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  1. Air brakes will not work properly if they are out of adjustment which is what I would suspect in a case like this. Based on my own driving experience with vehicles that use air brakes, the road conditions here, and the wear and tear on buses in this country being pretty extreme. I would imagine the buses have to have their breaks adjusted after every trip. If that is the case, then I can see how the driver could loose braking power coming down a steep grade. If the adjusting screws are worn out, just one hard jab on the brake peddle can put the brakes out of adjustment and you can loose a lot of your stopping power. Since the driver in this case was inexperienced, he probably panicked and started pumping the brakes repeatedly, and even if he still had plenty of air pressure, if the brakes became far enough out of adjustment, he would not have been able to stop the bus on a steep grade. This scenario would also explain the burning smell the passengers said they could smell before the crash. I travel a lot by bus, and most of the larger buses here do have air brake systems. It's hard to tell the model or manufacturer of the bus in this accident, so we will probably never know what type of brake system it had, but based on its size, I would still say it most likely used air brakes. At the very least, a combination of air and hydraulic brakes, and if that is the case, then either one of us may be correct.
  2. It will be interesting to see how well this plan works out for them when all is said and done.
  3. One this morning (4.7), one this afternoon (2.9), and one this evening (4.0). http://www.phivolcs.dost.gov.ph/html/update_SOEPD/EQLatest.html Reported Intensities: Intensity IV - Davao City Intensity III - Montevista, Compostella Valley Reported Intensities: Intensity III - Davao City Reported Intensities: Intensity III - Davao City Nothing major, but it's the first time since living here that I have felt three earthquakes in a single day. The second two may have just been aftershocks from the one this morning. The story below is from before the one this evening. 2 women injured after twin quakes in Davao City http://davaotoday.com/main/environment/2-women-injured-after-twin-quakes-in-davao-city/
  4. I would think that a bus the size of the one involved in this accident would have had air brakes rather than hydraulic. Every bus I have been on here except for the smaller shuttle buses have had air brakes.
  5. I am not one to agree with the idea below.
  6. There is a lot more information about lying in Islam at the link.
  7. How can you tell if anyone is telling the truth? As for "taqiyya", the only place you will find a definition like the one you shared is on right wing anti-Islamic sites. In Islam, lying is only permitted when a Muslim finds themselves in a dire situation. For example, If someone puts a gun to a Muslims head and asks them if they are a Muslim, they can lie in a situation like that since the answer they give may cost them their life.
  8. What a statement! You only consider non-Muslim lives to be innocent. SMH
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  10. In the latest update on this story, the Abu Sayyaf has given a deadline of 3 pm on February 26 for the ransom to be paid.
  11. I was recently in Marbel which is a rather small city in South Cotabato (Around 150,000 pop) and there were a couple of new subdivisions being developed there that looked really nice. A duplex that size would probably sell for around that price in a provincial city like that, but it is still something you would want to see first hand before investing. Even newly constructed duplexes and one bedroom houses around that size just outside of Davao City can be purchased in the P600,000 to P800,000 range, so a half a million for a preconstruction/unbuilt similar size home in a small city in Mindanao does not sound too far fetched.
  12. The strongest in Surigao is probably true. Too bad whoever wrote that story didn't catch the mistake. Unfortunately in the age of the internet, once a story is released it gets legs of its own and takes off from there.
  13. I came across this headline when searching for more information on this earthquake: Anyone who has lived here for any length of time knows that his recent earthquake was not even comparable to some in the past, so I am not really sure where the idea of this one being the strongest in 100 years even came from. Below is an explanation of how earthquakes are measured.