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  1. I had this happen to me on Guam in one of the local religious stores. I was buying a statue of St. Francis and the woman (older Filipina) asked if I was a priest. I answered no, but she game me the priest discount. Here exact words. "but you look like a priest...so I will give you the discount." Funny as heck.
  2. Yeah, but they also believe in what they call the "Quack doctors"...some local healer.
  3. One or two Benadryl work good for making you sleep. No prescription needed. Its an OTC drug. (at least in US) Not sure about RP.
  4. When I am there, my wife has fresh carabao milk cheese delivered twice a month. Personally, I really like it. Comes straight from where they are making it wrapped in banana leaves.
  5. ^^^ Thanks, Mikala. I needed a good laugh today
  6. Many years ago (mid 80's I believe) when we first had a microwave in our house in Zambales, my wife's cousin who was the kids' new yaya observed the microwave in the kitchen. Later we heard from wife's family (chismis of course) that the cousin had said we were so "rich" because we had a TV in kitchen! I never forgot that. Cracked me up
  7. Hmmm...some local official(s) pockets are now a little heavier?
  8. What a process. Sounds like the ol' monkey-football.
  9. I like watching Formula E, but hearing the electric whine is sure taking some getting used to. Can't top the sound of good ol' high power, high performance internal combustion
  10. Sarcasm noted
  11. I really enjoyed this movie. After I saw it, took the grandkids to see it.
  12. Thanks for providing the article. Good info.