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  1. They kill roaches and other less desirable insects, so they're not too bad to have around.
  2. The situation in Mindanao is not about religion. It never has been and this latest incident certainly isn't. Of course the plan of groups like the Maute and Abu Sayyaf is to turn it into a religious war by creating hatred between members of the Christian and Muslim population, and in some cases between other Muslim clans, but it is greed and a desire for power and control that drives these groups. Most of these groups exploit the injustices of the past to convince young people that their fight against the Philippine government and the killing of innocent people is justified. In the case of the Mautes and Marawi, the drug trade actually is a big part of the equation. It's unfortunate that the tactic of deliberately targeting Christians and destroying religious institutions in order to create more chaos is working on some people. I was sent some videos earlier this week that were recorded inside Marawi that would really make your blood boil (I can't share them here, they are way too graphic and it is what the terrorist would want). In addition to gaining recognition and future funding from the IS and Saudi Arabia, these videos are also meant to incite anger between Christians and Muslims. Not just here, but throughout the world. These groups thrive in a world of chaos and confusion and we have to be careful not to fall into their trap and react in ways that are counterproductive to defeating this evil enemy. It is also important to note that not all of those fighting against the government in Marawi right now are Muslims, some are Christian youth who were recruited by these groups and paid relatively large sums of money to join their ranks. They are not true Muslims or even Moros. Unfortunately Mindanao will be a breading ground for terrorism for the foreseeable future due to past injustices, the current economic climate, and yes, the drug trade. The widespread bombing of Marawi and how the government responds afterward will also play a role in the future of Mindanao. If the rehabilitation efforts are not swift and overwhelmingly positive, then the government's destruction of the city and failure to restore the city to its full potential will be seen as another injustice to the Moro community and used as a recruiting tool for generations to come. It's important not to see this conflict and those elsewhere in the world being carried out by terrorist groups as religious wars because without unity between Christians and Muslims, these groups can't be defeated and these conflicts will continue to grow and spread to other parts of the world.
  3. A recent article that further justifies the need for Martial Law in Mindanao. One of the “other possible threat groups” mentioned in the article is the recently formed Jama'at al-Muhajirin wa al-Ansar bi al-Filibin (JMAF). Unfortunately we will probably be hearing a lot more about this group in the future.
  4. Even intelligence from reliable sources has to go through a verification process before it is determined to be credible. In the case of this memo, the information it contained had not yet been verified. The source may have been someone who has provided accurate information in the past and therefore would be classified as reliable in the memo, but the individual's circumstances may have changed since the last time he or she provided information and the threat its self may not be credible. A reliable source does not always equate to a credible threat. Memos like this are common and the public is never made aware of them. If the threat is considered to be credible after verifying the information received, only then would it be made public. If they made public every internal intelligence memo that was sent out, the public would eventually stop paying attention to them because 99% of the time nothing happens. The intelligence either turns out not to be factual or the threat is neutralized before the perpetrators get a chance to act. It was a typing error on my part. I left off the "s". I hope this was meant to be a joke. You would probably be surprised at how many threats there actual are at any given time and how many have prevented from taking place. Threats like the one in this memo are not unique and the only thing that made this one special is that it was leaked to the public.
  5. They first had to make sure the threat was real before alerting the public and possible causing unnecessary anxiety in case it turned out to be a false alarm. Second, keeping this memo confidential also put the PNP and government authorities at an advantage and gave them time to work behind the scenes and hopefully catch the terrorist planning to carry out this plot. Once this document was leaked, the PNP lost that opportunity since those behind these plans have also read about this leaked document on social media or in the news and they know they have lost the element of surprise. It's no secret that these groups are planning to carry out large scale attacks in the near future, so people should be vigilant even without knowing about what is going on behind the scenes. This document is just one of many that are regularly circulated that detail potential threats. This one just happened to be leaked to the public. I would be more concerned with something taking place either tomorrow or Monday with Ramadan coming to an end rather than June 30th. Hopefully nothing will happen on any of those days, but its just a matter of time before the other shoe drops.
  6. It's a bit too soon to be claiming "Mission accomplished". While there is still no doubt that the Philippine government will eventually come out on top, there is still a long way to go in Marawi. They are still fighting against 300-400 terrorist who are holding more than 100 people hostage. Beyond Marawi there are many more battles yet to come before this war is over.
  7. It's only a matter of time before Davao is targeted again.
  8. While the situation in Marawi has been getting most of the attention, the BIFF has been active as well over the past month.
  9. It looks like the high number of casualties as a result of this conflict are finally starting to be realized.
  10. Another thing footage of that plane and the pictures of Americans on the ground in Marawi launching drones does is increases the likelihood of Americans being the target of future abductions and attacks in the Philippines. The tens of millions of pesos that were left behind in the house in Marawi by the Mautes and the Abu Sayyaf last week may very well have been left there intentionally to show the Philippine government that they have a lot of support, are well funded, and have money to spare. Another thing this money flowing in is good for is paying people to gather information on foreigners and scout out their daily routines. Everyone needs to be careful who they befriend both in person and online from now on and stay vigilant regardless of where they live or are visiting in the Philippines.
  11. More details have been made public about the planing behind the Marawi siege.
  12. Actually, we do have a few boots on the ground. US soldiers have been at Camp Ranao in Marwari for more than a week now, but they are not involved in direct combat roles.
  13. While this is not unexpected since the US already had these assets in Mindanao, it's exactly what the terrorist wanted to hear. They have been able to hold off the Philippine military for almost three weeks and while the role is limited, they have now been able to draw the US into this conflict. To them, this means that their efforts have been a success. They have proven themselves to be worthy of recognition in the eyes of IS followers around the world and it will lead even more foreign fighters joining their warped struggle for a caliphate in Mindanao. This is just another sign that we are entering into another extended period of unrest in Mindanao. I would expect there will be several local groups both Moro and others who will oppose this US assistance as well. I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more about this opposition in the coming days.
  14. A couple of updated news stories on the situation in Marawi.