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  1. Great that those receptacles accept blade and round type plugs.
  2. Thanks. Gonna have to check this place out.
  3. Not Gilligan, he always wore the same clothes.
  4. Old Monty Python sketch
  5. I hope all of you who experienced this are ok, as well as your family and extended family relatives. We had an earthquake on Guam, the day after the Mindanao quake. Very common for us to have a quake after a major quake in the Western Pacific reqion. I grew up in Southern California, where as everyone knows, earthquakes are very common. Worst earthquake I ever experienced was in 1993 on Guam.
  6. Not just in the PH. It's ridiculous pretty much everywhere. The wife and I never go out for dinner on Valentines Day or Mothers Day. Restaurants are always full, staff is in a frazzle, and meals not usually cooked as good as usual due to the rush. We'll usually go the day after.
  7. We actually found this same place by mistake. We were driving towards Country Mall and the daughter and I just happened to see art displayed in that large window facing the street. The folks just happened to be inside and let us in. We talked to the Santos' and they were very nice people. You're correct, there have to be hundreds of paintings in there! There were several oil's I was interested in, but nothing really called to me. They gave me their card and told me to call whenever I was in Cebu, as they are not always open. If we called ahead they would be sure to open.
  8. Zambales is very rural except for Olongapo. Some really nice towns. I always liked San Antonio, San Narciso and Botolan areas
  9. Are those Husqvarna lawn mowers (orange bodied) that I saw in the pics?
  10. I take Lisinopril 10mg. Last time in Phils they didn't have 10mg, but they did have 5mg, so drug store just doubled up the amount of pills.
  11. With hilly areas, most likely is a Fresnel zone issue. Even with analog signal.
  12. Yeah, but it wouldn't have worked out that way. I more than likely would have ended up in prison.
  13. I have to agree with you. I will tell a first hand story, it's quite personal, but I friggin "snapped" before. My youngest daughter was molested by a neighbor teen when she was about 6. I had to be physically restrained by family members and friends from outright killing this worthless p.o.s. Rifle was in hand, and I was about to exact justice as I saw fit. After I was able to be calmed, I thought about what more hardship this would have caused my family had I been able to proceed. Did I snap? Hell Yes!! Fortunately the p.o.s. who did this, was 18 and was prosecuted as an adult.
  14. Yup. Course of action while waiting for connecting flight: Pull back hammer, cock trigger, suck on barrel, pull trigger.