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  1. That explains alot.
  2. For us Europeans. I think spain gives the Philippines compition. Especially when you take account of the healthcare and food.
  3. No. Thats the note7 which is not for sale and was recalled. I have the S7 and have no problems with it.
  4. Typo. I meant as the s8 is due you will get deals on the s7. Sorry.
  5. Its not against the law to give a "gift" of money in any country i know of. Negotiations on price for services is illegal in many. Your not paying for sex. You're paying them to leave.
  6. The question is whats the best for you. Many love the iphone and it may be nest for you. Simple and quality made. I prefer Samsung's Galaxy phonres the new S8 is due soon which means you will get good deals on the S8. I find it does all the iphone does without the restrictions apple apply. I think you should ask people who have something you likr can you have a look and go through the features of it then decide for yourself. Most top ent phones from apple, Samsung HTC oppo Haweii will all be great phones.
  7. Im guessing that girls found out what the guys are paying. Then compared it to how much they are receiving. Thats when they started feeling like a "victim".
  8. The offence as i see it is that it was a korean run service. I think if it was run by a pino all would be fine.
  9. Its not just US. But here in Ireland i see the upcoming generation is just like that. They feel an entitlement to their parents hard earned assets. I had to explain this to my own son not too long ago. He is only 18 and i make some allowance for nievity. I do feel that this is being perpetuated by governments. They encourage this as it creates more possible tax return for exchequer.
  10. Depends on what standard you want and where you like to be. I stayed in Mobolo in the Strawberry Residence it was 25k per month excluding electrical and water but includes wifi and cable. I looked at santoni place and it looks really nice for me. But its a little more expensive. Also across from Strawberry Residence is another place i cant remember the name. Its about 20k per month. I think thats the range for short term. You can stay at a pension house until you find what you like. Some as little as 800p per day.
  11. I think a plain woman would get more cleaning done as an employer wouldn't be as interested in distractions.
  12. Not sure if this deserves a separate thread but here it goes. How much would I expect to pay for one day a week. Just to tidy a one bed condo. No extra service. Not live in.
  13. I installed my home radio station apps on my phone and could listen over net to them. 8 hr difference but at least I didn't have to listen to that damn spring and fake laugh I hear in every taxi. It drives me mad.
  14. Do a graph showing cost of property vs income from rental of property. That for me would show a real figure of value.