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  1. Sorry dude but I still wouldn't sell or pimp out my kid. The majority don't in the situation you described.
  2. Are all the neighbors tapped in? lol I know that happens with electricity.
  3. Expatforum.com has a forum for every country in the world practically.
  4. To get this fiber did you change providers? Sounds like you're on a different SMTP domain now to me for outlook to just stop working. Edit: never mind I'm looking at it as you're accessing a provider's mail client with Outlook. If accessing webmail like yahoo or Gmail the SMTP domain should be the same.
  5. SM is 11 bucks a six in my area in Ohio. So I pass and drink Tecate Light. A 12 is the same price and tastes similar.
  6. Would think you'd need a product like this. https://www.hidemyass.com/software/routers
  7. The line jumping drove me insane when we'd go to Camp John Hay and the pay the extra 5 or 10 bucks for preferred seating on the base van and it wasn't enforced. Now when I visit the PI I'm like whatever, why let stupid shit ruin my buzz lol
  8. I'm thinking death by publicly televised firing squads.
  9. Shit, my wife would either never leave the house or make us move lol. We're rental hunting and it's the first question she asks the leading agents lol
  10. Besides the hidden behind a cabinet part they can't have a holding cell in the station?
  11. Media talking shit, same as when they reported the Iraqi Republican Guard was invincible. We all saw what happened there.
  12. I use the same combo along with eztv like salty...and some piratebay mixed in.
  13. After seeing how thorough Oz immigration is on the show Border Control(?) you never know!
  14. Could've gone so many ways as I assume they were armed with maybe a 60 on the deck.
  15. I remember to this day how we had to get out of a jeepney over 50 centavos lol