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  1. There are 2 local brand hotdogs that are similar to US style hotdogs: Virginia's "New Yorker" hotdog and Frabelle's cheesedog.
  2. Lander's superstore (similar concept to S&R) will be opening a branch in Cebu. They sell Nathan hotdogs at their foodcourt. They sell American hotdogs at S&R but not the brands you mentioned. You can find some at Rustan's but they're expensive.
  3. What skills? His can't shoot the ball at any range. He can't dribble well either. He's a 7'1" 325 lbs thug who uses his body and strength to rebound and dunk. He's a one-trick pony in an era where real centers were depleting. He's fat and lazy. When the Lakers had to choose between him and Kobe, they went with Kobe. Kobe has better work ethic while Shaq always shows up fat.
  4. He wanted to break through the barrier but hesitated the last second. Right after the barrier came down, the truck stopped. The driver took a couple of seconds to think then he accelerated and then pressed the brake (you could see the brakelights came on) and got hit. His first mistake was trying to beat the light. The warning lights was probably already flashing and the bells already ringing. Instead of slowing down, he stepped on the gas.
  5. Aeon Flux looked like a good movie too when I saw the trailers. I'll wait for the reviews.
  6. Motorcycle shops are concentrated in Caloocan area along Taft Avenue from 7th ave to 10th ave, with 10th ave being the most concentrated area. Ride the LRT and get off at 5th station. Once you get off, you'll be at Taft Avenue. Walk north towards 10th ave. There are a few shops lined up on both sides of Taft Avenue from 7th to 10th ave. When you get to 10th avenue, turn right and you'll find a lot of shops lined up side by side. You can use streeview to scout out the area first. You can also visit motorcyclephilippines.com and ask in the forum.
  7. Do you file taxes and declare the income from these sources to the IRS? What if you get audited by the IRS, are they going to ask if you have a work permit to work in the Philippines? If you said you don't have a permit, are they going to get you in trouble?
  8. It's difficult to answer the question with one answer. Do you want a phone with the best camera? A phone for best audio experience? A phone best for playing high-end games? A phone best for watching videos? A phone best for internet browsing? A phone with the best battery life? The thinnest phone? The lightest phone?
  9. List the top 10 reason why you need a phone for, and your budget. I'll narrow down your list of choices.
  10. If I pay $60 for Turbo Tax, will I be able to use it every year or is this just for one use only?
  11. Thanks for the help guys. I'm considering Turbo Tax. There are 4 different versions listed on their website: Free, Deluxe, Premium, and Self-employed. Which one is for self-employed expat? To those of you who live here in the Philippines, which one do you use?
  12. I haven't filed taxes in ages because I haven't worked since I've moved to the Philippines. Now I've set up a business as well as some online work that has done well, netting $50,000 last year and will likely grow next year. I would like to file taxes to the IRS because we do plan to move back to the US sometime in the future. I don't want any problems in the future and I would like to bring my money back home too. With FATCA being implemented and future plans of returning back to the US, I want to do everything in the up and up. As far as I know, it's better to declare than having to explain to the IRS in the future why you didn't declare. We do plan to buy a house and a car in the US to retire. I haven't filed taxes in ages, I'm at a lost here. I have some information from the internet but I want to hear it from you guys who lived here and have filed taxes. Let's keep this topic on how to pay taxes and don't turn it into "avoid paying taxes" thread.
  13. Isn't the Air Fryer operate similarly to the Turbo Broiler like the picture M.C.A. showed above? There's a heating rod underneath the cover with a fan attached to the top of it. When you turn it on, the fan blows air through the heating rod and circulates the hot air around. Isn't this how the Air Fryer works?
  14. The NAIA expressway has been completed. All terminals are now connected by road. They also have a tollway that goes straight to Macapagal blvd which is where the casinos are located and Mall of Asia.
  15. There will be an elevator and a moving walkway.