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  1. I have checked with a BPI branch in Iligan, Bacolod, and Makati so far and each one required either ACR or SRRV, original passport, and 'proof of address' in the form of rent contract or an addressed utility bill.
  2. Thanks all for the clarification.
  3. And you did this without prior arrangement in person at the sending bank?
  4. Thanks, you are reinforcing my point about someone having to be at the sending end.
  5. How does this work? I can't see how one could arrange a wire transfer without being present at the sending bank.
  6. thanks for the reminder, I have read about him before on LinC.
  7. I'm sure it would but I'm still hanging around waiting for the PRA/BI to issue my SRRV (approved but sitting on a desk somewhere).
  8. I checked with BDO, the rates are correct but they said I would have to be a customer before they would sell me USD. The best money changer that I have found in Makati is quoting 50.09/50.80 so about twice the spread of the Cebu/Bacolod money changers.
  9. If you have a business name and location, that would be handy. However it seems that good rates are not uncommon in Cebu and Bacolod for starters, it is Makati that is not good.
  10. Thanks, I'll get down there with my sackful of 20 Piso notes. The best rate I found in Makati this morning 09:30 is 50.8. Big difference to what you found - a good reason to not exchange in Makati. Th lady money exchanger in Bacolod told me that the (mid)rate is fixed by the Philippine stock exchange at 10:30 and 15:30 each day and stays fixed until the next fix, so it is predictable within the fix period.
  11. Is that a rate from a real money changer? If so please say who and where. Thanks BTW the rate in Bacolod that I quoted was from LGB on Areneta st, close to a BPI
  12. Slightly off topic. I am buying USD too. Yesterday the money changer rate for buying USD was 50.45 (sell 50.20) in Bacolod. Today the mid rate is marginally down so it should be cheaper. In Makati today the buy USD rate is 50.80 at the Avenue mall (sell 50.10). So a big rip-off compared to Bacolod.
  13. Thanks, another bank to add to the list.
  14. Is that the one on the right 50m or so after walking under the IT arch opposite the Waterfront entry road?