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  1. I was just throwing the possibility out there. Who knows, before all is said and done she may end up committing suicide while in custody and joining her husband in Pakistan. Stranger things have happened.
  2. Yes, if she was working undercover then her mission would now be over. Going undercover to gather intelligence requires the individual to be willing to sacrifice their personal life for the greater benefit of the nation. If this was what actually happened, she knew in advance that the outcome may not turn out good for her. What happens next? The current version of the story would have to be played out until the very end. She would have to be appropriately charged and pay the price for the crimes she is charged with. The government or the PNP can't come out and claim she was working undercover because it would put others in the field who may be posing as sympathizers in danger, or compromise any future missions that may involve police officers. In the eyes of the public she will have to appear to be as guilty as everyone else that was in the vehicle with her. Is the official version of the story true, or was she working undercover? Only those involved will know the truth and we will probably never find out one way or the other.
  3. What if things are not as they appear? Maybe she was the one using the Abu Sayyaf instead to gather intelligence on the group and its members? Maybe the "official" version of the story being reported is to protect the officer and not compromise the mission. Not saying this is the case, but what if? Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction. As I mentioned early in this thread, the incident in Bohol is just one piece of a large puzzle and people should not believe everything they hear, but consider everything they hear.
  4. Even in Mindanao the support for these groups is fading. There have been dozens of terrorist killed in Lanao del Sur over the past couple of days after locals gave away their positions. While this is great news, I think we are a long way from eradicating these groups since they are also getting support and funding from outside of the Philippines. There was a Philippine soldier who was beheaded last week that was a member of the same tribe as the members of the Abu Sayyaf which is the dominant tribe in much of the Sulu region. The Tausug. If they are now killing members of the same tribe that also make up a majority of the population in that region, then it seems that the Abu Sayyaf isn't too concerned about having the support of the locals any longer. Maybe they did it to intimidate the military and the local community? If that was the case, hopefully it will backfire and lead to more people in that part of the country turning in their relatives and neighbors who belong to this group. AFP, Maute clash in Lanao http://tempo.com.ph/2017/04/24/afp-maute-clash-in-lanao/ Palace condemns ASG's 'barbaric' beheading of Tausug soldier https://insidemanila.ph/article/1252/Palace-condemns-ASGs-barbaric-beheading-of-Tausug-soldier
  5. Below are a couple of stories that go into a little more detail. The driver was the brother-n-law of the Abu Sayaff's founder and one of the people to be rescued is the son of a Sultan. The police officer was not just a rank and file member of the PNP, she is the deputy regional chief of the PNP Crime Laboratory in region 11 (Davao Region). There are a lot of interesting characters involved in this case.
  6. I bought this juicer about five years ago for around P1,600 if I remember correctly. I even used it commercially for two of those years to extract fruit juices when I was manufacturing ice cream, and it is still going strong today. It works as advertised and while you're not going to get P50 per liter juice in most cases, at least you will know you are getting 100% pure juice. It is not a lot of fun to clean, but the health benefits outweigh the trouble. Below is a video of the for sale on TV version, it looks a little different and the price is much higher, but the model that can be found in the malls like the one I have works exactly the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q6PYJMKF30
  7. There is an unconfirmed report that a member of the Abu Sayyaf has taken a child hostage following an encounter this evening in Clarin, Bohol.
  8. Latest update from this most recent encounter:
  9. While it is not reported in the story below, there have been at least two other suspected Abu Sayyaf members killed.
  10. Unfortunately the death toll continues to climb. Very sad.
  11. If kidnapping was their agenda, then they would have had an escape plan already in place and one or more fast boats or another team in position for the return trip to Sulu. Since the leader of this group and a majority of his followers survived the initial firefight and there have been no further encounters with the military for a week now, it is quite possible that they have escaped the area already. Even if they haven't, there are plenty of places for them to hide and it could take a lot of time to flush them out. Francisco Dagohoy was able to avoid being captured by the Spaniards in that same area for over 50 years before he finally died of old age. He no doubt had more local support than these guys though. Now that more information is coming out it has been learned that Joselito Melloria escaped after being injured during the initial encounter and well before military reinforcements arrived. Abu Rami and two others stayed behind to hold off the police and military to buy time for the group leader and the others to get away. It took the military along with air support more than 20 hours to naturalize the three Abu Sayyaf members. Abu Rami was well trained and had plenty of battlefield experience and it is believed that he alone was responsible for the five killed on the government side. There were possibly as many as seven teams each consisting of around a dozen men who left the Sulu region more than ten days ago to carry out attacks and abductions of foreigners in both Malaysia and the Philippines. We know now that at least one of these teams headed to Bohol and fortunately their plans were disrupted. The eleven Abu Sayyaf members who surrendered in Tawi Tawi mentioned earlier in this thread are also believed to be one of these seven teams. This potentially leaves as many as five teams unaccounted for, along with the surviving members of Melloria's team who managed to escape the encounter in Bohol. It's possible these groups will lay low for a while before attempting any future terrorist activities, or they could also try to avenge the death of Abu Remi by carring out some sort of attack in the short term. Either way, everyone should remain vigilant.
  12. Cebu Pacific has some great promos, but you have to jump on them fast. Sometimes they will have domestic flights for P88 and I will buy a couple of tickets to destinations I may want to go to even if I don't have plans at the time travel. It's usually only a few hundred pesos all in and if something comes up and I can't travel on those dates, it's no big loss. As for the Sydney to Manila promo, On October 4 you can travel for AU110 and return for just AU69 on November 1st. Thats with no luggage and no meals. The price is a little higher for those inclusions, but still a great deal.
  13. It really happened and members of armed militant groups that have sworn their alliance to the IS have been in that area well before this incident. Abu Sayyaf, Maute, BIFF, etc., they all fall under the umbrella of the Dawlatul Islamiyah Waliyatul Masrik. There is even evidence to support that these groups are now recruiting members of the NPA in Mindanao and the Visayas. Joselito Melloria would be an example of this. He was once a member of the NPA and is now a high ranking leader within the ABU Sayyaf. President Duterte has been in the Middle East since the incident occured, so that explains his lack of input to date. The timing of this incident with the Holy Week also put a damper on the amount of information coming out in the media. News outlets here are short staffed on weekends and holidays here. There is also a certain element who prefer to suppress the details to protect business interests in the region. Unfortunately this is not going to be a one and done event. There will be an increased threat and military presence in the central Visayas for a long time to come. With increased military pressure being applied to these groups in the Sulu region and western Mindanao, they are looking for safer locations to relocate to and to carry out their atrocities in the future. Joselito Melloria had been in Sulu for the past few years and its likely that his long term plan was to return to his hometown and establish a terrorist cell there where they could hide under the radar so to speak. Fortunately that will not occur now since the military was tipped off when he returned. Unfortunately there are more like him and these cells could spring up just about anywhere.