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  1. I like the chicken hot dogs I get here that have the clear plastic covering over them. its like rolling off condom before heating and eating.
  2. Maybe I need to quit barking like a dog when I see a male Filipino pissing on the street, power pole. Car tire, whatever. Me dog has better pissing habits than the average Filipino. Good way to get myself killed.
  3. They know if they get out on bail they will never see them again.
  4. I agree with shadow, SELL IT. With the money you save by not shipping it, and the little you get from disposing of excess "stuff", you can buy here. Besides, you will find that most of your "stuff" really won't go good here. And the houses, apartments, condos are much smaller here than in the States. You also want money set aside for an exit plan. Now you may think this is the land of milk and honey, but actually living here is a lot different than visiting. Six months or a year change your perspective, (sometimes good, sometimes BAD). I doubt anyone living here will deny that. And do have a exit plan in place.
  5. Me too. The best kind. DEAD
  6. I'm no Bible Thumper, but the simple answer is YES, you should refrain from eating pork. As well as bottom dwellers from the sea. It's spelled out fairly clear in the Bible those foods that are considered "clean" foods and those that are "unclean".
  7. Yesterday the pumper truck was in my neighborhood pumping out a couple of septic tanks. Does anyone know where they despise of this quality stuff? I know at home they dump at a sewage treatment plant. Something that does not exist here. I hope that don't use it for fertilizer in the rice fields. They can't be that stupid, (or can they?).
  8. Or the traffic officer was just trying to get a P 500.00 bribe to buy lunch.
  9. They should try it again with a couple of propane bottles and light them up while it's spinning. Let "stupid" fix itself.
  10. Seems like road rage is getting more and more pervasive here. Makes me feel like I'm back home in Southern California. Only thing missing are the long drawn out high speed car chases on the TV every couple of nights.
  11. These Romanians may be good at setting up and concealing these electronic skimming devices. But beyond that they don't seem to be to bright. i hope they like old stale rice with lots of cockroaches both alive and dead. Because where they are going that will probably be there diet for quite some time.
  12. If they can't show a good source of their income for the new car, expensive condo pmt. etc, etc. And from what they found in the condo. GUILTY, (by association or otherwise). This is the Philippines after all.
  13. Next we will read he died of "natural causes".
  14. Anyone who has driven across the state of Texas knows that he is right. The earth is flat. And 80 % of it is TEXAS.