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  1. Your recipe is close to what I use except I cut water in half and replace with milk. Looks like you put your dough in oven before you put toppings on. I throw toppings on freshly laid out pizza dough and throw it in 450 degree temp oven for 25 to thirty minutes,long enough to lightly brown the mozzarella which gives pizza added flavor. I'll have to give your method a run to see how it turns out.
  2. Wow!! P165 per sack ?? We are still paying P240 to P250 per sack for Holcium and the plant is right here in Davao.
  3. http://www.manilatimes.net/duterte-rethinking-veto-bis-express-lane-fees/313252/ These fees really got to me as there was not "express lane" yet charged express fee,so one day I asked one BI officer,how do I get away from paying that fee? Was told to bring in visa extension documents one week ahead of time,no express fee will be charged. That hole was quickly plugged and is now a mandatory fee. Mariam Santiago put that express lane law in place and I believe it actually calls for a physical express lane so foreigners can have a choice.
  4. Or use basalt rebar.
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  6. My solar tracker is very low tech,uses a water clock,increases efficiency by 30% and not one watt is used to track the sun.
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  9. Hey,I did almost 10 years in Hamilton,Ontario. Lived Down on the Dynes Beach area. Sure did enjoy all the old steam shows and horse pulls that happened every year throughout that area. Drove around in a 1937 Olds L37 4dr sedan with a straight eight so I fit right in,lol. I,m going to do some growin of veggies but I'm going the raised bed route so that I can put up a fair fight against all the critters in this place.
  10. Your info is kindly appreciated. We are going off grid on Samal Island so I was trying to cover all angles to correctly size my solar system. I know that inverter type washing machine has D/C motor, inverter fridge has D/C compressor along with some inverter air conditioners. I will have to learn more about this "high voltage switched D/C" to see exactly what voltage I am looking at. Lighting and ceiling fans are all straight D/C along with the all important rice cooker. D/C water pump is also available. Can't get away from not using a D/C to A/C inverter,but would like as much as possible to run direct D/C. We will be using a sun tracker for the solar panels to maximize energy output. We will have to make some adjustments like,no more stand up refrigerator. Will use a plug a play thermal control unit that will allow us to use our large two door deep freezer as a refrigerator which should save us up to 80% in energy cost. I would be happy with 50% what with two kids always digging for something to chew on. One other point,this build is a shipping container home,using four 20' containers,plus another container for my man cave/ workshop. I'll start another thread on that one soon. Thanx again for your imput.
  11. Being from Cape Breton Island,Canada,when I hear lobster,there is only one image that pops up. Some fine eating there boys,topped of with some Alexander Keith's Indian Pale Ale,by jumpin,you've had a meal. http://www.novanewsnow.com/media/photos/unis/2010/05/27/2010-05-27-03-30-38-GiantLobster.JPG Sometime we even get a blue one visit the pot ( lobster trap) When I first went to the fish market for our restaurant,I spotted one of those 'rock lobsters' ,clawless, I asked where are the claws? Gathered some strange looks from that one. Awful expensive,I'd personally go for the large prawns that are available here, very tasty when dipped in garlic butter.
  12. Inverter type appliances take A/C and invert to D/C to run appliance D/C motor/compressor. Can it be said that one could bypass the A/C and run said appliances direct from solar D/C thus by passing expensive D/C to A/C inverters ?
  13. If you are in a place that suffers from voltage fluctuation,invest in a voltage regulator as inverter type air cons do not like fluctuating voltage. Got that straight from the mouth of the Samsung rep for Mindanao. Samsung,I've found out to be garbage here,service department are nothing but a bunch of parts replaces,forget trouble shooting. Had problem with my unit from the start and every time the Samsung clowns would come, it got worse. Final straw, air con gave me code saying outside fan motor had a problem,Samsung clowns come,say it is my inverter electronic control board,replacement cost P10,000 . Unit less than two years old at a cost of P44,000 , not a happy camper. Ok,replace part,air con still shuts down,same code pointing to the fan on outside unit. I got and check the fan motor,very hot to the touch. Take it to motor rebuilder,bare wire rubbing against fan motor casing. Good thing that I shut of power to unit before touching that motor. Called Samsung,who sent the same parts replacement clowns. I told them the results of my finding,told them they should be ashamed to call themselves technicians and showed them the door. And don't ya all come back,ya hear !! Samsung LED TV, four years old, bright spot appeared on corner of screen and slowly spread throughout rest of screen,elongated bubbles formed on screen,sound,but no picture. Pure garbage.
  14. It is not so much the shake down of criminals as it is the innocent. In July 2013, the Philippine National Police (PNP) was ranked as the most corrupt institution in the Philippines, according to a survey by the Global Corruption Barometer of the anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International. Alexis Romero wrote in the Philippine Star, “The survey showed that 69 percent of surveyed Filipinos believed police personnel were corrupt. Notice "surveyed Filipinos". Another Philippine article mentioned that only 1 in 10 police, are honest. I don't believe in painting all people with the same brush,but with a one in ten,it gets very close. Very sad actually,does little for the moral of those few honest ones.
  15. I find it hard to comprehend that seeing that food grows all year around,fish everywhere. People don't want to work for money,they just want it as easy as possible. People asked for food at our restaurant,I handed them a rag,asked them to clean so tables for food,they walked away. I would have offered them a job. I don't mean to sound harsh,but I have lived right in the middle of all of this for many years so I have a different prospective.