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  1. Like others, I do NOT want to leave my passport, ESPECIALLY at an office that's got problems and trying to prove a point. I normally use the JCentre BI Office. I want to see what alternatives there are until this mess gets sorted. As near as I can see the ONLY BI office in Cebu is the one at [Gaisano Mactan Island Mall, Annex Bldg. Pajo, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015] . Anyone get a visa extension there within the last month? Can it be completed normally in a day. Just out of interest.. Is the field office in Bacolod or Dumaguette having same issue?
  2. Ironic timing this.. My 6 year old son is having "soiling" problems which we believe are caused simply by him not taking the time to "void" properly, so we are trying to help him with some better routines, a small change in diet, and some awareness. So I sit down with him this morning and start a conversation with "do you know what poop is".. and he answered confidently.... "yes.. It's sh*t". Sigh.. at least he was enthusiastic.
  3. I was in the ground floor café at the Sarosa hotel in Cebu City the morning of the Bohol quake in 2013. My main memory at the time was of "Oh SH*T I need to get out from under 10 floors of Philippine concrete.".. Makes you move fast. Couple hours later I had to go back inside to retrieve my stuff from the room. The aftershocks made it a nervous time. Cracks on the walls in the room.. but no other signs of damage.
  4. Doesn't sound like the project is an unqualified GO. Sounds like it's a "GO.. if we still have the money after we buy the 80 to 100 hectares we need, and complete a feasibility study". And how long will that take? Don't hold your breath to actually LAND on this new runway within the next 5 years. likely 10.
  5. Generally speaking the entire job hunting experience is also made MUCH more difficult by the hoops and hurdles that some employers put in front of students such as the need for a list of Requirements (documents) as part of job application package. I think you can help the boy by putting together an application package that consists of his resume/biography, his degree, NSO/PSA birth certificate, NBI clearance, and whatever else is commonly asked for, and get some copies made. If he was in Cebu.. I'd suggest he go to visit the Tsunishi shipyards in Balamban and apply at various employers there. I'd suggest he try at various engineering firms (Google to find). I KICK myself literally because I met by chance the president of one of the larger labor contractors there when he was out for his Sunday bike ride a few weeks back.. and I did NOT get his contact information. If his English is decent, the call centres would likely interview him.. and they are screaming for new hires. Problem is, if his parents are poor, the need to travel to employers, and the need for Requirements, puts a HUGE hurdle in front of the boy. He needs help to get to the places he needs to be at, and to have the papers he needs to submit. This hurdle is so large that many don't make it over the hurdle, and end up underemployed locally. Doesn't help that many graduates are still pretty damn shy, and have a huge problem knocking on a strange door and opening it to walk in and say "Hi.. My name is xxx". It's a LOT easier to wait tables. And yes.. he'll have to be a board passer. Without that his degree is not relevant.
  6. Agree.. but isn't there also a delay of some days of you aren't at the same office where it was registered before? It's that delay that would hurt OP since he's not here for long.
  7. Which LTO office was the registration done at? You can extend the registration at ANY LTO office, but if it's not the "home" office for the CR (where the bike was registered) then it takes some days longer to get it done. Since you aren't here long this may, or may not, matter to you.
  8. Dumb idea.. why not try again.. but when you get there just walk right by the info guy (and his road blocks) and go to the window and ask them.. and if they ask why so long.. say you came some months before but always "no stock.. no plastic".
  9. To add to the confusion.... I renewed my own PI drivers license in May 2016 (Danao LTO), and got the same piece of paper (Official Receipt), and was told to come back later. So I came in August.. "sorry sir.. no plastic".. and again in October.. "sorry sir still no plastic". Then I too was out of the country for 3 months. Then on Tuesday this week I went back to the Danao LTO office to see if I could get the plastic.. Give them the OR at Window 2 sir.. No questions.. and 10 minutes later I was on my way with my new plastic License.. No.. that's not right.. maybe it was 6 minutes. It was FAST.. like the card must have already been printed. No issues at all.. and I am not even here this time on 13A or Balikbayan.. I'm here this time on tourist visa. Too late now.. but when asked why did I take so long to come back a good lie might have been a better idea. Or say I did come back twice but each time they said "no plastic. No stock". Another Thought.... I've been to the Toledo LTO a few times for vehicle registration issues. Multiple times I've had roadblocks thrown up by the "info officer guy" that supposed to guide you.. and I've always had impression that he was waiting for payment before we would resolve the issue.. and one time he explicitly asked for payment.. then I watched as he backed away from his request for some reason. So.. after that.. I stuck with one fixer (Marisa) there at Toledo LTO for the vehicle registration issues. Never had issue at Danao or Talisay.. just at Toledo. In fact at both Danao and Talisay I've been pleasantly surprised... but not Toledo.
  10. No nothing of this subject, so can't help you. But doc in Canada advised me that I have developing cataracts so I'm curious about the subject. You say 75,000 peso for the lens.. Is that lens for cataract surgery? One lens or two? From your question I assume that's 75,000 peso WITHOUT installment surgery. Any idea how much is the surgery? Some contributions to this thread from Google.... http://www.whatclinic.com.ph/eye-clinics/philippines/cebu-city/cataract http://www.chonghua.com.ph/index.php/services/eye_institute/cataract https://www.practo.com/philippines/cebu-city/doctors-for-cataract-surgery http://larrazabaleye.com/ccf.html
  11. Just chuckling to myself about this one. Yep.. it's great advice. But no.. I didn't request CENOMAR until we were getting married, and by that time we already had 2 kids.
  12. That's how I feel about marriage #1 and #2.. Marriage #3 can't be any worse. and F%^k it.. I'm an optimist.
  13. My score was 15 of the "don't do's". Shouldn't I be dead or broke already? Might have married the first Filipina I ever dated as well.. if the darlin' wasn't married already and so good at keeping secrets. But that's a book for another day.
  14. Excellent article with some photo's. The seats looked EXACTLY like in this article when I opened it up. http://thehtrc.com/2014/removing-mold-odors-from-car thankfully, I'm still seeing no mention of any damage beyond the upholstery and fabrics inside interior. Does anyone know if they have to actually REMOVE the seats fully from the vehicle to reupholster them? If so, it would seem that a good plan would be: - new seat covers and foam - thorough clean of seats when they have no foam or cover. I'm thinking Lysol like Skyman suggests - thorough cleaning of interior while the seats are out.. Lysol again. - Sun dried thoroughly.
  15. Found this suggestion at Google... to reduce humidity.. https://iprice.ph/damprid/ Or a tray of kitty litter, or dried rice. Looks like most of the online advice is to control humidity to prevent rust.