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  1. Nope, not a one, hehehe
  2. Wanted to let everyone know that I returned back to Baton Rouge, LA and the guitar made it thru okay. I did go ahead and get the required CITES permit from the Philippine Gov't just to be on the safe side...Got her home..!!
  3. Hope your right, I'm taking it regardless...
  4. This came in not 30 minutes ago, after an inquiry I made a few days ago....Just FYI.....Not that it matters a this point....I told them if they can provide the permit in less than 10-days to go for it...I sent them the documents they requested. I'll still take it home if I don't get it....Either way I lose it, if I don't hand carry it now.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MR. RODNEY BELL Dear Mr. Bell, x- This pertains to your email dated 12 February 2017 inquiring if a permit is required for the shipment back to the US of your personal guitar made of Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) which was imported into the Philippines in 2012. Please be informed that Dalbergia latifolia is listed under Appendix II of the CITES. As such, international trade (export/import/re-export) of the species except for leaves, flowers, pollen, fruits and seeds must be covered by a CITES Permit issued by this Bureau, it being the Philippine CITES Management Authority for terrestrial species. In this regard, you are advised to please file your CITES Re-Export Permit application with DENR Region-VII, Cebu City for initial evaluation. Kindly attach a photocopy of the official purchase receipt or any document substantiating the legality of the source/acquisition of the guitar as well as import documents, if any. If all the documentary requirements are met after said evaluation, the Region will endorse your CITES Permit application to this Bureau for processing/issuance of Re-export Permit. Processing/issuance of the said Permit by this Bureau will take a maximum of 3 days, provided that all documentary requirements are complete or have been satisfied. Re-export permit and inspection fees in the total amount of PhP400.00 will be paid with DENR Region-VII or this Bureau. Should you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Lorilie R. Salvador of this Bureau’s Wildlife Resources Division though telephone nos. 9258952-53.
  5. Yep, I always loosen the strings before traveling or storing the instrument...Bubble wrap I have a ton of....Thanks
  6. Has anyone here ever traveled from the Philippines to where ever, checking a guitar in as luggage? I'm okay on the weight and size. I'm just wondering if Customs would give you a hard time leaving with one. It's my personal guitar which I shipped here back in 2012 when I moved here. We are moving back to the States on March 2nd. And this is included in my personal effects...It is also made from Appendix II wood which is listed on the CITES list. I purchased this guitar before they added East Indian Rosewood...This does not require a Permit to get into the US, but I'm not sure about getting out of here... Thanks in advance...!
  7. Good Morning All, I purchased a New 2012 L300 back in July 2012....I am trying to calculate the annual depreciation rate of this vehicle so I can price it to sell...Is there a formula, or annual % one would use to do this? New this L300 cost me P742,000. Only has 12,000km on it, sits in our garage all the time, like new...! Tires, everything, hardly any wear... Thanks in Advance...!
  8. We're three blocks north of it..That's 2 times in a month, same place...Glad the wind was blowing to the West...!
  9. I have a 2 year old MayTag Machine which need suspension rod and springs replaced on the tub. Can someone lead me to a place here in Cebu who sells these parts? I've had no luck online finding anything here... Thanks
  10. I hope Duterte includes the BIR and DAR in that, hehehe...Seriously...Man they are slow...!
  11. Yep, that is where I have been going...Thanks
  12. I see...15-20 days is not too bad a turnaround though...I may have to go home in Jan, so I'll have to be careful when I do mine...So I won't get stuck not having it. Take Care...Oh BTW, which office did you have it done? At that Mall....Can't remember where that is...Mandaue maybe
  13. Wow, now that is what I was waiting for...A very precise accounting of how this works for a 13a ....! Awesome....BTW, when was your old card going to expire. Did you wait until the last minute or give it a couple of months...Just curious...Thanks Again, great job!
  14. Noted...My time in the US will probably be from Jan 15 to End of Feb, about 4-6 weeks so I should be okay...I guess it doesn't matter if your without it a couple of weeks, as long as your back here before the expiration date...We're getting ready to move back ti the states early 2017 anyway....Probably March, pending paperwork and sale of this property here in Cebu...So it will be close. I should be out of here by April 3, 2017
  15. Okay just chatted with BI...4-6 weeks waiting time for the new card....And, at the top of the Application where it says, Valid Authorized Stay [DD-MMM-YYYYe.g. she told me to leave it blank since my status is Permanent...Mystery solved...!