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  1. Geez I heard that. Never understood going after jail bait.
  2. Thanks for posting that James. Very good information. Best of luck to you in your endeavors. PT boats are a bit of a buzz all the time but recently another one was restored and put back in the water I think. Fascinating the construction details and history of those. I was at the WW2 museum in New Orleans last year but missed this display somehow....Hull Truth thread on the PT boat with some good photos: http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/827096-ww2-pt-boat-roars-life.html
  3. You noticed that too. "Entry level" LOL well said, not as offensive as "junk" for the sensitive. Something about the Adventure that should raise warning flags is the drum brakes in the rear. Practically screams entry level (JUNK). :-)
  4. Shadow I just can't wrap my mind around 2wd anymore after having experienced the superiority of 4wd and AWD driving in real world conditions. And not all AWD vehicles are created the same. Power split between the wheels is important. Subaru Rules. A vehicle to me is a tool, and I like good tools. I got a better chance to navigate whatever comes my way in a Subie or even a primitive-by-comparison Isuzu Trooper. Looking at the OP's Mitsubishi Adventure, I noticed right away the 2.5l diesel. Geez I would cut off a nut to be able to get a rig like the Adventure with that engine and 4wd. We can't get them here set up like that. MT is fine, I love the manual trannys and they are more robust than the autotrans. I did not see anywhere where they say it is 4x2 or 4x4 or if you can opt or either. With 4wd I would be all in for the Adventure but would try to find the Super sport model with the 15" wheels rather than the 14's tat are on the other trim packages offered.
  5. Subaru's are 4wd. What are they designed for? I have a 2000 Subaru Outback limited wagon. Full time all wheel drive. You should look into the engineering involved in the Subaru symmetrical all wheel drive design. Then drive one in less than ideal conditions. You will take delight in leaving the 2wd junk behind while they fruitlessly spin their wheels attempting to find traction. Even paved roads become slippery sometimes yes? Slippery when wet? NEVER had to use 4wd? I have a 1999 Isuzu Trooper 4wd. I can drive 200 miles of freeway to my Oklahoma property and then 4wd around where there isn't even a two-track dirt road. The Subie will do that too but the Trooper has better ground clearance making larger boulders and fallen trees into non-obstacles. Mountainous areas and poor unpaved roads abound in the Philippines. Maybe more of that than good paved level flat dry roads.
  6. I rented a fully automatic M16 rifle at Ultima once. Just walked in. It has been a few years since then. Rental firearms are a great way to check out what works and what doesn't. I was not aware Armscorp had a range in Cebu, good to know.
  7. With respect, yes it is junk. Anything 2wd is junk IMHO. Useless in some of the conditions encountered when traveling is less than ideal . Why limit your ability to travel???
  8. Can't offer any pro or con on the OP's vehicle consideration but if it is not 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive I would not buy it. Not my intention to offend anyone for their choices but IMHO 2wd vehicles are junk.
  9. Thanks for posting that video James. Love it. Really different construction method from the boat build threads I been reading recently over on "the hull truth" forum. They do pretty much fiberglass stuff there, seems like most are taking old hulls, cutting out everything including transom and stringers, recoring and glassing everything back into custom center consoles. Or there are the new builds, really fascinating to watch something like a 42' Freeman cat build from the mold up. Those south Florida guys sink incredible amounts of money into sport fishing boats of either monohull or cat design. The cats seem to be the winners as far as ride quality in the chop. Incredible they way these guys power boats like that, quad 7 Marine 627's and triple Veradoes and all that. Check this video out, guy has got quad Suzuki 300's and records the hole shot.....whooo hoooo! I'm interested because I am restoring a 1973 Starcraft Mariner 14 aluminum side console boat. The hull is stripped now. I am learning to buck solid aluminum rivets and laminating plywood and fiberglass for a new transom board. I will re-deck it, replace the cable and pulley steering with a Teleflex NFB sytem, rewire everything. I have a 1971 Johnson 50hp 20" shaft two stroke with 155 psi compression on both cylinders that runs, Will rebuild the lower unit. A little bit of overpower for this boat, she should scoot pretty good when I get it propped right. I noticed you are using Pioneer Marine epoxy for your build, is that two part, what is your pot life when mixed and how easy is it to get? When I finally make it to the Philippines I would be very interested in boat building as a hobby.
  10. Back on topic, segregation is going to be the only solution until Islam decides to modernize. Karl Denninger (The Market Ticker blog) has a good writeup on it recently. I share his view. http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=232103 Islam in it's current form is NOT COMPATIBLE with any other system. In addition to the ten percent of any group of Muslims who believe the Quran needs to be taken literally there will always be the moderate Muslims who suddenly decide to follow the letter of the Quran and start killing infidels. Guaranteed 100 percent to happen.
  11. Well ok, It was just an expression. I think you know what i mean by it.
  12. Would have never guessed garand guy from your post. And the idea is to make the bad guy lay down his life. Don't need to go anywhere to find creepy ass Muslims, we got them all around us. Helped my son in law return a uhaul truck yesterday and the uhaul facility was right across the street from a frigging mosque. This place is infested with them. Law enforcement put down two close to the walmart I shop at not to long ago. Hopped out of their car armed to the teeth at an anti-islam convention and never got a chance to get off a shot, police snipers were ready for them. The "story" was a regular duty cop shot them both with his sidearm but we know different. I have two Garands. Love them. Something about the ergo's just seems right. One is a 1945 rack grade Greek return the other was just a stripped receiver I bought all NOS parts for and had Shuff barrel for me with a new criterion. Beautiful pepper laminate stock. Thanks for your service by the way. Me and a buddy are scheduling level one rifle class at Tigervalley. can't wait. www.tigervalley.com
  13. With respect you can lay down and die if that is what you prefer. I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. No government anywhere can tell me I have no right to defend myself or my family. I do not recognize that "authority". Fortunately the Philippine government does allow guns in the house in certain ways. Good enough. I may not be able to run anymore (ankle) but I can damn sure shoot. If they dont get the drop on me then they are in trouble for sure. Here in Texas I am vetted by the government to legally carry. Law abiding good guy and can help the government with my guns if they request it. I would assist the Philippine government the same way. Just the same way my ancestor helped the US government way back in the day when they called up the Massachusetts citizen militia during the Revolutionary war. To each his own and I respect your right to do as you please but will never understand people who do not train with firearms.
  14. The threat should be there and I agree a retaliatory strike should have been made on Saudi Arabia. Not a nuke (although it would not bother me much to see a nuke strike there) but punishing massive ordinance on targets to let them know if we are attacked by Islam again then the seat of Islam in the world will suffer. Strike and withdraw. Same should have been done in Afsuckistan. Strike and withdraw. I never understood Iraq. I mean WTF?The intervention there was the work of bloody progressive usurpers infesting the FEDGOV and not something a true constitutional conservative would have done. Absolutely nothing the FEDGOV does is constitutional any more.