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  1. I think it is an international banking rule. 1. Create a cashless society. Almost there. 2. Identify what everyone has and where it is. This rule? 3. Devise a method of taking it. Coming soon to a bank near you.
  2. From what i have seen youd be stupid to try amd do 100km/h on any road. I was driving on one road looked quite good so i got speed up to approx 80km/h. Came to top of a little hill and with no warning the road dissapeared. Workers had stripped the surface with a drop off of about 12" or 300mm and had it gritted in preparation for whenever they were going to finish. I was on a small honda bike. I thought my back was going to break coming off the edge of the road. I learned a lesson that day.
  3. Is this US military or is any country military service valid.
  4. I still live in Ireland. Just not Northern Ireland.
  5. Thats your choice and i respect that. I however leave the past where it is. I left Northern Ireland in 1990. I go back to visit but I dont live in it.
  6. "The conflict was primarily political and nationalistic, fuelled by historical events.[28] It also had an ethnic or sectarian dimension,[29] although it was not a religious conflict.[12][30] A key issue was the constitutional status of Northern Ireland. Unionists/loyalists, who are mostly Protestants and consider themselves British, want Northern Ireland to remain within the United Kingdom. Irish nationalists/republicans, who are predominantly Catholics, want Northern Ireland to be reunited with the 26 counties which make up the Republic of Ireland in an independent united Ireland. The conflict became a matter of global attention amid a Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association political campaign to end discrimination against the Catholic and nationalist minority by the Protestant/unionist government and police force in 1968.[31][32] This campaign was met with violence by loyalists who viewed the campaign as a republican stalking horse. This eventually led to the deployment of British troops, initially to protect Catholic civilians, and subsequent warfare over the next three decades." From Wiki Its too simplistic to lay the blame on one side. As you can see initially the deployment of British troops was to defend Catholics from loyalists. You can only kick a person for so long before they stand up and attack back. Again there were terrible things done on both sides. I also agree there are parallels with ISIS. While the regime in Irac was not good its alot better than the freedom they now have. Its no surprise that there people willing to react to the situation there. Putting blame on the west who in their eyes (rightfully) see us as the aggressors (terrorists) and themselves as the freedom fighters.
  7. Im the wrong person to have this argument. As i said before i was in no way involved. I just lived through the actions of the British forces who activly discriminated against the Catholics. Im non religious but i do come from that community. I dont condone the actions of the IRA. However i know the backround in which they were created. To be fair its the same kind of backround that ISS came into being. A country that was invaded and occupied then left in ruin while the nation's rescources were plundered leaving it people desperate and with no opportunity for betterment. Some lessons are hard learned.
  8. Fair enough. Thats your opinion. But i was on the other side of the fence. Being pulled out bed in the early hours of the morning as a child by British forces in fermanagh. None of my family was involved in any form. But we were Catholic and thats all that was needed. If you grew up in that environment you might have a different opinion. Im not pro IRA in this climate as things have changed alot. But at that time something had to be done.
  9. They were also called terrorists by the generation of 1916. However history can change perception. The republic of Ireland now exists because of the struggle of those so called terrorists. Ireland as a nation existed before the Invading and occupying British forces. The same British occupation which exported food from Ireland to feed their army while the people there starved. But lets not talk about that.
  10. I think you'll love it. I have the S7 and my other half has iphone 6. She always looks for my phone to take pictures. Its far superior so i imagine that the s8 will be better again.
  11. Next years news. The Galaxy s9 is the best yet.
  12. That explains alot.
  13. For us Europeans. I think spain gives the Philippines compition. Especially when you take account of the healthcare and food.
  14. No. Thats the note7 which is not for sale and was recalled. I have the S7 and have no problems with it.
  15. Typo. I meant as the s8 is due you will get deals on the s7. Sorry.