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  1. Do you plan to travel to the south end of Cebu island to look over some of their handiwork or just order it via internet?
  2. I've done programming at various job sites and I can attest that it's not fun. It's challenging and requires intense concentration. I determined early on that I didn't want to be a software programmer full time though. Engineering is fun though!!
  3. SM Seaside is ranked as number 7 in Wikipedia. SM Cebu is ranked as number 30. Ayala is number 64, while Robinsons Galleria is 102. Guess that statistic needs to be modified Jim! Great list though!
  4. I'd recommend the Taoist Temple (1 hour max), Cebu Heritage Monument (30 minutes max) and Tops Lookout (30+ minutes) Tony.
  5. I don't have access to the piping in the cabinet. All the condo piping is bent like that, even the short runs.
  6. Apparently you've never seen a roast turkey! They're ducks, but my photo attachment was influenced by their close relationship to geese, same as the Japanese gazebo at my condo!!! My apologies to everyone else for being OFF-TOPIC!
  7. Edited to remove content that might offend sensitive folks....
  8. Supposedly I've gone blind during this encounter and the other goose has attended military school of tactics? I guess a 2nd swing would produce a similar result. Geez, wading into a flock of Canadian geese isn't a hazardous thing. Let's not get ridiculous!
  9. Looks like it's legally possible to institute a homeowners association without regard to Robinsons Land's feelings or rules! This would make a good topic Ian!
  10. Haven't seen a Master Deed or any other Rules and Regulations, other than for the swimming pool, yet. Queries about these sort of things always get forwarded to Robinson Land and then remain unanswered.
  11. Last Canadian goose I encountered in MIchigan met a tire iron and then became dinner!
  12. If they want dry clothing, then they should provide a changing area, other than the CR with a crappy shower stall disguised as a toilet stall. Every hotel and condo I've been in has to suffer folks that are wet using the elevator. I'd expect the janitor service that everyone pays for to clean it up. There is no condo owner's association (yet), but I've raised many concerns with management here about getting the owner's association going, with or without their consent.
  13. The cabinet is only for my condo. I will not personally change it, but have requested that condo management change the piping going into my condo. I have no desire to be physically in the Philippines while the work is being done. Nothing is critical. The windows were finally sealed the other day, but the gasket in the 1 window is still missing.
  14. I had a 30+ foot pump boat build on Bohol a few years back. Supposedly they're famous of building bancas and pump boats, then delivering them around the Philippines. Maybe read this article and see if the guy responds to an email? http://duckworksmagazine.com/03/r/articles/banca/