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  1. We were at the Marriott recently and they were advertising the 615 peso buffet on Sunday afternoons as well. The price actually includes a soft drink and coffee and it is the full price, unlike some other buffets that add on service charges or/and taxes to the price (Radisson and Quest both do). There were only around 5 or 6 main dishes to choose from on a Monday evening, plus the grill for noodles and pasta. The ambiance and service are second to none though and its usually quiet so you can easily get a table. The full price buffet is actually ranked No.1 restaurant in Cebu city by Trip Advisor http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g298460-d1509664-Reviews-Garden_Cafe-Cebu_City_Cebu_Island_Visayas.html The Bayfront hotel does a buffet for around 340 pesos that has at least as many dishes to choose from and is on a par with the quality. The ambiance and setting is nowhere near as good though. The best buffet we had recently was at the Quest. Its very hit and miss though, some days a great choice, others nothing near as nice. One to definitely avoid is the BBQ at Park Lane on Friday and Saturday nights. Absolutely awful.
  2. We usually tip up to 5% for good and nothing for bad service. Not an science amount though, if it's say 285 we will leave 300. It's slightly complicated by places that add a 10% "service charge". We've found most restaurants keep the 10% service charge and the waiting staff don't get it. Not always the case though, as some waiting staff have told us they get the 10%. Where we've had exceptional service we'll ask if they share the 10% service charge and hope they say yes. If they don't share it we'll leave a token tip. You just have to hope they're telling the truth and understand you when they say they don't get the 10% service charge.
  3. If it was a different boat, that would also explain the missing engine.
  4. If the IPAD is passcode protected, it could be a long time before the police get access. Especially as it's the Philippines. There have been a few cases I've read about where Apple are most uncooperative in helping anyone access an IPAD other than the registered owner. I read Oscar Pistorius's refused to give his passcode to the police and Apple wouldn't help them.
  5. Presumably they never had contact from any "kidnappers", so didn't they think that odd? Or do you know if someone claiming to be "kidnappers" contacted them and told them to get LIC and other social network sites to stop posting about it?
  6. The link to the Mail website has plenty of photos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1rIX56Me6Y This is a normal London road, not viewed as an area where its unsafe to walk. Its a real shock to see the boy stabbed just for a cycle. In fact it doesn't even look like a real attempt to get the bike, just a gratuitous stabbing. So sad, so much to look forward to in life. RIP. I really hope they catch the low lifes that did this. The mother of a 15-year-old boy stabbed during a botched bicycle theft has made an emotional appeal for information about her son's killer. Michelle Watson's son Alan Cartwright was stabbed as he rode along the Caledonian Road in Islington, north London with friends on Friday night. Ms Watson told a highly emotional press conference that 'a brother and a son is dead'. Alan’s mother and sister described the Army cadet and Celtic and Arsenal fan as a 'joker' who loved bikes and never caused any trouble. Fighting back tears, Alan’s mother Michelle Watson, 39, said: 'He always made you laugh about anything and everything. He was just the funny one out of his friends. 'I feel angry, I want somebody found for this. I just feel numb. 'Looking at the CCTV footage it looks like he got punched, like somebody had just hit him. 'It was so quick, he just carried on riding and two minutes up the road he is collapsed and dead. It’s like it’s not real. 'I would say to witnesses, if you’ve got any sort of conscience come forward because a brother and son is dead.” The teenager’s sister, Cherrie Smith, 21, broke down when she spoke of him not being there when she gets married. Ms Smith said that her brother’s death has not fully sunken in yet because the family have not seen his body. She said: 'We want any witnesses to give as much information as they possibly can. If you have a little brother or sister, ask yourself "what if it was them?" 'If that was me, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. 'People are saying "wrong place, wrong time", but those people shouldn’t be carrying knives on them. The whole of his life Alan has grown up in the Cally (Caledonian Road) and you just don’t expect it. 'He has always put a front on in front of me and his friends that he was like a hard man, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly, he really wouldn’t. 'I just clearly hope someone gets found for this - knowing he has been taken away from us in such an unlawful way, it’s just heartbreaking because there’s a chance someone could get away with this. 'We clearly think it was a bike robbery, but the question is "why"? Why has that person done that?' Earlier today, police released shocking CCTV footage showing the moment the Holloway School student was stabbed. A second suspect is shown lunging at one of the teenager's friends and knocking him off his bike. A third is seen crossing the road and grabbing another friend to pull him off his bike. A post-mortem examination yesterday concluded that the cause of the Holloway School student's death was a single stab wound to the chest. Detective Chief Inspector Chris Jones, who is leading the investigation for the Homicide and Major Crime Command, appealed for help in identifying the three suspects. 'The footage of the suspects attacking Alan and his friends is truly shocking. Alan stood no chance of defending himself against his attacker, who casually stepped out in front of him and stabbed him in the chest. 'Identifying and arresting the suspects is our absolute priority. We are working tirelessly and the investigation is moving at a fast pace. 'It is obvious from the footage that Caledonian Road is busy with cars and pedestrians. We have already spoken to a number of witnesses who have provided helpful information to the investigation; however, I would like to re-appeal to anyone who may know something about Alan's murder and the robbery of the bikes. Where are the two bicycles that were taken? Someone may have noticed a new bike brought home or perhaps you have been offered a similar bike for sale? If so, I would urge you to contact the police. 'I would like to reassure anyone who is worried about contacting the police that they will be treated with the utmost sensitivity.' Alan's mother, Michelle Watson, 39, from Islington, north London, led an emotional tribute to her son on Facebook. She wrote: 'Our baby boy xxxxxxx xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx RIP we love you always.' All three suspects are described by police as male youths who were wearing dark tops and had their faces partly covered. The bicycles stolen during the stabbing were a red mountain bike and a black and red pedal cycle. Mr Cartwright was stabbed as he cycled along the Caledonian Road on Friday at around 19.34. He collapsed and later died at the scene, as three of the thugs escaped on two stolen bikes. DCI Jones continued: 'I think the CCTV speaks for itself. 'I think this is a dreadful, shocking, unprovoked incident. It is a shocking crime, a mindless act of violence. 'One of the motives we are exploring is of robbery of the push bikes. I'm open minded to the motives however.' He added: 'Alan is well known in that area. 'He was just out cycling in the area with his friends. Alan is just a young boy, 15 years of age. I don't class him as a gang member. 'He was just out cycling in and around the Caledonian Road area.' He went on to say: 'A really important line of inquiry for us is where the bikes have gone. 'Has someone been offered them for sale, has someone purchased them? 'We have made an appeal for witnesses. I would really ask people if they saw anything on that night please come forward. 'I'm convinced that if you know these suspects you will recognise them, even from their clothes or build.' Asked if the police have any possible suspects he said: 'I wouldn't discuss that at this time.' One of the stolen bikes as a 'Specialized Hard Rock' mountain bike with disc brakes and electrical tape on the frame. The second bike was described as a black and red 'specialized Vita' pedal cycle. The word 'Specialized' was printed in white. According to police, the first suspect is a male youth of slim build. He was wearing a grey or dark coloured hooded top and dark bottoms. He may have had a key chain hanging from the rear pocket. He is believed to be white. The second suspect is also a male youth of slim to medium build wearing what is thought to be a black, sleeveless top. He was wearing a shoulder bag against his body. Eyewintesses said he had some form of face covering and is thought to be black. The third suspect is a male youth of medium build and was wearing a three-quarter length coat. He was wearing a dark top with a multi-coloured motif with lighter coloured bottoms and dark shoes. Officers do not know this suspect's ethnicity. Anyone with information on any of the suspects is asked to call the incident room on 020 8345 3734, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or via crimestoppers-uk.org. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2977106/Caught-CCTV-Horrifying-moment-teenager-fatally-stabbed-chest-cycled-friends-London-street.html#ixzz3TL3vN6Qj Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  7. Wow, thats a shocker. I could understand if it was Nutella Hazelnut spread, but Goya?
  8. Hey Smokey we agree totally, for a change. :-)
  9. On the evidence of previous threads I knew that you like the last word, so I was expecting another response and wasn't going to bother to post a reply. However, as you yet again mention something not in my posts I will just clarify I never mentioned a jury. My sister in law works for the court, so I know a little more about the courts than you realise. At the end of the day we will have to agree to disagree on this. You have your code you live by and that works for you. I have my code that I live by and that works for me. Some people would call naive, I understand that. The world goes on.
  10. No, never said or implied Western courts were the same. Maybe the guy would come back once. Maybe not at all if the defence lawyers pleaded the case down because of the weight of evidence. The greater the weight of evidence the more likely lawyers will plea bargain. Unfortunately we will never know because he's said he won't testify. I'll give LA a miss, I understand how it works there without needing to go there. As you say you did military service for the money. Your motive wasn't to save the world, earning money was. Secondly, as previously stated, please read the title of the thread, this is not about you. The French guy has a history of moving about and some of his quotes state he was heading out of the Philippines. You've gone off at a tangent there, nothing to do with them testifying. Never mentioned the rights or wrongs of any action, my post was related to testifying.
  11. It wasn't meant to. It was just to try to establish if the 5 ft 7 in body was likely to be Brad. As hes taller, assuming the 5ft 7in measurement is correct, it offers more hope that he will be found alive. Yes, it would be nice to know the original source of the measurements.
  12. I would have to balance the likelihood of conviction with my testimony and without it. I would like to believe I would, and I certainly wouldn't be ruling it out at this stage by saying I couldn't ID the gunmen. If they had ID'd the gunmen it would have strengthened the prosecution case. The defence may have sought a reduced sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. I know my wife would be against me testifying and would insist I hired a personal body guard as well.
  13. So did you volunteer to go to Vietnam out of a sense of duty, or was it compulsory service? Either way it was your JOB, you were paid for it, and it certainly doesn't make you the american Oskar Schindler. By the way, I realise they had guns, thats how they shot the Foreigners. As regards to putting your families life at risk, I never suggested that for one minute. Remember this IS a thread about the McDonalds witnesses, not about YOU. I think it's very likely the Indian chap will move, taking his family out of danger. The Frenchman has already said he's leaving the Philippines. So unless you are suggesting these local hoods are going to hire a hitman or break out of jail and get on a plane to France (FYI in Europe and over 11k kilometres away), I guess his French family are safe. I suspect that if the Frenchman did decide to return to the Philippines to testify, it would be easy for him to create great media interest in the story. In such circumstances I think the Philippine government would seriously worry that a by then well known Foreigner getting bumped off could have a serious effect on tourism. As such they would be very keen to ensure the safety of the Foreigner. Don't understand why you've introduced saving Cebu into this reply? Or why would buying a cop equipment or opening a tip line make me feel good? What has any of that got to do with these Foreigners testifying anyway?
  14. From memory, two of the posts on the thread appear to give different information about the people identified as dead. One says the bodies were 5ft 4in and 5ft 7in and unnamed. Another post says it was Brad and his girlfriend. Fishingbrat hasn't confirmed he is over 5ft 7in, but looking at his facebook photo where he is alongside 5 other Filipinos, I'd guess he must be a six footer. So one of these two posts is wrong, making it a 50% chance Brad is still alive. Until its confirmed by the authorities its not official, so lets hope for the best.