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  1. Had a similar incident with the BIL coming home from work in Brunei.Offerd to send his wife and 2 kids to Manila from the province to meet him for 3 paid nights in a condo near MOA..Ferry,buses taxi's all paid for..The kids had never been out of the sticks before. He asked for the cash instead. My counter offer was take it or leave it..No skin off my nose..Needless to say his family had a great time in the condo and the kids couldn't stop talking about it.. FIRM FIRM FIRM is the only way to deal with some people, regardless of where they come from..We give when we want to give and its only ever birthdays and xmas.I have great inlaws,they ask for nothing and appreciate anything we give because I was FIRM from the get go and never tried to buy them or shower them with money or gifts. Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  2. I was on the train coming into the station so I was safe...It was a bit of a laugh the first few times,but dodging cow shit is enough without having to worry about human shit as well. My ex got groped a few times around the train stations and in Varkala in the south we spotted a few mini vans full of men on the clifftops with binoculars perving at the western girls swimming.lt almost looked like an organised tour for perverts.
  3. Just a few photos from my train trip coming into Delhi station...Clip was only 47 secs long...Various crapping and pissing along the tracks..saw 4 blokes in a tight circle with pants down crapping and cleaning teeth with a stick, deep in conversation as if it was a morning work meeting...This happend in almost every station I arrived at in India..The stench of the urine at the station slums hit you long before the station arrived.
  4. After months traveling India a few years ago the only region I would even consider would be Kerela in the south. Even then the money would have to very bloody good. Filthy cesspit of a place.Pushed prodded and gawked at everywhere you go . Talking about the dongs here pissing on the street, wait till you see fat 60 year old women taking a squat in the gutter while in the line for the Taj Mahal..Just little experiences of India I will never forget. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  5. I might add she was the one to clean the toilet daily also as there is no school cleaner. If the parents don't do the work it doesn't get done. No budget for cleaners or groundsman. Hell we paid for wiring in the classroom and fixed the fans and watercooler as well.. Sorry for getting off track..As one member has already said...Teeth are rotten and need fixing. .Toothpaste just won't fix it now..Just be careful the money you send goes to the right place. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  6. For the 2 years our boy was in local school here in Calatrava.Kindy then grade 1 and 2 there was no education at all about hygiene or dental hygiene.My missus and I paid for soap and cleaning products for his classroom toilet so the kids would at least have a clean toilet and soap for the 2 yrs he was in primary school. As for dentists, the one in town didn't know what an autoclave was nor did 4 other dentists in the main town on the island. When my girlfriend finally found a dentist with an autoclave the dentist said to her your partner is foreign isnt he...hahah..tells you a little about what locals know about hygiene. She also had a minor surgical procedure in a private hospital in town and the utensils that were used were washed in cold water after and then just placed in an antiseptic solution. ..Again. ..no autoclave. . Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  7. My missus is from Tablas Island Romblon.5th class province. Lack if money is a big issue. Toothpaste alone is not enough, and when your only income is either a few fish you manage to catch or what you can trade your fish for, dental plans are not to high on the list.The amount of decay I saw in peoples teeth young and old in her town shocked me.No education in the schools here either. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  8. Had the same problem when I met my girl. 28 yrs old and never been to a dentist.Its very common amongst provincial folk from what I have seen. I told her we needed to fix the problem if we were to continue. Simple trip to the dentist in Manila 2 extractions 8 fillings from what I recall.Total cost about $200.We have been together 4 yrs now. Here in Oz now and getting her young blokes teeth done.3 teeth filled 1 extraction and a clean. $1500....Wish we were back in Phils.Cleaning will only get you so far..You need to get to a dentist if you are serious about this girl. Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  9. And then she says hello to your little friend? [emoji1]
  10. That was Canterbury Bankstownese. Men usually seen in Nissan Silvias wearing tracksuits or Bulldogs Nrl jerseys. Girlfriend's in hajibs or Leopard print lycra tights and heavy eye makeup.
  11. I have more fears of Wak Wak than of her ex causing problems. [emoji1]
  12. 4 years here and as happy as a pig in the you know what...the annulments have been a costly pain the arse,but she is well worth it..Got a kid in the package as well and he's my best mate..( 9 yrs old now ) my girl must be one of the ONE IN A MILLION married/seperated ones...treats me like a king...but doesn't take any of my shit either....
  13. My girl is still married to a Pinoy..They have been seperated for 8 yrs.Her ex has a new missus and 3 kids with the new partner.He knows about me and has caused no troubles for us..He has a shit job and is dirt poor but hasn't pushed for anything.Anytime we needed any papers signed for our visa applications for her and her son to travel with me to OZ we had no problems.I covered all his transport and certification costs whenever he need to do this and paid him 400 peso for his day off. This guy is no angel he cheated my girl and has never supported his first family,but he hasn't caused us any problems.
  14. Sure we had some bad calls but that's rugby.we got past Scotland on a dodgy call.The All Blacks were almost perfect in the first 40.Starved us of good ball. Better at the breakdown and the line outs. The back 5 were totally dominant. But the promising thing for us Aussie is we look to have sorted our scrum out and the boys have a respect back for that great gold jersey. .Congrats Kiwis on a great game.