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  1. look at this http://ph.priceprice.com/Mitsubishi-L300-9563/
  2. 3 years ago i shipped a few Viseo brand TVs when we moved into are new home i my BIL said those famous words "i have idea" now i have 2 43" TVs and a Yamaha surround sound that are junk . so i sent over 5 new LG TVs that are dual voltage so i don't have that problem again and a Dennon 220v receiver. almost all LG and Sony are multi voltage.
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  7. This is very close to home right now, the past week my wife's family wanted take the father to the doctors office I knew she was hinting for some help but at the present time I didn't have the extra in my budget due to being out of work with a blown out knee for two months still not receiving my disability payments. I had plenty of funds my Philippines bank account but my wife had no access to them,and I had enough money here in the states to budget for my needs and her and the kids, the family managed to scrape up enough money to get him to the doctor and the doctor prescribed medications they purchased the medications but two days later he had passed at the age of 57, yes very young but his quality of life was not good for the past few years constantly suffering and in pain every day. The morning she called me and told me that her father passed I had some feelings of guilt thinking that if I covered his medical might still be alive these were my own personal feelings, but not once did my wife ever think to blame me for what happened I consoled her and told her he is no longer suffering the way he was living. At this time now she was very concerned on how the family would cover the funeral costs. A few years ago I had established with the family my obligation was to my wife and the kids. I had helped on a loan 30,000 pesos to help with the grandmother's medical bills when I arrived home within four days the aunt came to me to repay the loan in full I was shocked. Now this time was my wife's father so it was time for me to go into some emergency savings that I had and sent her enough funds to cover a large majority of the funeral costs. After I sent the money to the family the aunt had asked the wife if this is a loan because they were concerned they would not be able to pay back I told my wife no I'm doing this for her. I guess I'm pretty blessed that the family respects and understands my thoughts and loaning money.
  8. Did you try looking here http://www.lazada.com.ph/catalog/?q=exercise+bike
  9. Yes in Ca you can register the car as non-op when not in use look at the DMV website..now storage is another thing where do you want to store it what area ? one of my rental property's in Socal has a huge lot i use it to store a car, truck and motorcycle sometimes my RV too it is secure,,
  10. I had these clowns tied up for over a hour yesterday longest call I got with them was 34 minutes I kept calling them back with my number blocked I loved it when I got the females I woul ask for operator Meso Horney I just loved hearing them repeat it back to me lol they pissed me off waking me up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. we had our beds and wardrobes made here https://www.facebook.com/FerrarenFurniture/they are solid mahogany and excellent quality they can build almost anything you want from a picture, from solid wood better than the cheap press-board stuff in the stores.
  12. seeing this made me change my mine to not use the EVG panels on my next build.