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  1. The public being other ships in this case.
  2. Well we have no idea about what kind of turns the navy was doing because there is no track. Why not? Also 'they' can't even decide which direction the navy boat was heading, as in East or West. Why not? If the navy boat was to the right how did the other boat clobber it on the starboard side? Also it seems that the cargo boat had its AIS switched on otherwise it would not have shown a track.
  3. The track shown seems to be only of the container ship. So the navy boat had his AIS off?
  4. Yeah, the container captain must must have spun his boat around, pedal to the metal, so he could score a hit amidships:) Who needs a navy? Just have a bunch of containers ships at the ready to sling at them:)
  5. I just signed up for Shopping Cart, it took me about 15 minutes of screwing around with those invisible roads, cars, and street signs before the challange gave up and accepted me:) The audio challenge doesn't seem to work.
  6. There is a China bank close to the old, poorly maintained hotel I'm staying at on Ramos near Osmena Cicle. They were fine with opening USD passbook and Piso ATM accounts. No international debit card though (it is just a bankcard for the ATM) B of C on Osmena Cicle required a real local postal address. BPI just off Osmena Circle also wanted a reference from a foreign bank! BDO wanted proof of address but when I asked what if I had an account with another branch they said no need new address proof.
  7. Didn't need to. Went in at 10am and collected passport and SRRV card. It had the hotel address on it and when I suggested that it would not be useful for opening a bank account, the sweet young thing spent five minutes to change the address to the first one I had put on the application. Anyway - no oath, just a couple of signatures for which I forgot to request a copy. Duh. The sweet young thing did mention that BDO in Makati on Gil Puyat will open an account with just a passport and the SRRV card. I didn't try it cos I wasn't staying.
  8. The 16:55 flight left T3 on time and I got out of CEB at 18:16 and the 'Mybus" P25 was on its way at 18:20 - there was another bus waiting to load passengers just behind it. Arrived SM about 18:50. I got a taxi at SM to Osmena for a negotiated P100. Arrived about 19:10. BTW, the white shuttle bus from Taft station to T3 for P20 is working well. At midday it took about 20 minutes.
  9. Thanks, that seems like a better way to get to SM city. I guess a taxi would be the smarter move after that.
  10. Thanks, I'll put in on my short list of good reasons to buy a 'smart' phone.
  11. I suppose if I wait until 11:50am before arriving I would probably get the same deal:)
  12. This topic could do with a bit of a nudge. I don't have any answers, only questions. This is all I could find about Jeepney routes, very tedious to search through. http://cebujeepneys.weebly.com/04b.html Oh dear, is that advertising? So I thought I'd look for a Jeep from the airport to Osmena Circle. One can start with a MI-05A from the airport to Opon/Lapu2 PUJ terminal and then a 23D/MI-23A to Mandaue Coliseum, get a 21D to Maxilom, then 03B to Osmena Circle. Needs fine tuning for odd/even. A taxi would be more comfortable, safer?, and faster? Anyone know any better ways.
  13. I spoke with PRA this morning, passport ready for pickup tomorrow, no overstay issue. Got to take an oath, presumably it won't be the one I usually use. Hope it isn't about a coloured rag.
  14. You're right, no FB/Google/et al here:) I did say I am a relic. I think asking the PRA who has my passport might be the go. Phew, that's a relief:) Thanks Jawny, useful information.