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  1. Do a Google search for your Countries Travel Advisory website ( most likely a government site ),
  2. What I have found, my gf and family, seem to always have the TV volume up so loud, I find it hurts my ears after awhile, and annoys the shit out of me, and even when they leave the room, it's still blaring, so I always turn it down to a normal level, but as soon as someone else come in, back up to a high level ( they must be a little deft ) at 'Home' I only turn the TV up loud if I'm watching a good movie, to get the effects from the sound / music, as to really enjoy it, but just normal TV stuff, I have it on a lot lower level. Nigel.
  3. Maybe I don't watch enough TV, but I have never seen it on TV here.. ( Tassie )
  4. My son did TKD when he was at high school, and from what he told me, 1 particular student used to pick on him, just to get into a fight ( he did a different martial art ), but my son was not interested, and refused to 'play his game'
  5. Does this vehicle have return fuel line ? if it does, put the pump near the tank to "push" the fuel, if the fuel gets hot in the line to the engine, then that fuel has a return to the tank, after a bit, the cooler fuel from the tank will cool the line Nigel
  6. my 2 cents worth, fuel supply issue. make sure the pumps work, make sure the filter is clean, make sure no leaks in the fuel line ( sucking air ) make sure the fuel line is not blocked. make sure the 'screen' in the tank is not blocked, and if it has no screen, then crud in the tank getting sucked onto the pickup in the tank, then when you turn the pump off, it falls away, to be sucked up at a later time, also the tank need to have air getting into it, so as not to create a vacuum and ethanol should not cause you any issues, been only e10, and not like e80 ( where you need special parts to use, like special hoses, fuel pumps, etc. ) NIgel
  7. My gf says this is how her auntie work ( they have money ), they hand out a little money to the poorer realities, and in return the poorer relatives are forever in their debt, my gf aunties don't like my gf, since she will never ask, or accept money from them, so they have no control over her.. and yes it seems, a loan is a gift, as I have been bitten once with that with my gf brother,
  8. I'm not getting "access denied" but it not loading the page, maybe the site has an issue, but www.target.com.au is working fine if you need a fix :-)
  9. it's not the cable tie cutting into the insulation. its the cable been compressed inside, which changes the Characteristics of the rating of the cable ( the way the wire is twisted inside the cable ) having cable ties loosely fitted should not be a issue, but I use Velcro myself.
  10. Pure p*orn... but I notice they used wire ties on the second image, my understanding is this is a no-no..
  11. panels are cheap now... ( in Aus anyway ), when my brother done his solar system 15 years ago, he said he paid over $1,000 for each panel (150W), now you get a 250W panel for less than $250 buy extra panels, and don't bother about a tracker.. and as do Paul suggest ( virtual tracker )
  12. What the maximum temperature before you don't have to work ? It's still cold here in Tassie, been raining on and off the past 2 days. :-(
  13. I just went looking at what BPI offers, and came across this ( ID requirements / bottom of page ) REQUIREMENTS TO BRING WHEN OPENING AN ACCOUNT: Valid ID with photo and signature 1x1 ID picture Initial deposit Utility Bill reflecting address https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/p/0/18/savings Seems like that is not to difficult ? unless what they say here is not what happens on the ground.. Nigel