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  1. That's total B.S...... Sure throw a hand grenade , then use a silencer I assume you never been in the Military have you ever heard a hand grenade go off ??
  2. Andy knew his time was near, and he didn't want to burden his family with endless medical bills etc... Charito expected something was wrong with him, coz he's always telling her,I'm lucky if could reach my 62nd bday to file for my social security benefits, he refused to go to the hospital in the eleventh hour , 09/09/55 to 05/16/17..a few months shy of his 62nd bday...
  3. Did you know a very simple to make but extremely useful emergency 45 day candle The Crisco brand was originally a candle company ... So don't fart and hold a match to it or you just might burn for 45 days lol
  4. Andy Coyne has passed away last Tuesday due to heart failure, a long time expat owner of Charitos bar and grill in town of Dalaguete Cebu.......... Andy was from Northern California worked at the shipyards and also as a police officer... very interesting guy and he will be missed by all that had the chance to know him ..He is wearing black shirt in this photo along with his buddy Chris.... R.I.P. ANDY COYNE...If anyone knows Charito please give her your condolences.
  5. Most prostitutes are willing to change positions for twenty bucks , So for another 20$ he could of had a happy ending and kept it out of the prosecutor's / NBI hands
  6. here's a 7 second video Trumps wall ... We have to remember the bad guys have the element of surprise ... always good to have awareness and action plan to execute
  7. Works for Zombies also ... ................ if you meet a friendly bear just wave
  8. Having a wall/fence around your property is like drawing a line in the sand , Now your trespassing no plausible deniability . I like the cctv cams wireless with audio that alerts you via cell phone .... I have had many of my dogs poisoned .
  9. I use these for camping to keep bears away works great
  10. Good Topic , get some video night vision cams , if you shoot intruder breaking into your house ,,,,, I think even if your a foreigner, gun registered to your Wife or other family member , you have some rights to protect your family ...But also complicated if you had zero training with firearms ,,
  11. Is there anything a Filipino doesn't overload ?
  12. Paranoid ., I guess its harder to cheat a smart meter. The area I live 1 in 4 house's is a indoor grow house , the occupants sign up for a low income C.A.R.E. program , while running 10 or more 1,000 watt grow lights plus fans filters etc. maybe law enforcement is working with the power companies to get search warrants ? ...
  13. Guns are a distance tool , lots of gangster types like the in your face sideways pistol style for the intimidation factor. Your response, fight ,flite or submit , if it's fighting I would suggest moving your head and controlling the shooter's arm taking the fight to the ground . I would rather have 1 year grapping / jujitsu training then 5 yrs of that fancy unless Taekwondo training ... Now that I'm getting older here's my new hero ......
  14. It's the dry season now , so it's high 1,600 LB , in August the light dep will hit the mkt , and the regular / full season Oct , it will drop to 1,000 per # . I only know this info cuz my sideline is water delivery via a 10 wheel 4,000 gallon water truck , wife works as a trimmer at one of the big grow co-ops .... I guess the big problem is getting from point A to point B
  15. Reagan started the war on drugs , in California it was called CAMP . Campaign , Against Marijuana Planting , helicopter's flying daily in the hills of northern California sheriff deputy's from all over the state collecting lots of overtime pay descending into the golden triangle of nor-cal ,, Humboldt , Mendocino and Trinity counties .. now that its almost legal the price is way down but the amount is way up they are still busting some illegal grows with the help of google earth , its not uncommand to hear about bust in the 10s of thousands of plants in one plantation .... the millennials have no drive to do nothing else their life's revolve around the pot industry , like the girl in the video she wouldn't get a second look in Southern Humboldt .. and the stuff they are smoking , shatter, dap , vapor . it's damaging to one's health no and if or buts about it