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  1. Ya got me thinking about flat roofs and oki construction this is typical of the houses and apartments there Notice fairly small windows and usually sliding board shutters with what in the states are called bugler bars
  2. I was thinking as simple as changing or cleaning the filters...but google has a bunch on it https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=automatic+transmission+clutch+disk&oq=automatic+clutch+disk&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0.13419j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  3. Exactly how I plan on building our house in the province...must have been through 50 Super Typhoons on Okinawa,plus Yolanda and more here, pull the shutters, shut the door and stay put...after its over go outside and clean up the yard...no problem...actually most if my ideas come from Japan...those folks on Oki have it nailed
  4. Not if you take a few minutes (or days, weeks, months,years) to grow shade trees, construct disposable bamboo structures on the flat concrete with nipa roofs on them, then the flat indestructible concrete roof makes a great place to hang out, have a couple of drinks, play with the wife, dry clothes or any of a thousand uses... when the big winds come sure you will loose some of it depending on the wind...but its a negligible expense...I also found that the people here that built their roofs out of class a wood fared much better than those that used the steel roof construction...when I looked closely to what made them fail, it was stuff like piss poor welds, pulled through rivets, screws and other means of attachment. (same results were noted when Andrew hit Florida) So for me, unless you are in an area you do not have to worry about wind...I would not use anything steel fabricated here. JMHO
  5. If you look you can find a used XRM very cheap, half or less of what you would pay new, Shadow hit it on the head about depreciation of China bikes...somebody sold an almost new China version of your XR200 here to my BIL the other day for 15K...go with the XRM IMHO
  6. Was not sure exactly what he meant by double, in Beaufort when I was there they use to call a roof that one side looked like the picture a hip roof...but what I can tell you is after Yolanda I and a friend of mind surveyed the damage all the way down the coast...maybe 60 km down....and the only roofs that did not have damage were hip roofs....or flat concrete ones...
  7. Well I have lived here for seven years so I guess that qualify s me to answer.. 1. Pretty much if your downtown, most can at least understand you, some can actually respond back, I do not have much trouble being understood..You should not have much trouble with or in businesses but remember, trike drivers and the like are not the most educated people you will meet... 2. Its not, if you plan on just stepping off the plane and immediately finding somewhere to live you will be sorely disappointed. I highly suggest if you know somebody here and have a date you will be arriving get them to find you a place, at least temporarily ...you can always stay in a pension house until you find a place..I have moved twice in seven years, in process of moving the third time...there is no organized housing market here..you drive around and look for signs...If you have FB search "Buy and sell, Tacloban" sometimes you can find stuff there. When I decided to move to the place we are moving to, I had the entire family looking for signs for places to rent, My wife accidentally saw one on a trip to an adjacent town and stopped and asked...just got lucky.. You can also ask at the different hotels if they have long term discounts..ie. for a month or so...most do here but the prices differ so ask around... 3. There are a few American or imported items in the local SM and at the Robinson's mall...but they are not consistent...my policy is if you see it buy it as it will not be there again for months...I have been known to buy thirty cans of baked beans lol.....Ive been her long enough to have a car, we make monthly/bi monthly trips to Cebu to just go to the S&R there...load the car up and come home... Its about two hours to Ormoc, you can take a van there (p120) and then take the super cat to Cebu, buy your stuff and reverse the procedure as bring stuff home on the plane would be too expensive..or for that matter fly there, 40 minutes, and take the boat back...There are a few cabs here, its a new thing since Yolanda, you will see some when you get off the plane, mostly vans, get the drivers cp number..its handy to know somebody you can call...you will not just walk out to the street and hail a cab....I would suggest after you get boots on the ground get a small bike...you will need something or you will be limited to jeepneys, trikes and pedicabs..your choice. You do not have enough post to PM me but you might ask Paul to wave that for you, PM me if you care to, Ill do my best to help....
  8. Have just one question, did the troops laugh?
  9. I went to Paris Island in 1967....the DI's that trained me would be turning over in their graves if they read this shit....the whole damn world has turned into a bunch of libtard snowflakes...
  10. dont forget the carpet bombs and the fuel air bombs
  11. Thanks Bill...I would not have known that...I only spent five years there, you know how slow jarheads are
  12. If what I see about Trumps Middle East visit plays out...I imagine a lot of the terrorist are finally going to get their virgins..and the fact DU30 finally quit trying to have a dialog with the ones down south and is finally doing something pleases me to no end...you can only exterminate cock roaches by killing every last one of them..
  13. Yea but if you move south a bit there are all those politically correct AF types...dropping their cupcake wrappers .