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  1. Herrera said the “enemies” also use Arabic schools and mosques in the area to stage attacks. These structures cannot just be targeted though, he added Any time you start putting limits on the military to get the job done it turns into a disaster. Korea, don't go past 38th parallel. Vietnam, do not bomb anything but roads and bridges. If this is the way they fight this war they have already lost.
  2. So what's the problem? I will donate to the purchase of his airline ticket. Let him have his 70 virgins.
  3. There is an old saying, "don't build something for a market that does not yet exist." Tiny homes may be all the rage in the US but it that does not mean Philippines is a good place for these. Most that I've seen are built on trailers with two or three axles, to my knowledge those trailers do not exist in Philppines. A friend of mine brought all the makings for a trailer to Phils from US as he could not find them here and he is Filipino. Also the cost of the tiny homes in US would be approximately 1.5 mil. pesos. Also the knowledge of how to build such a building is not here as it is "stick framing" and most everything here is masonry which wouldn't work on the light foundation of a trailer. YMMV
  4. Our roof is galvanized iron with SacSac on top of that. It is relatively cool and asthetically pleasing. We put fish net on to hold it in place from the sometimes ferocious winds we get on this hill. The Sandugan area is a nice area. As far as finding something to lease there could be problimatic as properties may be scarce. Just put out the word and keep at it til you find what you want. It could take a year or so but remain patient and keep looking. Good luck in your search.
  5. I live in Siquijor but at the time I'm in the states. What do you need to know about Siquijor? What is your budget on building a cottage?
  6. I have been dealing with heart issues for years, several heart atttacks, two open heart surgeries, defibrilator implant, more procedures than I can remember. I was on all the low fat diets and it did not help at all. Being a thinking person I thought of how animal fat could cause cholesterol to cause cardiac problems. If animal fat is where most cholesterol is and we have a buildup of cholesterol in our bodies, where did the animals get it? Pigs, cows, chickens etc don't eat meat so where did they get cholesterol? They get it from grains. So I stopped eating grains or at least most of it and eat all the animals I want. After many years of this I'm in good health. My cardiologist told me last January that I was doing very well and also sided with my decision not to take statins, which I hadn't for three years anyway. He also told me that doctors were beginning to change their minds about animal fat causing heart issues.
  7. Maybe they would have been released if they hadn't asked for a Jewish wedding.......just saying.
  8. China has been building the new SILK ROAD for several years. It has mostly gone unreported on in western media but it is a game changer and few in the west know about it. It extends to Africa and will connect China with London, Moscow and many other places in Europe. http://thediplomat.com/2014/05/chinas-new-silk-road-vision-revealed/
  9. Weelllll, if three pinoys said it was true that settles it then. It must be true.
  10. Are you sure that wasn't ladies? Coral Cay is a good place, we go there to eat occasionally. It is owned by Dave and his wife. Infiniti Heights is another resort in the mountains with spectacular overlooking views. Also owned by an expat,(Aussie, Gary), and his lovely Filipina wife. It is a bit more expensive than Coral Cay but I don't know their rates. Food is good at both places which is a rarity in Siquijor.
  11. There are ATM's there now. I live there most of the time.
  12. Trump thinks the dollar is too strong and hurting US exports which need a weaker dollar. My guess is the dollar is headed lower. Change it now if you have it.
  13. Thanks for the article. Brings back memories that I thought had been washed away with lots of whisky. God bless them all and welcome home!