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  1. To be honest one of my concerns of letting everyone else loose on this job without my interference was the safety factor and quality control being spot on. We get quite a few visitors and anything like that with kids running around and exploring all areas etc. has to be safe , the law in Aus is no gap bigger than 4" , If a kid can fit their head through a gap they can fit their body...and also important that a handrail is not climbable , so no little design faults so to allow for a foot hold.
  2. Thanks Lee , this bit in the pic had them fecked , actually the whole thing had them fecked , that's why I had to go there.
  3. Thanks Bill , when I got there the boys asked about how were we going to fabricate and fix the posts that support the handrail , As we all know a lot of the design options in PI are all relevant to available materials , so we got the 50 x 50 (2"x2") angle and left the mounting side straight but curved the other side to suit the GI pipe , I brought the 3"long x 10mm diameter dyna bolts with me from Aus. (galvanised). 4 bolts to each post.
  4. Just got home after plugging another few weeks into this project , caught up with a few of the members here for a few beers whilst there. Every ring and baluster were hand made by beating the steel with a hammer.
  5. Sensible post Lee ....wise words indeed. I suppose as in most vices , whatever they may be , will power is the best natural remedy , albeit possibly the most difficult one to engage upon....
  6. She makes the floggin missing link look attractive in my book...
  7. I got no problem with that , if you think that the relationship is genuine you are as silly as the the old woman...
  8. My guess is we have a little deceptive muzzy boy holding back the vomit until that residency certificate arrives in the mail , as for her ..well she is just a stupid old bat deserving of any future misery that may occur... Harsh words you might say.....open your eyes people .....an idiot trying to rort the system with an infatuated sucker in the palm of his hand ..true love my arse....
  9. Sunday is lucky timing , taxi driver told me on wednesday that it took him 2hrs Ayala to airport one day last week.
  10. I thought there was a possibility of it being fake , but deemed it close enough to be indicative of a possible scenario , unless you can picture a heap of burqa clad individuals rushing to the rescue.... 😀
  11. Yeah ....the old guy just wasn't given any leeway , gee I never thought to look at like that .................
  12. Equality is something that they feel is reserved for them only , quite a pitiful insight really...but matching to the thin skin that makes someone elses life worth so little in their eyes , just because of a dispute ...it is all so very common here. A British national was gunned down in front of his family at or near a resort he owned just south of where this murder occurred some years earlier , A big common denominator in all of these incidences is a "dispute with a local" , not robbery or burglary , all new people here should take note , One of the most dangerous things in the PI is to have a "dispute" with a local ...their thin skin and fragile ego's just cannot tolerate such an engagement... RIP to a 70+ year old man , killed by an immature gutless little thug.......
  13. Actually I am in Australia and the computer is a 4 terrabyte HP that cost $4000.00 Aud. a few years ago ...so please understand if I go with the maintain option......
  14. Romanians travel the world pulling their disgusting little scams on the people of whichever country they are operating in , Theft and deception is their MO , slippery slimebags , they are also famous for entering a shop en masse and distracting staff with enquiries while their cohorts conceal the shops contents within their clothing etc. If you ever shake hands with a Romanian ....count how many fingers you have left on your hand when it's done.....