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  1. That's what I was doing with dry black beans and it went from 6 months to 5 years before I could find them carried again, I checked major grocery chains in Manila and dry black beans not sold, I used to find them at the MOA, Twin Mall in Paranaque and PureGold Grocery in Calamba but now finally I am getting them from South Supermarket in Los Banos Laguna.
  2. Smokey, I've never had good luck dialing any call center for help, I don't do it anymore, I will go into the office but good on you for finding the broken wire, the same thing happened with my DSL connection. Somebody mentioned another telecom, I won't mention their name... Lol, good luck with that other provider and you'll really dread phoning the call center or visiting their offices, there are many reasons I switched to PLDT. It's better if possible to visit the telecom's office, PLDT, they have you fill out a quick information on your visit and issue you a numbered ticket and you can talk to them directly, a call center is always going to be depressing because you think they speak English but they don't it's only a mirage, they know how to answer certain questions and then it gets murky... Been there done that too many times.
  3. Hope all goes well with your permanent resident Visa it should. I use the black local smaller beans and the other varieties for other cooking like beans and ham hocks, these smaller local beans are very reasonably priced and only take a couple hours to cook. My Wife and daughter like the green mongo beans, I can eat those but I'm not a big fan.
  4. But you mentioned you're a tourist and you don't live here, so things are good in the states? Yet many of us live permanent, you think I haven't tried to substitute items, eat local foods nearly every day, it sure gets old.
  5. The prices are high, some items marked up 3 - 4 times what you'd pay in a market and the wage is only 250 - 400 pesos for a 12 hr shift, maybe a little more so they do make money, there's no second shift.
  6. Black beans are really tasty in Burritos but at times hard to find, they now sell them in our area of Luzon so I stalked up on dried black beans. Haven't had pinto beans in a long time, sounds good though, I worked at a mom and spot taco spot during and after high school.
  7. SoarKing, I also enjoy making burritos and tacos, I buy the meats, cheese, lettuce, seasonings, burritos and corn taco shells at the grocery store, usually a grocery store that has imported products, then buy the bell peppers, onions, garlic from the market, but I feel your frustration, sometimes I need to shop at 3 grocery stores to get or find either cheese, tacos or burritos.
  8. Inverters are much cheaper in costs, only 940 watts, my AC unit uses 4,000 watts but and supposed to be an energy saver by Carrier.
  9. The cigars are pricey here and now with the smoking tax even worse, I too used to buy Philippine and other branded cigars online cigarbid.com but that was in the US, you bid your price, I wouldn't want deal with shipping to the Philippines, I also like the Robusto and Double Corona's, I still have my Humidor but it's empty I need to make another long road trip. If you get your cigars at the factory they give a quick tour and you'll see mostly women rolling cigars, placing them in molded wood frames with clamps, these look old, real cool and they also threw in a couple of packages of 5 cigars for free, I was going to use my credit card but this was in 2011 they wanted cash at the time, but since then I noticed that they take credit card orders and delivery in the Philippines, for sure it would be cheaper at the factory though.
  10. I visited this cigar factory a couple years back not too far from me in San Pedro Laguna, Luzon, they gave a tour and I bought some boxes, real nice place, they deliver but unsure if to Cebu. Tabaqueria de Filipinas, Inc. A couple of links. http://tabaqueria.com/about/ https://www.facebook.com/Tabaqueria-de-Filipinas-Inc-79852398329/
  11. I bought a couple games from Steam but the price sure jumped up when I put in my US Credit Card, this happened with another game website.
  12. The only positive would be a tablet and you can relax or lay down but batteries never last like cell phones, I too have had enough of tablets and cell phones, I won't touch laptops either, impossible to fix, a laptop is a throwaway item, I now use desktops.
  13. I got the $30,000 in 88, sure was cool having that kind of money and single.
  14. Roger the beets, I don't put as much water in pot and slice them, add butter, salt and it comes out good. The turnips... Wow, haven't had those in 7 years, my mom would boil those and then mash them up and add creamer and butter, animal crackers sound good!
  15. Photo of millions of pesos and the checks were 29 million.