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  1. Does your building also have a hotel in it?
  2. I had a friend a few years ago that was in this situation and he didn't have the money to pay the fine. He was able to get a ticket home from one of his family members but could not raise the money to pay his fines. I believe one of the options is to be blacklisted until you can pay. I believe they keep the penalties continue adding up until you pay. So he flew home with the debt unpaid with the understanding that he was being placed on the blacklist. I think if he were to pay the fines he would be removed. Not totally sure, have lost contact with him.
  3. That is a really good price for Ramos tower. Won't last long.
  4. Talked to Mike at timeout tonight they are having an election party on Wednesday morning
  5. I think Time Out might be the best bet
  6. Can't you just leave and come back on a different visa status?
  7. Try tymad n banilad great for breakfast.
  8. How come they are not cutting Davao to Manila routes?
  9. https://www.globe.com.ph/duo-international/usa
  10. Does anyone know if globe still sells sims with US numbers?
  11. You use to be able to get SIM cards with US numbers at globe not sure if u can still get them though.
  12. Dealing with Boi here for anything besides an extension on a tourist visa is usually a cluster f@$k. The place seems like a dumping ground for incompetent government hacks! Dumping them at Boi and only the foreigners have to deal with them. Why on earth does it take 2 months to get an act card? When u get something similar in the U.S. It takes 10 minutes.
  13. These are the guys they should be shooting in street!
  14. Ice fishing house for the tropics!
  15. MICHELIN-starred British chef Jason Atherton and Cebuana wife Irha are opening their first restaurant in Cebu called The Pig & Palm next month. The restaurant, which is located at MSY Tower in Cebu Business Park, is in partnership with Cebu-based property developers Chris and Carla Yeung-McKowen of MSY Holdings Corp., and Cebuano architect Lyndon Neri of Shanghai-based Neri & Hu. “It has always been Irha’s dream to bring some of the success of our restaurant group, The Social Company, back to her hometown of Cebu. As my wife and co-director of the company, it gives me no greater joy than to open a Social destination here as my love letter to her,” said Atherton in a statement. The Pig & Palm is the 16th restaurant of Atherton’s restaurant group, The Social Company, which already holds three Michelin stars and operates in London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Sydney. Atherton was once part of the Gordon Ramsay Group together with other chefs—Pierre Koffman, Marco Pierre White, Nico Ladenis and Ferran Adria at el Bulli—prior to opening his own company. In an interview, Carla said the entry of The Pig & Palm in Cebu will be an added boost to an already vibrant dining scene. Robust developments in real estate, retail, business and tourism make Cebu deserving to be the next destination for world-class restaurants. The group invested around P20 million to set up the restaurant, a 57-cover establishment that will offer a modern Spanish tapas menu with a focus on pork dishes. It will also have a 25-cover bar that will serve cocktails and bar snacks. “Cebu is one of the best islands to live in the Philippines and a foodie destination in its own right. We’re having fun taking inspiration from our surroundings and creating a space where you can enjoy all the treats that Cebu has to offer, redefined by the creative taste buds of Chef Jason and the design eye of Lyndon,” said Chris. He added that the group will tap local farmer suppliers in Cebu to ensure a fresh farm-to-fork dish. “The dishes will celebrate Cebu’s reputation as a destination for pork, with a focus on pig-based plates sourced from local farms in Cebu.” In terms of design, the restaurant will take its cues from Cebu’s Spanish colonial past, drawing inspiration from the historic Fort San Pedro. While this new restaurant hopes to raise the bar for food and dining here, the McKowens said its prices will be competitive with that of high-end restaurants. Aside from attracting the local market, Carla said they are also banking on the growing tourism arrivals. The Pig & Palm is the second restaurant in the Philippines co-owned by a Michelin-starred chef. “We will study first the market acceptance of this business and eventually open up more in the future,” said Carla. http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/business/2016/06/06/michelin-starred-chef-partners-open-cebu-477841