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  1. You will be locked up and held liable and until the blood money is paid and then I'd move to another country.
  2. I recently had one of my desktop drives wiped clean and had them install a new operating system it cost me 500 pesos and it came with games.
  3. Impossible to enforce, so many poor people and the only way they can afford to get to the malls or visiting is on a motorcycle all 3 - 5 of them and they wouldn't be able to pay the fines, this law might be designed for 1st and 2nd class provincial areas but for sure no one will enforce such nonsense.
  4. Nice to hear I'm not the only having issues at my local LTO nea Sta Cruz Laguna, I don't want to mention the actual spot, but I've also been reminded by several other expats how well their LTO works, that's not my case because if I don't use the fixer I'll get stuck with gloomy, lackadaisical, grumpy faces, long waiting periods between windows, that lunch break (one cashier my GOD) more than one fixer getting up to the window 9 times before I get called and hard to hear or understand the megaphone announcements, I had to stop the madness and hire the fixer, it's the design and lucrative for many. Positive notes on this LTO located in the vicinity of Sta Cruz Laguna, is that I remember what a rat hole it used to be over 10 years ago as compared to what it looks like now, it's still a rat hole but larger and more open the building is a very old dump so maybe it has more to do with lack of government funding to enhance, modernize and upgrade some of these LTO offices.
  5. Poby that is bizarre she is a Philippine citizens. I had to show my passport and plane ticket it was a hassle, but I had an in-law helping he also works as a fixer, so hopefully you have one of these? Remember the squeaky wheel or in this case the red tape wheel has to be greased, hint hint, wink wink.
  6. Pobe you mentioned you don't like dogs but that is man's best friend he can hear everything, one of the best devices for early warning, all that other stuff is fancy and stuffy electronics can't compete with a barking dog with super hearing. Also if the wall is high and you can't see from the outside it becomes a much larger danger for you and your family, no witnesses for sure and nobody can see inside your compound, I'd make sure you have steel barred windows and a real heavy duty door, make happy with your neighbors they are your secondary life support.
  7. Pedestrian crossing lines ... does anyone know what they are for? It's sometimes dangerous to stop for people at these pedestrian crossings because next the people behind you will go around your vehicle on both sides, I stopped once because a young lady was crossing with her baby and this motorcycle nearly hit her and he kept going the lady sort of laughed it off. I was taking care of my cars registrations in front of the LTO and walking on their pedestrian crossing with a police car parked to the side and nearly got killed by an owner jeepney he was honking like a nut the entire time. Elderly people with no observered cross walks struggle the most I see them raise their hands and yet no stopping, I stopped yesterday for two elderly men begging to cross and the heat has been extreme lately.
  8. Standing inline at a Sari sari store and the clerk behind the counter ignores me and then an elderly lady some how fits in front of me and orders, she actually had to nudge me in order to fit at the window, she looks back at me and didn't seem worried about what she had just did then this guy also comes to the same window orders a cigarette he gets priority for sure, I'm not sure if I stood there any longer I think walked away.
  9. I'm not gonna drink anymore and for sure I wouldn't be hanging out at any bars in this region, we used to do that, I guess if I was single maybe. I've never seen that many foreigners in one spot, I've been here 7 years and this includes the LTO.
  10. shush... Lol, I have run into a few but most of them are Mormons and it's all about religion I don't want to get involved the other's I see in Los Banos but they keep to themselves the will not engage in conversation.
  11. You live in one of the largest tourist traps in the Philippines, (you asked) I live in region 4 and our city is listed as a 4th class Municipality, Angeles is listed as highly urbanized and the Pampanga Province is listed as 1st Class, there must many expats and foreigners living there, I am the only expat living in a Municipality of 33,000 plus people, I took those training wheels off decades ago.
  12. I see kids driving trikes and motorcycles carelessly, one of our in-laws younger boys had an accident 2 days ago he was racing around with two other kids an he wiped out and he was the one that hit his head on the pavement, from what they told my wife he is in serious condition. Spitting or making the loud spitting sound is also used as an insult.
  13. SkyMan I had my passport with me and exit and entrance stamps, the PBI will not look at your passport they will only fine you for not checking in ... Lol. I know I was fined 14,000 pesos (Manila PBI) for being gone 3 years, they won't accept any excuses and if you check the PBI site they now limit the fines to 2,000 pesos per year back in 2010 that wasn't the case so my fine was more like 4,600 pesos per year.
  14. Marty I'm sure someone will give advice on this but you can use a PBI Satellite office listed as a Class "A" here's a couple short cuts one with the offices listed by class. http://www.immigration.gov.ph/index.php/faqs/annual-report http://www.immigration.gov.ph/index.php/information/directory-of-transactions
  15. I'm retired and it don't matter where you live eventually you have to face riff raff, I like that term. It's lonely back in the states and I have my wife, adopted kids and now grand kids so I'm here to stay and get along and like you mentioned stay away from the riff raff and that's what I've been doing.