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  1. Its a big shame to do this to a 69 year old man. Period.
  2. I fly regularly in to Manila and many times yellow taxis are not available.
  3. And what about satellite telephones, can they not trigger explosive devices.
  4. I have a account already more than one year with Coins.ph This account is verified with my scanned passport and a scanned credit card bill. Worked great until now. Suddenly my account is restricted until i upload a selfie holding my ID. Are you kidding me, i refuse to upload a selfie and holding my ID. It feels like a criminal holing his name placard, i will not do it. So no more Coins.ph for me. To much is to much.
  5. Avalon Condominium 89 sq meter in front of Ayala 11.542 pesos
  6. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/polish-man-won-t-leave-000000710.html A Polish man refuses to leave the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) clinic, where he has been staying since Monday, until his flight has been rebooked for next week. Tomasz Chalot Stanislaw, 41, said he arrived at the NAIA on Monday from Butuan City, where he had spent four months with his Filipina girlfriend. He said he hailed a taxi to bring him to a hotel where he could stay until it was time for his flight for Poland last night, but the driver sped away after he put his luggage in the trunk. Left with only his passport and no money, Stanislaw said he “roamed around NAIA Terminal 1 and 2 to find someone who can help me for my food. At night, I slept in the comfort room at the Terminal 1.” Stanislaw told The STAR that he went to Butuan to propose to his long-time girlfriend, whom he identified only as Monalisa. “I promised her that I would be back in a couple of months to prepare everything in Poland, as I planned to bring her there,” he said. Airport attendants found Stanislaw sleeping in the NAIA Terminal 1 restroom. They gave him biscuits and bottled water. They then brought him to the clinic after he complained of chills. Paz Santamaria, a nurse on duty at the clinic, said doctors who examined Stanislaw said he is in good condition and the chills may be an effect of a drug he had taken. Santamaria and other nurses tried to contact China Airlines to rebook Stanislaw’s flight, but the ticket indicated it could not be rebooked. “We are doing everything to help him get his flight back to Poland,” she said. Stanislaw, who has not contacted officials at Poland’s honorary consulate in Manila, complained that he could not take last night’s flight since “I can no longer lift my left leg.” He insisted that his flight be rescheduled to Dec. 14 or 15 but did not say why. Santamaria told The STAR Stanislaw was apparently making excuses to stay at the clinic until the airline approves his request for rebooking.
  7. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/738853/enforcer-clearing-mabuhay-lanes-killed A Quezon City traffic enforcer was shot dead by a bank security officer as he was issuing a violation ticket during a Mabuhay Lanes clearing operation on West Avenue on Wednesday morning. Enrique Fresnido, 60, a member of the city’s Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS), was shot in the head by Alex Batacan, 39, officer in charge of security at BDO West Avenue-East Maya branch in Quezon City, around 7:30 a.m., a police report said. Fresnido was rushed to the Quezon City General Hospital where he was declared dead about three hours later. Batacan, on the other hand, was placed under arrest with a murder charge being prepared against him. The incident happened as enforcers of the DPOS, Highway Patrol Group and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority were clearing Mabuhay Lanes—designated alternate routes for motorists wanting to avoid heavy traffic on Edsa—of obstructions and parked vehicles as part of preparations for next week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Some of the motorcycles belonged to the bank security guards and Batacan interfered, Roseller Arbolado, chief of the enforcement section under the DPOS traffic operation division, said. Instead of towing the motorcycles, Fresnido wrote a violation ticket as he and other enforcers were instructed to do whenever the owner of a vehicle was around, the victim’s colleagues said. Batacan, however, went inside the bank, returned with a gun and shot Fresnido. “We didn’t expect that he would do that over a violation ticket [with a fine of P350],” a traffic enforcer said of Batacan. The clearing of Mabuhay Lanes has been met with resistance by local leaders, particularly barangay officials who collect parking fees. With Ria Consuelo Mendoza
  8. PAL cancels over 200 flights in relation to APEC Meet in Manila; offers free flight rebooking Philippine Airlines today announced that 115 domestic and 96 international flights are not operating within the period November 15-20 to give way to the arrival and departure of APEC leaders. PAL assures affected passengers that the airline will reschedule their flights, with rebooking and penalty charges waived. Passengers with confirmed flights have the option to rebook prior to or within thirty days from their original flight date for as long as the new schedule falls within the ticket validity period. They also have the option to refund the full ticket cost, as refund charges are deemed waived. The affected domestic flights are as follows:15 November 2015 (Sunday) PR 1823/1824 MANILA - DAVAO - MANILA 17 November 2015 (Tuesday) PR 2925/2926 MANILA - LEGAZPI - MANILA PR 2927/2928 MANILA - LEGAZPI - MANILA PR 2043/2044 MANILA - CATICLAN - MANILA PR 2051/2052 MANILA - CATICLAN - MANILA PR 2059/2060 MANILA - CATICLAN - MANILA PR 2041/2042 MANILA - CATICLAN - MANILA PR 2049/2050 MANILA - CATICLAN - MANILA PR 2053/2054 MANILA - CATICLAN - MANILA PR 1811/1812 MANILA - DAVAO - MANILA PR 1815/1816 MANILA - DAVAO - MANILA PR 1819/1820 MANILA - DAVAO - MANILA PR 2031/2032 MANILA - BUSUANGA -MANILA PR 2033/2034 MANILA - BUSUANGA - MANILA PR 1849/1850 MANILA - CEBU - MANILA PR 1853/1854 MANILA - CEBU - MANILA PR 1861/1862 MANILA - CEBU - MANILA PR 1863/1864 MANILA - CEBU - MANILA PR 2557/2558 MANILA - DIPOLOG - MANILA PR 2521/2522 MANILA - CAGAYAN DE ORO - MANILA PR 2527/2528 MANILA - CAGAYAN DE ORO - MANILA PR 2265/2266 MANILA - NAGA - MANILA PR 2261/2262 MANILA - NAGA - MANILA PR 2131/2132 MANILA - BACOLOD - MANILA PR 2133/2134 MANILA - BACOLOD - MANILA PR 2135/2136 MANILA - BACOLOD - MANILA PR 2785/2786 MANILA - PUERTO PRINCESA - MANILA PR 2787/2788 MANILA - PUERTO PRINCESA - MANILA PR 2969/2970 MANILA - KALIBO - MANILA PR 2975/2976 MANILA - KALIBO - MANILA PR 2141/2142 MANILA - ILOILO - MANILA PR 2143/2144 MANILA - ILOILO - MANILA PR 2145/2146 MANILA - ILOILO - MANILA PR 2997/2998 MANILA - ZAMBOANGA - MANILA PR 2196/2197 MANILA - LAOAG- MANILA PR 2545/2546 MANILA - DUMAGUETE - MANILA PR2543/2544 MANILA - DUMAGUETE - MANILA PR2014/2015 MANILA - TUGUEGARAO - MANILA PR 2777/2778 MANILA - TAGBILARAN - MANILA PR 453/454 MANILA - GENERAL SANTOS - MANILA 18 November 2015 (Wednesday) PR 1813/1814 MANILA - DAVAO - MANILA PR 2521/2522 MANILA - CAGAYAN DE ORO - MANILA PR 2925/2926 MANILA - LEGAZPI - MANILA PR 1863/1864 MANILA - CEBU - MANILA 19 November 2015 (Thursday) PR 2053/2054 MANILA - CATICLAN - MANILA PR 2145/2146 MANILA - ILOILO - MANILA PR 1819/1820 MANILA - DAVAO - MANILA PR 2971/2972 MANILA - KALIBO - MANILA PR 2975/2976 MANILA - KALIBO - MANILA PR 2014/2015 MANILA - TUGUEGARAO - MANILA PR 2135/2136 MANILA - BACOLOD - MANILA PR 1861/1862 MANILA - CEBU - MANILA 20 November 2015 (Friday) PR 2051/2052 MANILA - CATICLAN - MANILA PR 2265/2266 MANILA - NAGA - MANILA PR 1849/1850 MANILA - CEBU - MANILA The affected international flights are as follows: 15 November 2015 (Sunday) PR422/421 MANILA- TOKYO (HANEDA)-MANILA PR330/331 MANILA-XIAMEN-MANILA 16 November 2015 (Monday) PR438 MANILA-NAGOYA PR432 MANILA-TOKYO (NARITA) PR213 MANILA-SYDNEY 17 November 2015 (Tuesday) PR214 SYDNEY-MANILA PR437 NAGOYA-MANILA PR431 TOKYO (NARITA)-MANILA PR330/331 MANILA-XIAMEN-MANILA PR356/357 MANILA-JINJIANG-MANILA PR656/657 MANILA-ABU DHABI-MANILA PR338/339 MANILA-SHANGHAI (PUDONG)-MANILA PR424 MANILA-TOKYO (HANEDA) PR312 MANILA-HONGKONG PR306 MANILA-HONGKONG PR301 HONGKONG-MANILA PR432 MANILA-TOKYO (NARITA) PR318/319 MANILA-HONGKONG-MANILA PR736/737 MANILA-BANGKOK-MANILA PR732/733 MANILA-BANGKOK-MANILA PR511/502 MANILA-SINGAPORE-MANILA PR507/508 MANILA-SINGAPORE-MANILA PR501/512 MANILA-SINGAPORE-MANILA PR438/437 MANILA-NAGOYA-MANILA PR100/101 MANILA-HONOLULU-MANILA PR591/592 MANILA-SAIGON-MANILA PR358/359 MANILA-BEIJING-MANILA PR896/897 MANILA-TAIPEI-MANILA PR418/419 MANILA-BUSAN (PUSAN)-MANILA PR 468 MANILA-SEOUL (INCHEON) I PR 467 SEOUL (INCHEON)-MANILA PR682 /683 MANILA-DAMMAM-MANILA 18 November 2015 (Wednesday) PR539/540 MANILA-JAKARTA-MANILA PR730/731 MANILA-BANGKOK-MANILA PR312 MANILA-HONGKONG PR426/425 MANILA-FUKUOKA-MANILA PR318/319 MANILA-HONGKONG-MANILA PR507/508 MANILA-SINGAPORE-MANILA PR423 TOKYO (HANEDA)-MANILA PR313 HONGKONG-MANILA PR213 MANILA-SYDNEY PR428/427 MANILA-TOKYO (NARITA)-MANILA PR431 TOKYO (NARITA)-MANILA 19 November 2015 (Thursday) PR214 SYDNEY-MANILA PR424/423 MANILA-TOKYO (HANEDA)-MANILA PR732/733 MANILA-BANGKOK-MANILA PR313 HONGKONG-MANILA PR312 MANILA-HONGKONG PR428/427 MANILA-NARITA-MANILA PR507/508 MANILA-SINGAPORE-MANILA PR656-657 MANILA-ABU DHABI-MANILA PR356-357 MANILA-JINJIANG-MANILA 20 November 2015 (Friday) PR422/421 MANILA-TOKYO (HANEDA)-MANILA PR100/101 MANILA-HONOLULU-MANILA PR318/319 MANILA-HONGKONG-MANILA PR313 HONGKONG-MANILA PR730/731 MANILA-BANGKOK-MANILA PR426/425 MANILA-FUKUOKA-MANILA PR507/508 MANILA-SINGAPORE-MANILA PR656/657 MANILA-ABU DHABI-MANILA Philippine Airlines may cancel more flights as new information comes in on the flight movements of APEC leaders. For more information on flights, passengers may call PAL hotline (02) 855 - 8888 or visit the PAL Facebook or Twitter pages.
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  10. Why not rent a onward ticket. https://flyonward.com/
  11. http://globalnation.inquirer.net/127371/dead-belgian-found-with-gun-inside-crashed-car CEBU CITY, Philippines — A Belgian national is believed to have committed suicide after he was found in a vehicle that crashed into the railings of the national highway of Barangay Casay, Dalaguete town, some 85.1 kilometers south of here. Andre Josef Emiel Scheepmans, 54, a native of Leuven, Belgium, who lived in Barangay Maghaway, Talisay City, Cebu, was already dead when policemen arrived in the area past 6 p.m. Saturday night. Scheepmans was driving his silver Toyota Innova van (plate number YZW 449) from Oslob town and was heading home to Talisay City when his vehicle hit the railings about 5:30 p.m., said SPO3 Cleto Pia, Dalaguete police investigator. When the police arrived, Scheepmans was at the driver’s seat and was no longer responding. His right hand was still holding a .22-caliber pistol while his nose was bleeding. Since the doors at the front seats were locked, Dalaguete municipal health officer Jose Edgar Alonso had to enter through the door of the back seat, which was not locked. Pia said Alonso didn’t find any pulse when he examined the foreigner. Scheepmans had no visible wound except for a bleeding nose. But an empty shell and two live bullets were found inside the vehicle. The pistol was also loaded with seven bullets. Pia said they suspected that the foreigner may have put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger but the bullet was not able to exit his body. An autopsy would determine the cause of death, he added. PO2 Leon Gesim, Dalaguete desk officer, said they went to the area after receiving a report from another foreigner who called up the police station to inform them that his friend figured in an accident in Barangay Casay. The police failed to get the name of the foreigner but it indicated that Scheepmans was able to call a friend before he died. Inside the vehicle, the police found a summon issued by the officials of Barangay Maghaway against Scheepmans who was invited to attend the hearing on July 27 for a case of slight physical injury. The complainant was Analou Ayeng, believed to be his wife or live-in partner, indicating that the foreigner had family problems, said Pia. Pia said Ayeng arrived in Barangay Casay late Saturday night with their small daughter. Ayeng did not issue a statement, saying she was still emotional about what happened.