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  1. Doesn't appear to be so straight forward. http://www.thanhniennews.com/politics/foreigners-can-own-homes-in-vietnam-starting-next-july-34527.html Vietnam will allow foreigners to buy houses for the first time with one simple requirement, they must enter Vietnam legally. They will be able to own the property for a maximum of 50 years and enjoy the same rights to lease, transfer or sell the property as Vietnamese citizens. The new law will extend the rules that currently apply to apartments, according to the amended Housing Law which will take effect on July 1, 2015. The law passed with 77.46 percent approval in the National Assembly during a Tuesday session. Foreign entities who have invested in housing projects in Vietnam, foreign-invested enterprises; branch and representative offices of foreign companies in Vietnam, foreign investment funds; and foreign bank branches will all be entitled to purchase real estate under the law. According to the amended law, foreign individuals and entities will only be allowed to buy, receive, or inherit apartments and houses in commercial projects and not in areas that limit or ban foreigners. They are able to buy a maximum of 30 percent of apartments in a block and 250 houses in a given ward. Individual foreigners may extend their home ownership after 50 years, according to their need. The government provide further details about the extension process in the future. Advertisement: Replay Ad Ads by ZINC 3 They may lease their property for any “purposes that is not banned by law” but must also inform the provincial house management agency before leasing the property. Foreign property owners will also be subject to the nation's property taxes. Foreign entities can already buy property to house their employees, but they are not able to lease or use it toward any other purpose. According to Phan Trung Ly, chairman of the National Assembly’s Law Committee, the legislature passed over proposals to tighten home ownership restrictions for foreigners. A majority of voting lawmakers said the open policy will attract more foreign investment without jeopardizing national security. A total of 372 deputies voted for the articles related to foreign home ownership in Vietnam, while 28 other voted against it. Four others abstained from voting.
  2. People demand cheaper airline tickets, the airlines met the demands, so who is really to blame? I visited the economy section once, it was like stepping into a ghetto. Stop complaining and pay the extra for business class or better still first class.
  3. This is very true, you have nothing to lose by making an offer.
  4. I have similar ideas to yourself and have done quite a bit of research. I don't plan on making a living from the land. There is no doubt it's possible what you are planning but unfortunately in the real world you will need a lot more that 100K. I don't know about land prices on the east coast but there is very little if any parcels of useable 10 acres for that price within a few hours of Perth. I recently bought 40 acres with a house, 2 bores and water tank for a little over $650K 1.5 hours east of Perth, the land value is about 250 - 300k. Depending on the zoning of the land a lot of shires will allow you to live in temporary accom whilst you build but you must have water and sewage installed and in some cases approved building applications. Then the duration is only 12 months. Somebody mentioned carrots, the last commercial farmer I spoke to was getting $0.05 per kilo out the ground. Yes, that's 5 cents per kilo.
  5. My last couple of visits in 2016 I stayed at the Xi Hotel in Kowloon, tucked away in a small street just off Nathan Rd in TST. It's not the Ritz but it is comfortable, clean and always good service. Lots of bars and restaurants close by as is the MRT.
  6. I have an S6 Galaxy dual sim, prior to that an S4 Galaxy. The downside to the S6 is no access to the battery and can't expand the memory, not sure if both these items have been addressed in the S8. Other than that it does everything else as designed. Price wise is there much difference between a new Apple or Samsung?
  7. I think you nailed it. How is it possible to compare your world to third world thinking?
  8. Cheap flights I can't help you with as I fly Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong for the convenience of timings and the luggage is checked through. Manila to Perth return $1100 (booked yesterday) I have also booked "all suites" 1 bedroom apt for about $110 per night. This in my opinion is excellent value for money in Perth. Right in the city centre. I don't use the kitchen as such other than for breakfast, having a washing machine saves a lot of hassle. A few good drinking places near by, The Grosvenor, Hula Hula Bar (right next door for late night cocktails) Moon and Sixpence, Lucky Shag to name a few. There is plenty to see and do in Perth to keep yourself occupied for a few days. Even though I'm from Perth I still do the touristy things with my girlfriend. Kings Park, Fremantle, Rottnest Island, River Cruise, Penguin Island, Caversham wildlife park (you can hand feed kangaroos) Perth zoo, Swan Valley, Crown Casino, art gallery, museum, anywhere along the coast. Depending on how much time you have and if you want to hire a car (Bayswater Hire being the cheapest) you can go farther afield. As mentioned previously South West wine region. Walpole walk of the giants, Pemberton. I personally prefer to head north Denham, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Broome. These places take more than a day trip. All foods are catered for but not a cheap place to eat and drink. A reasonable meal and a few drinks will easily chew through $100 - $150 for 2 people. Most pubs are close to $10 for a pint of local lager (Swan Draught) a few cheaper places around but becoming few and far between. Most places now are charging $10 - $13 for pints and a number of wanker places calling 440ml a pint. Nightlife can be a bit daunting if you're by yourself. Not so many mature age places around, Crown Casino is quite good and has a number of bars inside there is a live band most nights this attracts quite a few ladies. I already mentioned Hula Hula Bar, generally any pub is ok. Certainly much easier if you have company.
  9. I find taking the HKIA to Shekou ferry more convinient for me, it costs a little more @ HK$120 one way. They deliver your checked in luggage (1 piece free) to the wharf in Shekou no need to collect it at the airport.
  10. I lived in a condo in Makati, somebody opened a laundry in the basement. I used it a few times but it got that busy it was a 3 day wait to pick up my clean clothes. This maybe worth a thought.
  11. I wonder if the new girlfriend is behind this. "Honey why don't you sell the block of units and buy me I mean us a nice house"
  12. I have stayed on the beach in a fan only room in Baler which is on the east coast of Luzon. For me it was unbearable at night without an air con. It's not so much the heat but the humidity that causes the discomfort. I would recommend looking for a room with air con.
  13. "China are the largest importer of rice and the eleventh largest exporter. China are the second largest producer of rice but unable to produce enough to meet demand" I must be missing something here.
  14. During the past 8 or so years I have entered and or departed the Philippines (NAIA T1, T2, T3, T4) approx. 60 - 80 times, the only question ever asked is "how long will I stay" In my experiences I get asked more questions returning to Australia or when entering / departing USA, Canada, UK There may well be certain nationalities that get asked more questions than others.