying mustard every time i want a hot dog!!!
  9. yes, Red Planet has wifi...which can be used to communicate with the front desk (as easy as a phone) their water pressure and hot water is worth mentioning because I have found that lacking in many hotels in Cebu...something that is not an issue at Red Planet... for folks that have not been to Red Planet in recent weeks, they have been doing simple construction recently, their lobby area is one of the improvements...
  10. Red Planet has those traffic light right in front of it...its like clock work, walking when the are red...easy as pie... if I ever stay at Quest again, i would take a taxi to Ayala...that underpass crossing gives me the creeps!!!
  11. no idea, not familiar with Tune Hotel
  12. o.k., when ordering food for kids...I recommend asking them not to put their spices on stuff...especially the fries I ordered the steak...they know how to cook a medium steak...and its a nice thick steak ordered a slab of ribs for my kids...with a side of rice...personally, I liked the spices they put on the kids corn on the cobb...but that spice is not for young kids...and the stuff they put on the fries, was not good for any of us some might not like the prices there...but one order of their ribs fed my 3 kids...I had some...and still took some out...they were very tasty...cooked perfectly...highly recommend their ribs (and steak) I love their frozen margarita's...had the electric blue one...thinking of getting myself a wheel chair for my next trip there I have read some negative stuff about this place...but if you know what you want...and tell them how to cook it...they listen and serve you well my one knock on them, they should have brought out some fries for my kids after they complained...it would have been proper protocol IMO...but my kids got stuffed on the ribs with rice...so they did not leave hungry
  13. Abacá Baking Company opens early @ the Ayala Terraces...I do not wear a watch...was the only person in the place...they said they started serving breakfast in a few minutes...I think it was 7 AM... Anyway, much better than McDonald's and Jollibee when staying at Red Planet...not exactly a short walk...but certainly manageable...some stairs walking required as those moving stairs are not operating that early... those fruit tarts and English Breakfast Tea be me favorite
  14. I've stayed @ Red Planet Cebu quite a few times now...think they are worthy of a review Location, a very close walk to Ayala...is the major plus...as it is much less expensive than the Marriott Red Planet hotels are just the basics...no room service (no phone in the room)...no bar or restaurant on the actual premises...no fridge (even upon request) The rooms are extremely clean (by Philippine standards)...I am yet to see a cockroach in the place...no ant issues they do have wifi...and while it is not the internet speed one finds in the states...it is a speed that far exceeds what I am accustomed to living south of Cebu City they have hot water and a shower that actually has some water pressure to go along with that hot water... the a/c situation can be a bit tricky...I recommend one keep the room temp about 22 degrees...if one tries to get 16 degrees out of their a/c units...they tend to freeze up...I have experienced this freeze up issues in so many different rooms there...I have accepted the 22 degrees...I have experienced worse I book through expedia...I find the rates tend to average about 2000 pesos including all those taxes I find that expedia rates are lower than the Red Planet website offers...strange but that is my experience The walk from Red Planet to Ayala, especially at night...is much less creepy than that walk to Quest...which is also very close to Ayala (and also Red Plant)...but one gets the dumb thoughts of trying to cross the road to Ayala (extremely dangerous when drinking)...or worse, walking toward that super duper creepy intersection (still speaking of Quest Hotel) If you are looking for a place...when just spending a night in Cebu...hard to find better value...found the place by accident when in the city during a rain storm (July 2016)...and have returned over a dozen times since because of the convenience...it is nice place to relax after a good meal and drink or two (or three or four) without dealing with the traffic nonsense going home They have a 711 that sells ice for 22 pesos...if you happen to bring a cooler with you Works out nice to have some nice meals..stay the night or two...and head to S & R on a Sunday morning when there are no traffic issue
  15. Marco Polo has had Prime Rib for the Mother's Day Buffet in the past...with Mother's Day coming us...that might be a good shot for you...they use USDA meat... Marriott sometimes uses Australia beef for their prime rib...they did some special ex-pat prime rib dinner in 2016, with USDA beef...