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  1. I live in the Province and every where i go. People want to take pictures with me. So friendly and respectful. Want to talk and have nothing but good to say about Americans.
  2. Friend of mine also had the radioactive rods put in. Everything is back to normal for him.
  3. CKFM. Yes it is that easy. Wife had to require her Ph. citizenship at the Ph. consulate in Washington DC. Took the oath. Travel many times in and out of the Ph. Never had a problem and do not foresee any problem. Daughter got her citizenship and pass port at the same time as wife.
  4. My 11 yrs. old have dual citizenship. We live in the Philippines. Only tax paid is the normal airport tax which is about P700.00. Exiting she show both passports. Upon entering the US. She show the U.S. passport only. Leaving the US she show the US passport only. Entering the Ph. she show both passport. Only problem might be the expiration date on her Ph. passport. Not sure how that works. Some airlines collect the airport fee when ticket is purchase. Hope this helps. Oh she could probably renew her passport while in the US.
  5. When i was a child six years old. Living in the back woods and coming from the grocery store one late evening at dusk. Saw this woman up ahead, carrying a basket on her head. Going in my direction. Me happy for the company ran up behind her. She turn her head to look at me. Her eyes were like blazing fire. Very mad looking. Just then as she reached under over head canopy of big trees where it was dark and eerie she vanished in thin air. I almost had a heart attack. Ran back to where i was coming from. Not an optical elusion. That was real. Maybe a ghost, evil spirit. I do not know. Most of you guys might say B..S. But i know what i saw was real.
  6. Our child has dual U.S. and Philippines citizenship with both pass port. Traveling out of the Ph. with my wife she showed both passport. No exit clearance or other signed document needed. Upon entering the U.S. she show her U.S. passport only. Reentering the Ph. She showed both passport. That's it, no problem, no hassle. Hope this helps.
  7. Well most young people do not even know what they want or how to go about achieving it. With my two daughters i insisted they stay at home until they finished college, which i payed for. They both had part time jobs while in college. Graduated and is doing well. Now my son was a different kind. Decided to leave college after one semester and follow his girl friend out of state. Told him , you are on your own. He eventually went back to college which he paid for but it took him many years longer. He got a late start as far as career was concern but he learnt his lesson. Some kids will listen but others do not want to be advised. Part of growing up i guess.
  8. Really sad about how some unscrupulous foreigners take advantage of the poor Filipinas here. We live in the province of Luzon. My wife have a niece who is about 22 yrs. old. So we got a call to go and meet her niece's Canadian boyfriend who just came to marry her. Well this guy was a fat hairy Iranian man of over sixty yrs. old. So i am sitting there with the girls relatives, all women plus my wife and MIL. Guy never shuts up. Bad mouthing America blah blah. I just got up and walked away. Wife told her niece not to marry the guy. We could see through this guy. Girl relatives got angry with her and basically said not to interfere in their affair. This guy was a muslim so he was able to arrange a quick marriage using the muslim laws i assumed. So they got married within seven day after he was here. Cheap bastard even stayed at the girls house eventhough the accommodation was not good. Stayed here for three weeks, screw his brains out and had a good time. Time for him to leave and they took the bus to Manila along with the girl (his wife) and her mom. Stayed overnight in Manila in order to catch the early flight out. Guy would not even book a cheap hotel, stayed in the mall until closing time then spend the rest of the night on the bench outside the mall. So he left, over one year now and not even a phone call, nada, nothing. Luckily she did not get pregnant. This guy is the typical sex tourist but more than that, now she is a married woman with no husband and this can even make her prospect of getting a husband harder. Even though we warn her, she did not listen. Being poor and desperate is a big factor why these women get taken advantage of.
  9. We have joint bank accounts and we both have ATM cards. My wife have a free reign on spending. No need to give her allowance. She buys what we need. She always tells me if she plan on buying anything out of the ordinary. So far i am happy with the way she handles money. Maybe because she lived in the US for eight years that taught her how to budget somewhat.
  10. Now i know why some adults sleep through the long flight. Me i cannot sleep for more than maybe 30 minutes. I always fly Delta economy and the seats are always not comfortable. Flew Cathay Pacific once and i love it.
  11. We seldom eat fast food and i for one is very careful what i eat outside the home. Once my wife got typhoid and was hospitalised. She is one of the cleanest person i know and always wash her hands and use sanitiser. When soft drinks are served in restaurants i am sure they do not wash the top of the cans. Just open and pour. Wiping the top is not good enough, It should be washed. Most restaurant helpers are not properly trained. Most often they do not know how to properly wipe a table clean. They often take a soil cloth and spread over the mess like water and spilt drinks etc. Then they wipe, spreading the stuff all over the table. This make the table more dirty. When i first came here six years ago i often got stomach problems and colds but that was when we lived in the family compound. Since we moved to our new place away from the mayhem life is much better and no one got sick. Knock on wood.
  12. Mass suicide. Maybe they needed a bigger home?
  13. Take anything say here with a grain of salt. As the saying goes. Guys will poke you to see your reaction. No point in getting pissed and ruin your day. Life too short be happy.
  14. I can see a loan which is self liquidating, not a bad deal. Other than that i would stay away from the banks here. They will foreclose in an instant. Was joking with the wife about taking a loan from the bank. She said NO WAY. hahaha. Then everyone in the town would know our business.
  15. I already build my large house, just the way i want it to be. Large rooms, many bathrooms and open look. Not behind a high wall. Can see outside 360 deg. Not in a sub division. No plan on selling as i know it will be my home until i pass on. The house is Mediterranean style. We love our home and it is our pride and joy. We have one daughter and it will be hers one day. We have large family who visit maybe twice a year, only for a few days at a time. Better to enjoy the little money i have now, than to leave it in the bank not knowing who will spend it and how it will be spent.