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  1. Thanks for the tip guys. I can't find the "THANKS" button on the new LinC format/software... I suppose it will pop up later.... but thats another topic. About your hotel tip for Perth... the Royal hotel room seems a tad small by your dimensions... and I believe there is no CR in the room... but a communal toilet down the hall. Now any senior with a prostate problem will tell you... this is not good... especially if one needs to take a leak two or three times a night. But about Perth.... is there anything worth seeing there? Touristy things for a jaded Baby Boomer? And good old fashioned Aussie pub food... maybe meat pies and peas? There has got to be an RSL Club in the city with schooner beers and a roast dinner with baked potatoes for a lost Cebuano Aussie... LOL...
  2. Aussies: Tips for visiting Perth W.A. Best flights from Cebu, budget hotels, things to do etc. Planning a few days visiting Perth WA, but it seems that most flights from Cebu (Mactan) have a long layover in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore? Any recommendations for airline connections? And any ideas for a few days in this city? Where to stay in a budget hotel, and what to do and see...? Thanks in advance mates.
  3. I can only share my own SRRV experience with you Sven. My SRRV application and approval was processed here in Cebu by a certain lady with the name of Mayen, who at the time was a manager with the Cebu Bank of Commerce. Several LinC members have had their SRRV handled by Mayen, and there have been several posts on this over the years, here on the LinC forum. The entire process was completed with me living here in Cebu. There was no embassy involved and no so-called "Red Ribbon" rule. Mayen advised me that the PRA required a police clearance (at the federal level) from my country of citizenship (Australia). The Australian Federal Police processed my request within a couple of weeks and sent the clearance document to me here in Cebu by courier. Mayen then took me to the local NBI office uptown at the western end of Escario Street, for local police clearance and finger printing. I made a payment of the US $1400 application fee and the time deposit to her and she processed my application. The only one time I visited the PRA office was for the "swearing in" ceremony AFTER my SRRV was approved. It is important to note that PRA rules, regulations AND fees do change from time to time.... and some LinC members may have had different experiences with their SRRV application and processing. Hope this helps..... .
  4. ... or your son.... LOL
  5. Gino, as i said earlier in your other posted topic, requirements may be different depending on who you talk to at PRA offices. In my case they insisted on clearance from the Australian Federal Police and the red ribbon rule. However, when I visited the Cebu PRA office later they said the RR rule had been dropped. Regarding PRA staff... some of them are intern trainees and dont have a clue about Manila policy. Forum members here obviously have different experiences when dealing with the PRA. I suggest you ask the PRA directly what are their current requirements. Then you will know for sure what they want.
  6. Friends.... how many of you here on LinC have young boys living here in CC... and YOU need`to make this decision to chop up your sons dick? Should i give in to the wishes of GF and Phils cutlutre....? Heck no.... My boy can decide when he reaches majority (18 years) ... if he want the cut or not... heck its his penis... let hime decide what he will do wth it... yes?
  7. Are you sure about that? Is there any link I can research? I heard that if you die without a will here in the Philippines, and You are not married... then any kids that you have fathered (ie your Philippine sons or daughters) may be able to claim a share of your Philippine assets... Dont know if this is one of those gray areas of Phils law... but worth checking... no?
  8. P*ornhub is blocked in Thailand also.....
  9. This could be a problem for some Aussies....
  10. And I read somewhere on the Aust govt website that you need your passport ID photos signed on the back of the photos by another Aussie citizen... ??
  11. "Storage Wars" TV show segments to be filmed to Cebu? Uptown Cebu City is getting its very own rent-a-storage facility... you know the little cubicle space you can rent with the roll up front door... like the ones you see in that Skycable TV show "Storage Wars". It is located off Escario Street, not far behind McDonalds and right in front of Winland Towers. A neighboring shop manager in that strip mall says the owners got the idea from the cable TV show. Is it a viable business idea for Cebu ... and the Philippine-style way of doing things? Maybe, we just have to wait and see. And maybe the producers of that TV show may be checking also... hehe... .
  12. As other members have pointed out, the rules and regulations regarding your condo use are NOT listed in the sale contract. Usually you will find them in the MASTER DEED, which you get along with the contract. Again as others have pointed out, you will need to get a Mayors Permit, Fire Dept permit (and install adequate fire extinguishers) for the safety of employees and customers ..... and of course the Health Dept want to check your condo units as well. And dont forget your assessed monthly and three monthly tax obligations on income, payable to the BIR. And your employees tax (if any) .... and your employees are entitled to the normal worker benefits like Phil Health, SSS, etc... Plus there are the monthly condo dues plus 12% VAT for each unit... and water is sold to you by the condo developers, not the local govt body, so you can expect it to be higher price per cubic meter than what folks in a house down the street pay. I hope thats helpful for your business plan... and I wish you every success!
  13. Exactly... take a look around the lower Suk... Asoke, Nana, Ploenchit, Chitlom... or Silom and you will see expensive older Bkk condos in tip top condition... thats because they were constructed properly and the admin and owners look after the property with an ongoing maintenance schedule.... .
  14. All 20 to 30 year old dwellings worldwide, whether condos or houses, usually need some ongoing maintenance. I have seen some well built and maintained condos in uptown Bangkok, that are in that age bracket. And they look just fine... and holding their price for rentals or resale. It all depends on the attitude of the juristic management and owners... and if they are prepared to keep the property ship-shape. .
  15. Didnt the owner of Park Lane hotel get shot and killed some years ago? As I recall it, he was gunned down by motorcycle hit men while driving his car... does anyone remember this?