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  1. I think it is the translation on the part of Facebook that has the issues. It should read closer to: "For packing? For lunch? or for dinner? For sure the children will enjoy Cheesy Tuna Shanghai." Still funny as hell either way. Lol...
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  3. I know quite a few Muslim women here who are in interfaith relationships. The sister-in-law of my former GF was Muslim and married to a Catholic. All these people still live in their home provinces, and their families, (and as far as I know anyway), no one else has ever threatened or tried to kill them.
  4. I certainly do not agree with that statement and I doubt you will not find many people with a historical knowledge of terrorism or who work in the field of fighting it that would agree with it either. Here is what our current Secretary of Defense had to say about it in the past and what was included in this excerpt of a letter that was signed last week by more than 120 Military leaders representing every branch of the armed forces that was sent to the congress and the senate. And here is what Retired Marine Corps General John Allen had to say recently on the subject: Terrorism has nothing to do with religion, that is just a cover that extremist use to hide their criminal activities and atrocities. I gave examples in an earlier post of terrorist groups that are not Islamic. The Lord's Resistance Army, The NPA, Shining Path, etc. These groups are just as ruthless and have beheaded people as well. Greed is is the driving force for the leadership of these terrorist organizations, and poverty is the driving force behind the the farmers and villagers who join these groups. Have you ever been to regions where terrorism thrives, or do you base your opinion on the media and what you read on right wing websites? You would understand better if you were to experience the conditions and the way that people live in those regions of the world. You might be surprised at what some of those poor people up in the highlands of Cebu have done in exchange for a few thousand pesos. There are more than a billion and a half Muslims that would disagree with your interpretation. You are just repeating the terrorist's and the right wing, anti-Islamic interpretation of the Qur'an. The Christian Bible also commands that unbelievers, homosexuals, and adulterers be killed to, but there are not a whole lot of Christians who interpret it that way either. But they're out there.
  5. Since the ceasefire was ended by both the NPA and the Government last month there has been a lot of skirmishes between the two.
  6. They didn't burn, but at least five of them have apparently paid the ultimate price for their crime so far. Better they are able to read the Qur'an for themselves rather than have some extremist tell them what he thinks it says. If the children are educated they will be able to recognize the false teachings and will be less likely to follow an extremist's point of view. The New People’s Army, The Lord’s Resistance Army, Shining Path, FARC, The National Liberation Army of Colombia, The Real IRA.....? Terrorism knows no religion.
  7. The people responsible for killing this man will pay for what they have done, that's a guarantee. Some of them have probably been killed already.
  8. Even if everyone in that video is killed along with all their friends and relatives, it does nothing to solve the problem. If the root of the problem is not addressed, there will be others who will replace those who are killed. Until the causes of terrorism are addressed, it will just be an endless and expanding cycle.
  9. Terrorism and groups like the IS are just symptoms of a much larger problem. Bombing the sh*t out of countries, killing family members and innocent people in an attempt to eliminate these groups only escalates the problem. Proof of this can be seen in how terrorism has increased worldwide since 9/11. Attack the roots of the problem, poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunity, poor infrastructure, etc. and you will start to see a decline in terrorist organizations and their atrocities. If the people in the countries and regions where terrorism flourishes had better opportunity and better lives, the leadership of the terrorist organizations would not be able to recruit people as easily. There will always be a few nut-jobs that they will be able to convince to join, but the numbers would be minuscule and the frequency of attacks and the scale would be greatly reduced and more manageable.
  10. Keep in mind that most of the rank and file members of the Abu Sayyaf here in the Philippines wouldn't recognize a Qur'an if they were hit up side the head with one, and even if they did know what a Qur'an was, there's a high likelihood that they wouldn't be able to read it for themselves. The Abu Sayyaf is made up almost exclusively by members of the Tausug tribe which has a literacy rate hovering around 50%. The only thing most members of the Abu Sayyaf know about Islam is what they are told. If they are taught by an Islamic extremist, then unfortunately that will be the version of Islam they may start leaning towards. But even with the extremist point of view being taught, most still adhere to a mix of animism and folk Islam which is what they were born into, so calling the Abu Sayyaf simply a "Muslim" group as you mentioned, would certainly be a stretch. The Abu Sayyaf like most IS affiliated groups around the world are nothing more than a criminal extortion gangs that uses religion to brainwash the impoverished youth in whatever region they operate with promises of cash and a better life for joining. Most members are in for the potential financial gains rather than religious reasons. Groups like the Abu Sayyaf are not kidnapping and killing people because people do not believe the same as they do or in an attempt to get people to convert to their way of believing. It's for economic and political reasons rather than religious. This same principle would hold true for the IS affiliated groups found in the Middle East and Africa as well.
  11. I discount hot brakes because this bus had air brakes and based on the testimony of the passengers and the fact that brakes out of adjustment are the primary factor in accidents like this, it makes the most sense. Add to the fact that the driver was inexperienced, and it was an disaster waiting to happen. Actually it is because of my experience that I can discount hot brakes in this case. Now that we know the make and the model of the bus, it is almost a certainty that hot brakes were not the cause. Here is what I said: "But with all the potholes, step grades, sharp curves, stopping and starting that takes place on a daily bus route in this country, brakes getting out of adjustment, especially on the older buses, is probably a major issue." It would be because of the driver using the brakes to suddenly slow down when they encounter a pothole, a sharp curve, sudden stopping and starting, and improper braking when going down a steep grade that would cause the brakes to get out of adjustment. Not because of the hazards themselves. Automatic slack adjusters can and do get out of adjustment. While a sudden application of the brakes is probably the least likely cause, it can happen. If you would have said absolutely not for all of the above this would have probably been a factual statement. I am done arguing about the bus and the brakes. Your comment pretty much covered everything.
  12. Most of the time a driver can tell if the brakes are out of adjustment, but not every time. Many experienced drivers with decades of experience have experienced brake failure coming down a steep grade. It happens. Even automatic slack adjusters can get out of adjustment if the brakes are applied suddenly. I would say rolling down a mountain with no stopping power a complete failure. I found this article that claims that brakes out of adjustment are a major factor in truck accidents. If they brakes are out of adjustment, the parking/emergency brakes does not work. As for this accident, the bus was a Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Bus P-MS725 which uses air brakes. It is possible it had been modified once it arrived in the Philippines, but that is doubtful. Most of the buses I saw this morning while I was out were either Mitsubishi or Hino. Both of these companies install air brakes on the larger bus chassis. If you go to the bus terminal,I think you will also find that all but the smaller buses use air brakes. I would guess 80% of the buses here do. Below is a picture of another bus used by this company and the bus involved in the accident. https://www.flickr.com/photos/92626659@N03/16516286841