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  1. MANILA — The Insurance Commission (IC) welcomes the passage and implementation this month of a new law lifting foreign ownership limit in adjustment companies noting that this will make the Philippines comply with its commitments to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Republic Act No. 10881 entitled “An Act Amending Investment Restrictions in Specific Laws Governing Adjustment Companies, Lending Companies, Financing Companies and Investment Houses Cited in The Foreign Investment Negative List and for other Purposes” will take effect on Aug. 16. The R.A. No. 10881 now allows foreign nationals and 100-percent foreign ownership — in case of partnership, association and corporation — in adjustment companies. Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/new-law-lifts-foreign-ownership-limit-in-adjustment-companies/#AqVO5svucDvWroCK.99
  2. never count your chickens tell they hatch hope she will sign and it will be done for you what a mess
  3. what is false about 50 people dieing and 53 people being injured
  4. At least 50 people are dead and more than 50 others wounded after a gunman opened fire and took hostages at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning. The shooter was identified by several law enforcement sources as Omar Mateen, 29. The massacre — which is now the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States — began when the gunman stormed the Pulse Nightclub about 2 a.m., with an AR-15 type rifle and a handgun, officials said. He was shot dead about three hours later when a SWAT team entered the club, police said. what is this world coming to
  5. as i stated it is my opinion and i am entitled to it, i am not telling him what to do it is no ones decision but his own what will work best for him. I am glad i am not in that situation and if i was i would not give her a single peso. But that is me that is not what you or some one else might do. I hope him the best in his situation and hope he can work it out so it does not end up costing him dearly.
  6. this is why girls are so fast to scam guys cause the guys are so fast to just give what they want, and know they can get what they ask for. She does not deserve 1 peso, where as you took care of her even you where not in the country and bought her many gifts. which in my opinion more than she deserved for helping you only a little picking up rent or assisting you a little with those condo's. This time its 250,000 next 500,000 where does it ever end its not about if you can afford it or not its about she deserve's nothing at all you took care of her for many years and she helped you only a very little while you where out of the country picking up rent etc with your condo's. she will be back case in point look one breath telling you give her 225,000 next bring her chocolates.
  7. this is taken during the busy time of the eve, Google fiber 70 a month 1 gig up and 1 gig down google fiber would help change the way the internet is in the philippines, if google would come in pldt and globe and smart would be ass out no need to fix it if there is no competition
  8. its a 2010 when i got it new paid over $70,000.00 books out now at low $35,000.00 high is $42,000.00 how much total do you think besides the tax i would be looking at to get it over ? is there any discount on any of it since my wife has been out of the country for more than a year ? thanks Smokey
  9. sounds like your at there mercy through out the whole process and hope you do not loose your vehicle for good, have a dodge ram 3500 4x4 cummins laramie would love to take to ormorc i would not mind paying the 1 million peso but would be scared to loose the truck to custom's
  10. Thanks for killing my dream lol i knew it sounded to good to be true just wishful thinking. they should change what they call it, no dollar but lots of peso
  11. http://www.manilaforwarder.com/guidelines.pdf http://www.philippineconsulatela.org/consular-services-2/notarials/importation-of-certain-items-to-the-philippines they say it is a No Dollar Importation Program but than further down talk about tax and duty so do not know if that is for the no dollar importation or not
  12. i am a little confused on this as it seems as there would not be no tax or duty with shipping a vehicle into the pi using the No-Dollar Importation of Second-Hand Motor Vehicles of Returning Residents/Immigrants is that true or not ? input from anyone who has shipped a vehicle into the pi using the no dollar importation rule imput would be appreciated (there experience and cost) Thanks
  13. stayed in 2 separate rooms both nights,20 family on a daily outing sounds as though she used u as the rich foreigner to treat her whole family and friends, and yes from your post it sounds as though she has meet many foreigners trying to pull the same scam. from reading your full post ya she might not have asked you for cash sounds like she is leading up to a bigger amount than a few hundred peso, look as she has already asked you to take 20 family members out. if just looking for puki as your saying how nice of a rack she has than you will be better off just going to ac and hitting fields ave a hell of alot cheaper. the amount you spent on those 20 family members and friends could of bought you puki for a week with a nicer rack your next trip you might be taking the whole barangay on a vacation along with her husband. Good LUCK
  14. sounds like a very wise decision, better to use that emergency medical fund to help pay for a car than to use it for a funeral. I have ridden bikes most of my life, for fun and have raced for years. But the older you get you value your life a lot more than when you are younger when your younger nothing can kill you. i have had numerous friends that are extremely excellent riders die on bikes in the states and to me its a lot safer driving a bike in the states than in the pi. If you do get a bike be smart and wear appropriate gear for riding, kills me seeing people riding around in shorts and flipflops, guess its not a bad thing if you do not mind having gravel scrubbed out of your skin for days on end and skin grafts surgerys for years to come.