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  1. There were absolutely thousands upon thousands of girls advertising their talents in UAE!
  2. Electric only in my condo. When I moved in, the guards tried to search my belongings to see if I was bringing in any gas canisters and stoves. Of course I told them to shove off!
  3. I bought Andouille sausages at Rustans last week Doug. They certainly weren't spicy! Let's just say I won't make that mistake again! S&R had Johnsonville smoked bratwurst last week. Compared to Usinger's Sausage in Milwaukee, they were barely edible...
  4. I'm holding off until I'm out of town for a few months. Pretty much the entire condo needs to be gutted and redone, including plumbing, walls, plus electrical.
  5. I moved in 2 months ago and find more items to add to the list of problems every week. In the past 2 months, they've endeavored to fix 3 items. The peeling paint was sanded and painted, but the underlying problem not fixed, so the paint will continue to peel in the future. The grout in the floor tile was re-applied, but the very next morning, the grout seems to have shrunk or become invisible in 80% of the places it was missing. Toilet tanks in both restrooms were tightened so they didn't wobble anymore, but they both still leak from tank into the bowl. There's still plenty of construction going on, so the laundry pens on the rooftop continue to be unavailable, but I cannot use the balcony to dry laundry, since the workers continue to drop paint, concrete and even metal shavings onto my balcony every day. Basement parking is only available in B1, as B2, B3 and B4 continue to be closed. Swimming pool is still closed and I continue to get laughs whenever I ask when it will be opened. They only answer? Sometime this year... Neighbors? So far there's only 1 other condo occupied on my floor, but I've never seen the folks. My only noise problem is the workers with floodlights working until 10 pm, so grinding, hammering and drilling noises abound. I've also had water leaking from the upstairs condo thru the ceiling in the master bedroom restroom. It took them 5 days to respond to this 'emergency' and now the ceiling in my restroom has water damage. This is my updated list: 1. Emergency fire sprinkler bezels are painted over 2. Cement or grout splashed onto the CR floor tiles (both) 3. Balcony railings and floor tiling have concrete splashes all over them. 4. Concrete splashes on all windows and balcony door glass. 5. Air conditioning cage concrete protrusions (horizontal surfaces) are not level (skewed by upwards of 4-5 inches) 6. Air conditioning cages are not secured properly to the upper and lower concrete protrusions. Screws are either missing or just the tips of the long screws actually are attached (due to #5). 7. Plenty of concrete bits and pieces are on the horizontal surfaces of the air conditioning cages. 8. Blue plastic film on windows, balcony door and balcony railings have not been removed. 9. Master CR water piping isn't straight, therefore the pipe fittings will leak in the near future. PVC pipe fittings must be installed straight to prevent leakage. 10. Balcony base concrete is not completely painted and the concrete finish (render) is very poor quality/cracking. 11. Small square silver tiles in CRs are not straight / consistent 12. Concrete splashed onto the bottom of the CR door moldings. Scrape marks now showing. Needs cleaning / repainting 13. Excess exterior paint slopped onto window frames and balcony light 14. Guest CR shower support tile is chipped near the bezel. 15. Balcony door fits hard (doesn't fit correctly), lock doesn't work 16. Master/Guest CR toilet tank is leaking 17. Bedroom windows leaking during light rain. Sealant on ALL outside window joints is spotty and perhaps 25% coverage. 18. Tile in MBR near toilet has nothing behind it. Should be a wall behind tile to hold in place, plus for future renovations. 19. Kitchen cabinets not level / plumb 20. Master CR shower doesn't drain properly 21. Doorbell button fell off 22. Living room floor tiles missing grout (many) 23. Kitchen sink front lip is not flush with the countertop (bent?) 24. Master BR small window is missing its gasket 25. Master Bath shower floor does not drain (Guest shower drains nicely) 26. Guest CR hot water supply 1/2" plug is missing and filled with concrete (or glue) with a piece of pipe. 27. Guest CR water heater electric outlet is installed on a wall that isn't flush with the tiled wall 28. Fake wood flooring in both bedrooms are delaminating. 29. Master CR ceiling damage from water 30. Master CR wall is not straight 31. Tile grout behind toilet tanks is missing 32. Kitchen ceiling looks water damaged / uneven 33. Master CR floor doesn't drain towards the drain 34. Markings on tile near sink basin 35. Living room floor tiles loose 36. Bottom of front door isn't straight and also has a large gap allowing insects easy entry. 37. Kitchen cabinet doors are pitted, scarred and marked 38. Ceiling decorative soffits in both restrooms are uneven. As an example, it's 1 inch wide at 1 point, but 2 inches wide at another. It's also wavy, when it should be straight. 39. Grout missing in tile of shower stalls 40. Tile missing in master CR shower stall next to pipe. 41. Condo exterior walls have an inconsistent thickness. For example, the balcony door is attached to the wall and clearly shows the wall is perhaps 1 inch thicker at the top, than at the middle, but the bottom becomes thick again near the floor. Also applies to both bedrooms and the window installations are effected.
  6. Don't expect to find HDMI 2 (or above) cables in Cebu. I've been searching around for cables for a month now. Nobody stocks anything other than just regular cables. That being said, 4k seems to work just fine on short HDMI 1 cables (at least for me). I use my wireless to connect to my 4k television. If you have a USB port on your tv, perhaps you can buy a dongle and go that way?
  7. I think the guy would get assaulted trying to bypass traffic like that (if not shot). Also didn't look like he had enough clearance to get over the truck and seemed like he must have snagged a few antennas in the process. All-in-all, not practical in the least...
  8. Lazada sells stun flashlights and such. I doubt they'd sell them if they were illegal... If you're going to bring a Taser or stun gun here, I'd recommend avoiding going through Korea. I spent some hours with airport security and local police after they found a stun flashlight in my checked baggage. I've supplied the wife with a Taser C2 stun gun and I've got 2 Taser stun flashlights in my condo. I feel a bit more secure with those available.
  9. They do have these type of plugs in stock at Belmont Industrial (Mandaue). I noticed them a week or so ago because I had 5 of these type of plug outlets in my condo (now have only 2!). Instead of changing the plugs on my appliances to match the wall outlet, I changed the wall outlets. Note: they did not have this plug in stock at Citi Hardware, Cebu Builders or Ace Hardware.
  10. The several hardware stores I've been to didn't have that type of plug in stock. Since Belmont Industrial Supply has such a large selection of generators, I'd be asking them if they have that plug in stock somewhere in the store. I only looked at plugs upstairs in the electrical area.
  11. If you provide a photo of the plug needed, I can probably tell you where to find it. I've looked at a lot of plugs at various hardware stores in the past 2 months.
  12. If you're nearby Cebu City, I'm available for advice/guidance. Cost? Free! Note: there are some VERY decent industrial extension cords on reels available at Belmont Industrial.
  13. I wasn't at the shop for generators, so didn't note any models or prices. I seriously doubt they've got the same size and model that Paul bought, as that would have stood out to me (since I've got essentially the same model as Paul out on my ranch in Hawaii). The dealership actually answers their phone (my wife has called there several times in the past six months), so I'd try calling them first prior to visiting them. If you plan to purchase in Cebu, then I'd highly recommend checking out the wide variety of generators at Belmont Industrial Supply in Mandaue. If you need assistance in what they stock, I'm happy to stop by there (give me a week) and take photos / get prices.
  14. They had several when I was there a few months ago.
  15. I plan to change my lock when I change my flimsy door. I will not get permission or give the administrator the new key.