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  1. Yep - and EMPTY every night there was us at 8 pm and 1 other couple who were just leaving - quiet - and staff will listen - they know to bring my Red Horse as soon as I sit down - same when companion ordered hers And almost got serving sequence right - I'd suggest ordering as you go along The Stir Fry was OK but too many veggies - I like the Chicken Curry
  2. The restaurant in the Mandarin is probably the best value I've encountered 2 - beers calamaris (fried squid) Big bowl of mushroom soup Stir fry veggies , beef, pork, shrimp, Rice and Cheesecake 770 - tax & tip
  3. Was there music?
  4. Took me awhile to realize some forget to use appropriate Emoticon. Bald guy= wrong Lady with stroller who wouldn't give it up = wrong Guy who stood up for her = right (probably)
  5. My point was each served excellent food but budget and desire comes into play for many.
  6. Hey guys post prices with the review - Ruth Chris's in US is fantastic but at $125 a head - Giovanni's close but $40
  7. In ever war it's been the F (fighter) platforms that got all the publicity but the A (attack) that were the grunts freinds Ask any Nam vet who they'd rather have on station an A-4 or and F-4?
  8. Worst tasting so far was not the fault of the restaurant She'd never had Mongolian - you select they cook it - style She tired some of mine (I told her not to) had tears in her eyes - I tried hers and almost threw up Only meat in the bowl was Sardines and some BAD BAD BAD sauce She said "wait until you try Balut" her way of getting even with me again. I said I would
  9. She just said NO - no need thank you very much - prefers a 6 pack to a shot - especially one to the head
  10. Ate at New Orleans last night Took advantage of 2 for 1 cocktails with free appraiser ( 4 to 7 - 2 Harvey Wallbangers - for me - need my vitamins) pineapple juice for her The movie place in Ayala had coupons - 2 pizzas for 1 - very very thin crust - not bad - not really pizzas but not bad flavors. Size just right for me
  11. You're right my error wrong thread - was a late night and early morning Should have been in the decent food thread
  12. Update on Micheal Angelo "Have pizza tonight?" "yes" "we'll have a pepperoni" "sorry sir don't have" "What would you want hon?" "Hawaiian" Very good - paper thin crust - which I like - not sure how the get edges crispy but middle limp - which i don't - very good flavor - could have used more ham. Size just right - for 2 normal people- her 3 pcs me 5 - or 1 of some of you guys. Pizza - 330, 2 cans 350 Ml coke 140 - plus VAT = 517 We walked both ways - she didn't want to take taxi
  13. I'll detail trip in the other thread
  14. I will - will be hungry - will also take pics of the food - apologize for going off topic a little -
  15. "Honor always - those willing to sacrifice their tomorrows for your today"