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  1. As usual they are big on chest thumping until it begins to get ugly, then they come with their hat in their hand.
  2. My wife and I were in Dumaguete a month ago visiting and we were lucky enough to get our house there sold. Seems our timing was perfect.
  3. It's things like this that make me laugh every time I read a thread with someone wanting to know what they need to open an account in the Philippines. When I first arrived I had an account at a PI bank for 1 month and closed it due to all the jackassery I encountered.
  4. What I always found amusing was the rice stacking/fluffing ritual. With their fingers they stack and fluff the rice until their little pile looks just right. Sometimes after getting the rice pile shaped and fluffed just right they'll pick some up to eat it only to discover it wasn't stacked/fluffed just right, so they put it back and start the process over.
  5. I've heard that before. Never actually seen it though.
  6. You're making my head hurt.
  7. You'd better inform the restaurants then because often times on the credit card slip it says "gratuity" next to a line that is blank. By your definition, that you insist upon, wouldn't the mandatory amount already be printed there?
  8. Hint: it looks like a taco
  9. WTF??? If you just forgot to insert the "sarcasm" icon, well then OK. Otherwise your credibility just went down the shitter with that one.
  10. I could swear that I posted a link regarding server compensation saying that if they didn't receive enough tips combined with the reduced wage to make minimum wage the employer had to kick in more. So not tipping is not stealing from the server. Most server jobs are only worth minimum wage to begin with. I'd rather the owner pay them minimum wage or more if they like, raise the price of the food and be done with this tipping nonsense. The grocery checker provides more service and spends about as much time with me as a server and I don't tip them. In the US I often times tip but begrudgingly. You can tip all you want and as much as you want. I tipped often in the Philippines because it was truly appreciated and not "expected".
  11. I tend to agree with you but there are exceptions to the rule and I'm married to one of them. It doesn't matter where we are, my wife is the same sweet girl she has always been. In my wife's CFO class she met a girl that was preparing to go meet her fiance in the US. Her plan was to go there, get married, and then scout around for a younger and more handsome one.
  12. I never give compliments for someone doing what they're supposed to do in the first place, like get me there on time with my bag. If we arrive early and I don't have to wait 30 min for my bag to come down the carousel, then they get an atta boy. There are damned few nice and accommodating airline people and I thank them profusely when I happen to run across one. But most either fall into the robot or asshole category.
  13. I hear you and am the same way. But trust me when i tell you that some in the Philippines are masters of illusion and you'll never even see it coming.
  14. I don't like "service charges" either. I feel that if it's a mandatory part of the bill then just factor it into the price of the food. I don't like being nickel and dimed. Funny thing is that there is a service charge added to most room service food. I'm ok with that. But then usually after they get the food into your room they'll stand around waiting on a tip. WTF?
  15. And herein lies a good part of the solution to the problem - If the gate agents did their jobs and turned back all these human pack mules with as much crap as they can drag on board it would make a lot of things better.