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  1. Wife and I usually use 2Go out of Ormoc to get to Cebu...but when she takes the car she goes somewhere out of Hilongos I think..I dont like long ferry rides so I never go...personally I would rather fly the PAL Turboprop out of Tacloban but she always complains it cost too much money...
  2. X brace the gate...will give a temporary fix...eventually you will have to replace the gate as its only made of coca wood and bamboo...usually not much more than a couple of years life span
  3. Ive got one I use regular and he is very good but at the moment I'm unable to get into FB to find him...there has been several previous threads about this subject and I have put the number there before...this guy knows all of cebu and on one occasion we used his van (just me and him) to go drinking. Ive been to his house and know the family...great people...just search the forum for his number...look for the response with my avatar
  4. Found a bad picture of the bow damage
  5. Hell I did it to my now X wife while I was in Afghanistan on a larger of the many reasons she became my X wife
  6. its not treating them like children, its a test to see if they are basically honest...I do it and so do a lot of folks I know. You would be suprised at how many "forget" to give you the change
  7. A close look will find both wing mount and a pylon mount radar, this is one of the boats out of Ormoc
  8. Last time I took that same route, 2Go Ormoc to Cebu they did, if you ride business class they will let you check out the bridge, at least they let me...
  9. Im always amazed that in all that water two large craft can manage to hit each they never look at their radar? So the radar is down, its shitty weather, reduce speed and post a lookout...WTF....and yeah, I know its the Philippines,,
  10. And there in lies the secret ....I also bubble wrap the neck and pack bubble wrap inside the body...try to make sure it cant move in the hard case...
  11. This was pretty good..
  12. If Central Visayas is third who is one and two?
  13. Wife just came back from the Downtown Market, this is what she said ....Was old unexploded ordnance, someone found it and the Police set it she said, no big deal, they find old ordnance here all the time...not sure how accurate this is but can tell you she was there at the time and didnt even bother to mention it to me...