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  1. Have you tried the frozen steaks they sell at Rustans? They're from US or Canada beef in vacuum sealed plastic. Are they any good?
  2. Because ground beef in America is made from pink slime process. Bones would've been grounded up and jellified in the process.
  3. Rustans also have Wagyu ground beef that often goes on sale. Has anyone tried that? I don't expect real wagyu, I just want to know if they're better than their regular ground beef for making burgers.
  4. Does the ground sirloin have enough fat in it to make a burger?
  5. In a service oriented industry, you will always encounter difficult customers. If you can't handle it then go find another line of work.
  6. This isn't so much about the woman with the stroller or the male passenger. This is more about how the bald headed employee reacted to the given situation. He completely forgot his training and went into bar fight mode.
  7. Everytime something like this happen, there will always be one American who will stand up and say this is wrong. It's part of our culture to stand up and speak up. Look at the United Airlines video, it's the American lady who yelled "this is wrong!". On this video, it's the American who stood up for the woman. Sitting down and shutting up isn't going to happen.
  8. The dragging scene bothered me a little until Munoz made his statement of the incident. I believe it's his calousness that added fuel to the flame. This incident cost him a promotion. He was supposed to be elevated to be part of board of directors. You can't hate the employees for simply following procedures. Hate the one who wrote those procedures.
  9. Hey you stay out of this! Come on try it! Try it! Hit me! Hit me! Come on! Bring it on! *palm waving, taunting* You don't know what the story is! *staredown* That's from the male bald AA employee. Is that how you de-escalate the situation? Poor training. He needs to get fired. Because of that poorly displayed behavior, I believe what the crying lady said.
  10. The bald male AA employee seems to be having a bad day. He was high strung, probably upset at something and took that attitude with him to work.
  11. I'm not surprised. Most major airports in the US have only one or two major carrier. Their stockholders know there aren't many choices. UA have already lost money. They've refunded all passengers in that flight. CEO Munoz also stand to lose $500,000 bonus because part of his annual job evaluation is based on customer satisfaction survey. Dr. Dao haven't filed a suit yet, but I expect UA will settle out of court to end this as quickly as possible rather than talk about it detail by detail.
  12. It's a case by case decision. If the passenger is a security threat then take them out by force. If the passenger is a cranky 69 year old man, you go to the intercom and offer more money to passengers willing to give up their seat. I'm sure someone will bite at $1,500 to $2,000. Not every situation has to be dealt with an iron fist. Airlines have reached a point where they have no empathy for passengers anymore. We're all just cattles to them.
  13. It's a filipino tradition. When your daughter turns 16, they get a debut party. You can't apply your American tradition and hold it above theirs. It's filipino tradition and you're in the Philippines. Catering over here isn't a big deal. Average priced restaurants offer catering services. Max have a catering service. It's a cheaper option than reserving a room at a restaurant and getting set menus.
  14. You should try and get a job at immigration instead. I would like to see a white guy working at the immigration counter checking passports.
  15. I have yet to see a professional locksmith that could "jimmy" a lock. I've left my keys inside my condo a few times over the years and have hired professionals to jimmy my lock, After hours of attempt with bonus money for extra incentive, they couldn't do it. They always have to destroy the lock after their futile attempts. They could jimmy cheap little locks but not quality locks. So when Ugly American said the thief will "jimmy the lock" as if he's some kind of James Bond, I had to laugh. What did he said? Bribe the guard P500, jimmy the lock and drive a big van inside the parking area unnoticed? Must be some kind of movie he's been watching.