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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. My wife does the same here, "but honey it was on sale" "but darling we do not need it"
  2. Damn, twelve pages of to tip or not to tip...who would have thunk it....and why would you care?
  3. Hope he dont bring that fat ass wife he's got..the neighborhood would really go down then
  4. Not really...
  5. Wonder if they could magically escape Bohol and end up in Tacloban...I have some in-laws that a million pesos would be worth a hell of a lot more than they are..
  6. I did that when I bought the Ford...didnt want to carry that much cash so got a managers check...zero problems
  7. I know for sure you can get it in Tacloban if that helps
  8. When she told me, I thought she had taken leave of her brain...but the wifey takes laundry soap and mixes it with water...spreads it around where there are ants...in a few days...no ants...so what she does is instead of dumping the laundry water...she applys it where she needs to kill aunts...the counters..the porch..wherever and it works..why not a clue...why look a gift horse in the mouth
  9. Hell unless he is dead, and I guess I would have heard...its has
  10. Ill just hold in a fart for them
  11. I dont know for sure, but I think you can get one just by going to BOI, but the thing is, I have waited for months for mine to come...and also had them not come even by the time I had to get a new one...Its hit and miss...I never worried about it as my bank accounts have been established for years...I use BPI and have for years..zero problem..have you considered trying a different branch...what I know for certain is that even though they are all BPI the mangers have a considerable leeway in how they do business...my wife just told me there is a voluntary ACR card...
  12. Yea you will have to forgive me, I still have a hell of a resentment for all those holy rollers that left..going "Praise God we were delivered" then those of us that stayed had to help "doctor" those who could not get help...while the ones that left sent messages to their congregation asking for relief..... Easy...get one...
  13. Whatever you say Bill. How many times have people had their credit cards or atm cards shut down or expire while here without even realizing it, I had that happen to me with my US Citibank atm card one year in April, it expired while here and had I not had local accounts with sufficient money in them then I might have been on the street corners with a cup lol, it seems Philippine ATM cards do not expire while US credit and atm cards do expire. I suggest everyone keep their expiration dates in mind as it can take days or weeks to get a new card. As for it being unlikely the machines are down for a long period of time, we are talking about the Philippines right, not the US where things usually get fixed fairly quickly, do you and others remember years ago when the international lines went down for weeks, it can happen and did happen, what says it will not happen yet again. Anyway each of us has to do what makes us comfortable, I am more comfortable making sure that I have many ways to get money, how much a person keeps here is also up to them, I sure as heck am not telling people they have to have US $10,000 here but sufficient money for any emergency that might come their way, for each of us that might be different... Keep it in a coffee can, bury it in the pig lot...wad it up and stick it down the barrel of your shotgun...a smart guy has access to money...and Lee is correct, 10k usd should cover all emergency's...and at least get you started...btw 10k is about a half million pesos...and most here never see that in ten years...
  14. Some did and some did not, quite frankly...the ones that (left) did had zero respect when they returned (a lot of missionary's, and other feel good types) from both the expats that stuck it out and the locals. We had a free ticket as the Marine Corp aircraft that did 90% of the evacuating were from the unit (VMGR 152) that I retired from. Not to mention my son came here from Cotobato with the 1st SF Group ....As time went on, I was proved correct by staying here...now when a Filipino finds out I stayed their eyes get big and they are amazed...so for making points we did...sometimes shared hardship makes better friends than all the money and other stuff in the world...now seven months without power and other cool things sucked...but in the end...it separated the wheat from the chaff. We restored communication when we went to Cebu and the wife bought one of those pocket things that could get a signal about four months in...the very cool thing about Yolanda is it brought people together that otherwise would have never said a word to each other...and most of those friendships are on going/