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  1. There's one called El Chapo now. Watched episode one and pretty good.
  2. Why my wife started watching Indian series on Netflix, kinda like a PI soap opera without that stuff. Most impressive thing about those old movies to me is when a scene shows 1000s of people in battle it's really 1000s of people in battle, not a special effect.
  3. Its more and more odd things like this occurring in the world that's turning me into a conspiracy nut....
  4. We send nephews on the bus and ferry with the boxes, while we fly.
  5. Now US enemies know they can stop spending money on high tech and just get some container ships. Cat's out of the bag!! 😋 (And I just read dustybookends post, beat me to it)
  6. Or give the terminators your address. It is cool to rebuild an Android device and everything pops up and works, even your WiFi password.
  7. Had to look again as that could've been me...but listen to harder than Metallica 😀
  8. I know people that seriously believe Google will eventually become Skynet and take over the world.
  9. I use roboform...free till you want to save more than 10. I've got 60 or so, even my Pizza Hut logon is there lol
  10. Sorry dude but I still wouldn't sell or pimp out my kid. The majority don't in the situation you described.
  11. Are all the neighbors tapped in? lol I know that happens with electricity.
  12. Expatforum.com has a forum for every country in the world practically.
  13. To get this fiber did you change providers? Sounds like you're on a different SMTP domain now to me for outlook to just stop working. Edit: never mind I'm looking at it as you're accessing a provider's mail client with Outlook. If accessing webmail like yahoo or Gmail the SMTP domain should be the same.
  14. SM is 11 bucks a six in my area in Ohio. So I pass and drink Tecate Light. A 12 is the same price and tastes similar.
  15. Would think you'd need a product like this. https://www.hidemyass.com/software/routers