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  1. Why the need for so many ram pumps... one ram pump with a 5 foot fall to the pump from the supply through a 2 inch pipe reduced to a 1 inch pipe at the pump and the outlet pipe is 3/4 inch lifting the water 15 feet is capable of pumping 1/2 a gallon or 2 litres a minute...thats over 2,500 litres a day with just as much waste water ... even with 20 x 200 litre barrels you only have 4,000 litres storage capacity so wouldn't take the one ram pump 2 days to empty them... even at half the output and with recycling the waste water from the pump it would only take a few days to empty the storage feed tanks ... The sizes, heights and dimensions I mentioned above are from actual figures of a working ram pump on a friends property in North Queensland ... he uses the water to supply his stock, gardens and small water catchment dam he has and is pumping the water about 40 metres from the pump with a lift of about 4.5 metres (15 feet).
  2. The key phrase is "who might herself be lawfully naturalized" as in she meets the requirements ... http://www.lawphil.net/statutes/comacts/ca_473_1939.html Section 15. Effect of the naturalization on wife and children.—Any woman who is now or may hereafter be married to a citizen of the Philippines, and who might herself be lawfully naturalized shall be deemed a citizen of the Philippines.
  3. James ... ram pumps tend to waste a lot of water ...
  4. Anyone who comes to the Philippines male or female and marries a local is still subject to visas... you dont get anything and in fact need to meet the requirements , apply and pay the fees.... yes a woman coming here and marrying a local guy can qualify for a 13a visa but still needs to apply etc for the visa ...
  5. I know an Aussie and a Pom who are both on Quota visas ... I dont really know about any other countries ... I also heard of an American woman getting a Quota visa but only through posts in a group I am a member of ... I just looked up the BI web site and in the FAQ page on Permanent resident Visas ... question and answer 2 lists the countries who have reciprocal agreements...there are a lot of them .. http://www.immigration.gov.ph/faqs/visa-inquiry/permanent-resident-visa
  6. You can also get a Quote Visa (13) ...the Philippines issues 50 each year for every country that has diplomatic relations with the Philippines.... so best to apply early in the year, you can do a conversion from a Tourist visa.... it's the same basically as the 13a except you don't need to be married and your visa isn't tied to a wife ... I know several people who have Quota visas ... some have been here for many years ...
  7. Technically ... maybe ... who knows ... but the way I see it, you work online interacting with people outside the Philippines... you get paid by PayPal to an account outside the Philippines.... so how are they ever going to know? Can you even apply for a work permit as an independent contractor working online here? Why open a can of worms when you really don't need to?
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought Tourist Visa fees including the ACR Card were about 25,000 pesos a year...
  9. Also don't want to scare you ... but knew an aussie guy who overstayed by a couple of months, 2 years ago, he was detained and locked up for just over 3 months then deported and blacklisted ... last I heard just before christmas he was still trying to get the blacklisting removed.
  10. I had a friend who went through this last year .... its true that the fine and motion for reconsideration is 1040 pesos...thats per month plus the usual visa fees that should have been paid ... make the letter to the Commissioner a darn good one pleading your case... the big problem could arise if he is now over his 36 months in the country ...means he will need to leave and come back. I reckon going on the usual fines and visa extensions he could be up for 50 to 60,000 pesos... mind you thats just an uneducated estimate.. ultimately the BI can do whatever it wants and it will largely depend on the BI Officer handling the case. It cost one guy 180,000 pesos for 4 years overstaying and he is still here, so I guess you can be lucky ...
  11. If you go in early ...you can do your visa extension early if you want, when I was still on my first 6 month extension i added the next 6 month extension about 6 weeks before it was due and it wasn't a problem ... they just processed it like always and put the new sticker in my passport with the new expiry date in it ... I believe the fine for not doing the annual report is 200 pesos a month for being overdue ...
  12. From the BI web site ... Annual Report: All registered aliens and ACR I-Card holders except Temporary Visitor’s Visa holders or Tourist Visa holders. http://www.immigration.gov.ph/services/alien-registration/annual-report-a-r
  13. Well I went into the BI in J-Centre Mandaue this morning to do my Annual Reporting … got there at 10.25 and thought … “holy shit … the place is packed … ohh well I am here now so best go do it”… First stop the document checkers desk inside the door. Then over to the ACR section. They asked for my ACR card, gave it to them and offered my passport and was told no need. Handed me back my ACR card and a little slip of paper. Back to the document checker to be directed to receiving. Gave receiving my ACR card and the little slip of paper, told to wait for my name to be called. Name called and they gave back the ACR card and a piece of paper an told to go to the cashier. Paid the Cashier and told to wait for my name to be called again at Releasing. Called to Releasing and given my receipt and told to go back to the ACR section to have the receipt registered. Laughs, Back to the ACR section, gave them the receipt and ACR card… they recorded it and gave them back to me and said finished. I left at 10.48, so even with all the people there and lining up a couple of times …total time 23 minutes … and a cost of 310 pesos. Not a bad effort … Oh and no online registration prior and no forms to fill in … they didn't even want to see my passport.
  14. I have no idea..I will find out in a couple of months time ...