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  1. It's your playpen. Over and out.
  2. What the hell makes you think that you are RIGHT about everything? Like it or not, others have opinions JUST as valid as your own %^*(% opinions. TWICE now I have told you I REFUSE to engage with you. Is that permitted in your world? Is there some rule on YOUR planet that says I MUST engage with you, or risk being called names? [EDIT: Let me add, that I choose not to debate with feminists on their favorite subjects. I choose not to debate with scientologists or Jehovah's Witness on religious subjects. And I choose not to engage here at LINC with anyone whose world views are so radically different than my own as to upset Paul. It's why you will NEVER see me at the US politics section. Read into that whatever the hell you wish. And STOP trying to get me to engage where I have three times now said I will not.]
  3. There's not much that you and I agree on. And I choose not to engage with you. You have your way of looking at the world.. and I have mine. I don't agree with yours. You don't agree with mine. Imagine that. What's new?
  4. I choose not to join your effort to add your own spin to my comment. Thanks anyway.
  5. I lived in London in 1978 and 1979 when the bombs were courtesy of the IRA. Those people were green not brown. I don't recall us calling them terrorist acts at the time. Just the IRA bombing campaign. Just another part of the ongoing Irish conflict, of which Britain was a part.
  6. So.. you were NOT able to get your Plastic Drivers License.. right? Has ANYONE (In Cebu) been successful to get their plastic D/L other than FiveStarPH above? I applied in May 2016.. I'll be back in Cebu from couple months in Canada soon, and I'd like to get the plastic license if possible.
  7. No they won't. I completely disagree with you. lol.
  8. Nah.. the VOTE !!
  9. Friend of mine in Cebu has a very good housekeeper and cook.. in her early 30's.. with 4 kids. He's never been involved with her. She lives in her own nippa style house on his fairly remote property.. with her 4 kids. Then along comes a new worker.. in his 40's.. hired about 2 years ago. Never liked the guy. Anyway. seems he mistook the housekeeper as his for the taking. Now she had 5 kids. Still makes a good curry though. No moral to the story.. Just another few spins around the sun.
  10. To find creative solutions to these problems you need to think outside the box. Just stick a bar code luggage tag around your neck and have your wife check you in as baggage. Think of the money you'll save... and think how much fun it will be for the wife. And no need to risk your life by turning the pacemaker off. WIN WIN.. for everyone.
  11. From my wife. looks like centred near Asturias.
  12. I suspect that what's missing here is that there was a price disagreement. She won the argument.
  13. Too bad.. I gave two good aluminum bats and a bag full of used gloves and balls to the local elementary in town last year. Got it all for $50 at the local used sporting goods store in Canada at end of season. Never seen the stuff in Cebu. but never looked either.
  14. I'm sure that's not the new mini-putt at Park Mall.