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  1. I thought there was gonna be a punchline lol...but what you said is so true. Took me longer than 8 years but luckily I figured it out before screwing it up.
  2. Didn't realize Sling TV was for one device only...will checkout Vue. Not in the PI but refuse to pay cable prices.
  3. What's the difference between blowing up as a carry on or checked luggage...I guess they don't think it can be activated if checked?
  4. @salty dog Show them how to use Waze and they really get out and go lol
  5. Isn't there enough time for her to order and receive on Lazada prior to coming over?
  6. The old Eat Bulaga guy of Tito, Vic, and Joey fame is a senator?
  7. Scientific and performance properties of aluminum might be better but wood just feels better psychologically for some reason.
  8. Also with Turbo Tax for $60 you can purchase audit protection. Saved my son in law's ass with his online business' tax filing one year.
  9. Did they give you tracking numbers? With most places you can check online if a legit service. It's possible they've been sitting in Cebu for awhile waiting for a truck to your area to fill up. To add: look online for a PI phone number for the company, then you're in their time zone.
  10. I'm a Windows user and can use an iPhone or iPad all day but tried a Mac in a hotel business center for kicks and was completely lost.
  11. Sausage gravy makes everything awesome lol
  12. Wanted to ask in other threads happening now but thought I'd make a new topic. If the person is ambulatory what keeps them from walking away from a PI hospital without settling the bill? Especially when you can't settle anyway if that office is closed? Do they call the PNP? So if one goes to the emergency room when that office is closed you're stuck till it reopens? My one experience is with an emergency room in AC. Went around 9pm, had x-rays, got bandaged up, and paid and left. So in that case there was a way to pay at night. Was funny though that before each thing was done my wife had to pay something prior to each being performed. Luckily minor so just a couple 100P each time, 1000P total. That part I liked, probably $1200 in the US.
  13. He might go on eBay himself for the code and upcharge it lol, but whatever works!
  14. Let me rephrase.....American adults and patriots have hope again.
  15. We paid 1000p to unlock a Samsung at a place in SM Clark. Probably could've save a couple bucks shopping around but was more about the convenience at the time. I've unlocked dozens of BlackBerrys on eBay for $5 or less each.