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  1. Sound advice wondersailor. Divorce rate for Philippine men was very high also not just white guys ... witnessed my entire QA shop HC-11 Filippina wife divorced for pension, all these Philippine men US Navy happen to retire during my tour from 95-98 and every single one of them lost their wife, this includes our Senior Chief, his wife not only traded him up for a younger white man but got half his pension...smart girls, keep them here. Also ran into another retired chief (white man), his wife wanted him to retire to the Philippines but when I first met him in 95 Imperial Beach route he was really happy he got a job with this bus route, we hit it off good because he was familiar with the USNS Chauvenet he was called to Indonesia to make welding repairs it was grounded on a reef ... anyway before I left ran into him again in 98 and he was very stressed and still driving the bus he told me his wife divorced him and took half his pension.
  2. Tried to PM you ... but there's no option to do that? I don't know Dave Somers, I was TAD off and on from 85 - 87, rescue crewman HSL-31.
  3. Okay I'll PM you.
  4. Monsoon Lol, you won't need all these requirements on #4 if you read each block, it looks tough but it's really not.
  5. Monsoon it's listed as a Quota 13 ... Lol wow I need a job dang but I don't live in Cebu I live on Luzon. I will never turn down a job and I really need one, I have a large family and live on an E6 pension.
  6. You won't need your wife, my wife was a green card holder and with an expired green card living in the Philippines. Reason you won't need the wife is you finish up when you come to the Philippines, still need to get the Permanent Resident card and a few other steps once you fly into NAIA. There's a form you fill out from your wife to the Philippine Consulate (if in the states) and she signs it, I have a copy if you need, here's a link, it could be an old link but it has all the forms I used stateside with the Chicago Philippine Consulate there are 5 cosulates in the states and I don't think these forms are standardized, this one comes with the wife's petion letter. http://www.chicagopcg.com/forms/newimmigrantform.pdf
  7. There are a couple other Visa's that might work for you then, here's a couple to look at: SRRV http://www.pra.gov.ph/main/srrv_program?page=1 http://www.pra.gov.ph/As_in_detailed_SRRV_Explanation_090613_2.pdf SIRV https://www.philembassy.no/consular-services/visa/special-investors-resident-visa-sirv
  8. Monsoon Quota Visa from the PBI website http://www.immigration.gov.ph/visa-requirements/immigrant-visa/quota-visa
  9. thebob, You would need to have the Non-quota 13a Visa for a least 10 years before you could apply for a 13a quota, I'm not sure that the 50 per year is for those that have gone about this the legal way but probably has more to do with, an example basketball players from foreign countries who play for the PBA and want to be a Philippine citizen.
  10. Bob if you need help I'll help you it's called Non-quota Immigrant 13a Visa through marriage and if done in your homeland it's completed but if accomplished here in the Philippines it's called a probationary and adds another year until your labeled permanent. http://www.immigration.gov.ph/visa-requirements/immigrant-visa/non-quota-visa/conversion-to-non-quota-immigrant-visa-by-marriage Your location is Moalboal so you can accomplish all this through a Class A rated Philippine Bureau of Immigration Satellite office in Cebu http://www.immigration.gov.ph/index.php/information/directory-of-transactions Listed by class: http://www.immigration.gov.ph/index.php/faqs/annual-report If you have questions you can also contact the main office from Facebook send them a message or the phone numbers are also listed and they do answer the phones. https://www.facebook.com/officialbureauofimmigration
  11. I obtained my 13a Visa in the US through the mail system with Chicago so no PBI interview but if an expat gets the 13a completed here you have an interview and briefing with an Immigration officer, this is something I never had and I'll be other expats who did this through the mail stateside or possibly other countries.
  12. I was a player and was TAD to the USNS Chauvenet for 6 months out of the year, but finally ran into a cutie that I didn't want or need to look further she was so hot but due to my short time here and I couldn't get stationed in Subic I let her go. No matter what girl I ran into the family was always involved, never had any money it was a never ending constant issue. But married a Philippine lady who was divorced in WA state she wanted kids and we also couldn't have them, she had an operation to tie her tubes after failed pregnancy, we adopted kids but I was still working and so we never really bonded that well ... after my adopted daughter had our grand kids, I sure bonded with both of them and wouldn't change it for the world and I was always against having children.
  13. I hear you about where was I ...Lol... I was my first few years unfamiliar with an online expat forum and paying heavy fines for being late on my 13a Immigrant card and had no clue why it was costing me so much. When I left in 2008 I was also unaware that I had to pay some sort of exit fee with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and when I finally returned 3 years later I was also not aware that I had to leave my Immigrant card here so my wife could check me in so upon my return in 2010, 14,000 pesos in fines for simply not knowing I had to checking in even though I was in the states, it was after that I started searching for answers and asking many questions at the PBI. SkyMan "been there done that" And I know for sure many others get stuck in these fine traps I see them suffer at the PBI main office and Satellite Offices complaining. The fines now have been changed to a maximum of 2000 pesos per year.
  14. 13a Visa card holder, they have a mini immigrant office as you (been a long time) finish paying the airport tax fee, no need to waste money and time traveling to the main Immigration office that's for tourists that have stayed here longer than 6 months and the link I posted has the other issues but none deal with a 13a Visa card holder, its the main reason we get this to make our life just a little easier.
  15. Smokey when I (2008 timeline. 13a Visa) asked the airlines if they could take care of this tax they said I could pay for it with my ticket and when I exited the Immigration zombies got me again and I also had to pay the irritating airport tax.