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  1. When they built the septic tank for the piggery in the province..they just dug a three foot wide, five foot long hole in the ground..I had to make them make it larger and run a crude drain fill...here where I live all the tank is is a large rectangle lined with concrete block with the bottom open....when we first moved into this place, I had to have the tank drained and dug out some..
  2. Pretty good explanation of what when down here https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/22/world/europe/uk-westminster-parliament-shooting.html
  3. If you can find it, put corn meal in a bucket with the shell fish...they eat the meal and purge the shit stuff...add ice to keep them alive....
  4. Only if you were raised in a county where the government takes care of you from cradle to grave..
  5. hmm Paul one more made a dead mans power cord and another one use 2 switches, hmmm how easy is it to forget the line switch or someone else starts the generator and do not flip the mains switch/breaker line man dead ? Some folks have the common sense to manage all that...of course some do not
  6. Thats the best way, I just used what I had....did the same in the states..
  7. Not this house but the one before where we lived during Yolanda, I hard wired the generator into the house between the Main Breaker and the rest of the box..that way I could just open the main breaker to prevent current going to the street...another breaker switch in line with the Generator and I was in business...just left it in the garage pre-wired..if you need it, throw the main breaker switch, crank it, then throw the inline switch...easy peasy.. Originally had a 7500 watt..Chinese generator..had to re-do it several times as it was made for shit...ended up getting a Honda 3500 and letting my friend at the garage use the large one for welding...NOTE: If you wire your breaker box, you can then selectively power stuff just by throwing breakers, like the aircon at night...the reefer during the day...if your generator will not power the entire house at once...
  8. Damn, at least hit him up for a few beers....
  9. Actually as I would not need his money, I would much prefer the two up on the motorcycle take.
  10. Most any honda dealer will order one for you, the larger shops usually have them in stock
  11. Bet Tommy's .45 barks louder...sometimes that is the only talking you need to do
  12. Maybe he just wants to do whats right....no matter what it takes....sadly, not many folks like that left...
  13. Just curious how you can live in Cebu and not have a grasp on this? The Lims are known even in our little burg.