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  1. I have a medical condition, and sometimes I can't hold either. Doesn't matter if I went prior to getting on the aircraft. I haven't flown a US carrier in years. Never had any problem with FA's on other countries carriers. (Cathay Pacific, Asiana, Philippines Airlines, Air Lanka).
  2. We've been married 35 years. Not too worried about that. Also, she became a US citizen quite some time ago.
  3. I understand where you are coming from, and have seen things not work out for couples who did bring their spouse to the US. However, it is not really a "one size fits all" description. I took my wife (to live) in US (three different States), Marshall Islands, Guam. She adapted, worked, became a US citizen, and is now receiving her US Social Security. She even had a US security clearance at one of her jobs.
  4. Spoke to wife yesterday. They gave here the same kind of coupon, before she boarded the Cebu flight. I was mistaken when I said she complained in Cebu...she said complained in Manila.
  5. That's exactly what will happen. Seen it many times during 25 yr USN career.
  6. On domestic and international flights I've flown, always seen attendants at the aircraft door while boarding to advise folks that they will have to check in their stroller. My wife when she saw the video of the "stroller mom" on the news even remarked to me "I thought strollers weren't allowed in the cabin"
  7. USNS Chauvenet - "Survey by Braille" I was on the USNS Navasota and USNS Catawba out of Subic. The Chauvenet MilDet had T-shirts that had the above saying on it ..due to the Chauvenet running aground during different survey missions. They would survey previously uncharted areas so that would account for the running aground incidents.
  8. My wife flew to Cebu yesterday from Guam - PAL Mabuhay Class. The agent at check in seemed vexed and when we inquired what the problem is, he was trying to find her seat on the MNL-CEB leg. She finally got it, but it was Premium Economy.??? He stated that the aircraft had been changed and was not configured for Mabuhay Class. She was pretty upset about this as she had paid for the Mabuhay Class. They couldn't or wouldn't do anything to satisfy her at Guam. My wife called me upon arrival at Cebu as she always does to let me know she arrived safely, but what she told me after that surprised me. She went to PAL ticketing after her arrival and actually complained. She told me they gave her a complimentary ticket! I am proud of her for standing up for herself and not letting them take advantage of her.
  9. Happens everywhere I've shopped in Cebu. Hired staff just does not know anything about what products they are selling. Had an issue with staff at Home Builders that wanted to sell me some tile cutting discs that were way too thick and have a tendency to split tiles. Them:"This is the one you want sir." Me; "No its not, it want this one" while pointing at the one I really wanted. They still persisted, but I got what I wanted in the long run. It's more fun!
  10. They would link up with the branch in Talamban, however there were all kinds of fees involved (including a fee to deposit if we were in PI) and it would still take 3 days to transfer money from Guam to PI. Decided it wasn't worth it. Appreciate your input.
  11. Used to get great fish tacos in San Felipe, BC on the Sea of Cortez. Fish they used was called sierra. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_sierra
  12. The wife and I were going to set up an account at PNB here in Guam. The forms they wanted us to fill out were onerous, so we just decided to forget it. I particularly don't like questions about how much my income is, where is my income derived from and what is my occupation. I am also hesitant to put my SS number on any Philippine document. Nunya. This was for an account on Guam which is US soil.
  13. Haven't heard that in a while
  14. MOAB = Massive Ordnance Air Blast
  15. Yup..there and Singapore are two of my favorite places.