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  1. If word got out he was moving there and taking them with him, Mexico would be the ones building the wall.
  2. I think he is showing them how it works. I'm surprised he got his fat ass in there.
  3. If your going to ship a "Shipping Container Pool" from the United States to Cebu would you ship it with or without the water per-filled?
  4. Does anything here make sense? Thats what makes it more fun in the Philippines.
  5. I was at SM Seaside today and when I parked along the exterior wall I noticed they were doing some earthwork behind the mall. It looks to me like they are building a motocross track. Anybody know anything about this?
  6. If I am going to be uncomfortable and miserable during the 12 hour flight back to the US, not to mention the 4+ hours to Soul Korea and the layover there. I'm going to make sure everyone around me including the flight attendants get a good part of it. Not me to the point I will get thrown off the plane or got banned, Just enough to ruin their day. YES, it makes me feel better knowing I have touched others during our brief meeting. my idea of being kind and generous on the flight would be to give our cholocates with a laxative in them. Now that would be entertaining during a long flight.
  7. I agree wholeheartedly, I could give a rats ass about anyone else on the aircraft except maybe the flight crew up front. And with them its limited to them getting ME to MY destination on time without flying through any turbulence so I can sleep. And flight attendants, please keep your voices down during your announcements and only wake me if your ready to serve me food, drinks, water or we are at our destination.
  8. DAMN, A Filipina with wit and humor. She sounds like a keeper no matter what she looks like. Is she single? in response to a statement like that most Filipinos would just stare at you like a deer caught in the headlights.
  9. I really doubt it was due to the CR's being INOP. If they were inoperative, the passengers would have just gone to the back of the plane and pissed on the floor. For those passengers from Australia the Captain or any male flight attendant would have demonstrated.
  10. R.I.P. Sad way to go out of this world. But really doesn't surprise me living in this sewer.
  11. They wanted to name it after their fearless leader, but the name "FAT BOY" was already used on the bomb used on Nagasaki, Japan. And their bomb, (like their President and fearless leader) would probably just go "PUFF" anyway because they are both full of hot air and not much else.
  12. I'm sure a lot of his top Generals would like to do the same. But knowing it would be instant death for them and their families they are probably scared to even entertain the thought.
  13. I believe the TV may be the same kind you see on display in the furniture stores. And if you turned it on you would get the same picture that's on the screen now, BLACK & no sound. ALL FAKE. The box is also something they probably printed up. Are they trying to pass this off as typical apartment in Notrg Korea? Maybe the DMZ is really to keep all the people in the south from flocking into the north to freedom and prosperity.
  14. There have been some real famous cases throughout history where someone has been pronounced dead only to wake up and walk around. The Jews are still baffled about one such case that happened over 2,000 years ago.