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  1. Yes, I live in the US but I have a house in Mindanao and my condo in Cebu will be finished a year from now.
  2. We pay 15,000 pesos a month plus philhealth and paid vacation, free board and lodging,one day off a week, $200.00 Christmas bonus .She's been with us for almost 30 years.
  3. My Yankee salesman and I went to Alabama for a business trip. I can't hardly understand them so I ask my salesman what the guy just said? My salesman shrugged his shoulder because he can't understand the guy either.
  4. I remembered when I was about 5 years old standing beside my uncle his hands were inside his pockets and I can hear coins jingling and I thought and wish that someday my pockets will do the same. 50 some years later it just don't jingle with coins but car, house,office keys also. Most of my goals have been realized but the remaining are hard to reach like stop smoking, drinking, eat healthier and start exercising.
  5. We used to drag race in Jones ave. Giant coral brains in Marigondon as big as a VW beetle. Talisay was the only place to get good lechon. 10 centavos for a bottle of coke, 5 centavos for Sarsaparilla. 10 centavos for jeepney fare, free if a kid sits on somebody's lap. Streets are empty on Sundays in downtown and uptown. Best public library run by USIS. I used to know every potholes to avoid in Cebu. San Miguel brewery in Mandaue seems to be far away. Reclamation area was empty, that is where we learned how to drive. There was no bridge to Mactan, only water taxi or through a barge. I used to walked 2 kilometers to school. My allowance was 5 pesos a week. Makimi in Manila restaurant was 75 centavos. 1 peso fare in a small taxi anywhere in town. Horse drawn carriage was still allowed in Colon st. Groceries were bought daily in Carbon market. 20 pesos will feed a family for a day. 300 pesos for a 3 bedroom apartment. We used to fly RC planes in Lahug airport. 20 pesos for PAL airplane DC3 fare from Butuan to Cebu. SM was a little shoe store in Luym building. Biggest store was White Gold in Juan Luna. I used to be able to drive there but not anymore. There was only about 6 chinese restaurants. International cuisene was not available. ALL OF THE ABOVE WAS IN THE mid 60'S and 70'S.
  6. I have been in business here in the U.S. for more than 30 years. ROI average here is 5 to 6 years from your net profit. I take 10% dividends each year 90% goes back to the company. If I don't take a huge salary and bonus my net profit is at least 25%.
  7. Does anyone know how to mothball a condo unit? We are moving to our condo in 2017 and plan to just stay 6months and spend the rest 6 months in the U.S. We do not want to rent it out when we are gone. Will our unit be safe? Do I have to stop all utility connections? i.e.. water, electricity, internet, cable,etc. Will the appliances like refrigerator, a/c units be OK due to maybe extreme temperature in a closed area? Is it advisable to install security cameras so I can monitor it when We're back in the states but I don't know what good will it be since the internet in Cebu is very slow. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
  8. I send $1,350 a month to my wife's two kids from her previous marriage in Davao. The ex husband is dead now but never supported his own children.They are renting a 2 bedroom apartment plus 1 helper. College tuition is extra. She send 3 to 4 balikbayan boxes every year full of goodies, shoes and clothing. Do you guys think that this is too much for 2 kids? I really don't know the cost of living in the Philippines since I have not lived there in 34 years. The first kid just graduated in college and will be coming to the U.S. this year so there will be one left soon. My wife is adamant that the last boy left should still keep the helper and the apartment because he can't take care of himself and he will be busy in his studies and he will not be able to live alone. It is a sore subject when I bring this up with her that he has to move to a dormitory someday this year. My wife does not work but she takes good care of me and our home here and I don't mind supporting her kids but I think she is just spoiling them too much.
  9. If a guy is spitting and looking at you at the same time ,watch out! That means trouble.
  10. I find Filipinos and Americans to be friendly. It is how you talk and act around them, I usually initiate and strike a conversation first. The bar and restaurant that my friends and I frequently go to in Indiana are friendly people, but some of my friends does not even know the other people there and they would ask me how I knew them? They said they never said hi to us so they don't say hi back. Sometimes they would teased me like I'm running for a mayor in town because I'm all over the place talking to people.As the saying goes you reap what you sow.
  11. I opened a $ account with China bank in Cebu 8 years ago and they required 3 photo I.Ds and I can only show them two. 1 driver's license and my passport and they told me it was not enough. Good thing that my friend that was with me knows the manager and she allowed me with just 2 I.Ds. Who has or carry three photo I.Ds???
  12. No house or car payments in Indiana or Cebu, they are fully paid and I don't intend to own a car in Cebu. My actual budget for Cebu is $4,000 a month but I think my wife and I can live less than that. We are Filipinos so we love to eat local foods, although I'm sure I'll be missing good ribeyes in the Philippines.
  13. In the early 60's, my playmate was punished for being bad. His aunt will beat him up and forced to wear a girl's dress so he cannot come out from the house. I have not seen him for a long time and I'm wondering if he grew up straight or a ladyboy?
  14. My monthly bill here in Indiana is about $5 to $6,000 . I can live in Cebu the same lifestyle for half that amount.
  15. Home theater is not ultimate until you get D-Box motion simulator.