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  1. Before you cook anything, look at what they have available at the local market and use that as the basis on which meals to cook. Even if you found that rare ingredient you've been looking for, you have to wonder how long it's been sitting on the shelf.
  2. You should worry more on its warranty, parts availability, or if they even have a service center within the city.
  3. It looks like the black guy immediately recognized the car. If he's just some nutcase then why didn't he attacked the white car near him?
  4. Filipino foods use minimum spices. That's why their food aren't good. They use what can be grown in their backyard such as garlic, ginger, tomatoes, sili, and onions. They are the opposite of Thai/Malaysian/Indonesian dishes. The same spices that are grown over there can be grown over here and yet they don't.
  5. Look for the Magic Sarap.
  6. You should take your housekeeper with you when you shop for the bike. You're buying it for her, you should pick a bike she is comfortable with. Most filipinas I've seen prefer a scooter (also called a moped). Don't force the underbone type (XRM, Wave) if she doesn't feel comfortable riding one.
  7. If this will be for grocery run then get her a scooter because she can put bags of groceries on the foot rest.
  8. I agree. It's similar to parents sending boxes of goodies to their kids in college dorms. It's not about saving money, it's about getting them something. I once asked a filipina abroad why she's sending all these stuff to her relatives in the Philippines when it's available there. She said they're not going to buy these stuff themselves even if you give them the money. That's another reason. Sending BB to save money doesn't make much sense anymore. It makes sense back in the 70s when imported products are a rare find. Now they're common. It's not like you're saving a lot. You start out paying $70 for the shipping. It takes a month or two to get here. You are forced to overstock on food items that you won't eat for a while. The cans are all dented. Overall, how much are you saving? $50? All that trouble for $50? If you live in the province then it makes sense, but not if you live in a big city. There are a few items that I wish I could find here, but not enough to fill an entire BB.
  9. Say what you want about Kraft American Cheese but they are great on burgers. They melt easily and the taste goes well with burgers.
  10. How do you guys cook your hotdog? Do you drop them in a boiling water? Do you steam them? Do you fry them on the pan? Do you stick it in the oven? Do you grill them?
  11. Yeah well this isn't Korea or Japan. This is the Philippines. Those big spaces underneath your floor will quickly be filled by rats and roaches. You're trying to save money by not buying furnitures and building your washitsu, how much do you think it will cost you to raise your floors? It cost a heck of a lot more than buying furnitures.
  12. How much were their monthly salary? You can just continue giving that amount. They've gotten used to living within that amount all this time, they should be fine with it.
  13. The FA50 jets will mainly be used to train pilots. The last time these pilots flown a real jet was probably a Vietnam war relic. You don't hand a kid a Porsche for driving practice. For Abu action, they need combat helicopters more than they need jets. They could buy two mi-24 attack choppers for the price of one FA-50.
  14. I got a membership because I needed it to get in to look around when they opened. After a few more visits, it looks to me they're getting worse on each visit. They've been in Manila for almost a year now. The last time I was there was 2 weeks ago. When I looked at the bagels, a few packages have molds in them. The upside of Landers is they do carry a few products that aren't available at S&R. Having 2 membership will have its advantages of course.
  15. Maybe you're right but as of now I regret getting my membership at Landers even when I paid half price for it. S&R have 12 stores and aggressively expanding, they also own Puregold supermarket. They have better buying power than Landers. Landers might become competitive in the future but I doubt it. I predict S&R or SM will buy them out. Everytime there's a sale at Landers in Manila, it's a bunch of products near the expiry date. In fact, a lot of their products in general are near expiring. This is just based from my personal observation though.