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  1. He wasn't captured (more pro BS) he went looking for them and they found him.
  2. I didn't go into the full details of what transpired all that day and yes I did overreact - have explained to her about actions of ex-wife why I said what I did it was the culmination of many little things during the day - as most relationship disagreements are - still learning each other. Ex-wife did it also but not as a way to protect me was purely to try to control. With her it was accompanied by the stern look of disapproval not the one of concern I missed.
  3. As I've said my concept of submissive which seems to have started this thread has changed. As little bit of Paul, little bit of some others - mostly Lamoe shedding his if it makes her happy stance Examples - we went shopping tonight for bed things - when just me what came with the rental was good enough - she didn't like the state of the sheets/ pillow cases - I admit even though I had washed them still piss poor shape - she asked if I could please buy new ones. Things like this are really important to ladies so said yes. Off to Metro linen dept - she starts looking at the 250 P sheet sets. I said no - she said but cheaper - I said my money I decide what quality.- on sale best quality - 7,500 P - complete set w/ pad and cases for the extra 2 extra Taxi home with all that stuff and more - driver was pulling the let's extend the fare for the foreigner - long route - no short cuts - she noticed I wasn't saying anything but wasn't pleased and taped me on the leg to say stop - when we got home I told her to never correct me again. "But not good for you to get mad" If I want to get mad I will - so never do that again. "Yes dear I promise" Had a discussion, me doing most of the talking, about what I expected from her and what she could expect from me. If I'd had the same 50 years ago might have been single 49 years ago
  4. Don't forget WiFi short term and cable if long term Also consider how electric will be handled - I use AC very little - only when I have company - if you include it - guests, especially short term from cooler climates will run it 24 / 7 Obvious statement - more money per week / month short term - many more hassles My rent for 19th floor of older condo - 1 br - 53 sq m - runs about 25 K all in (rent / association fee = 22,400 - water / bottled water / electricity / WiFi (pocket) / phone - no cable tv = rest Great location 1 1/2 Km from both Ayala (jeepny terminal) and Robinson Malls - and restaurants I was paying 60 KP / 30 days at Mandarin Hotel (across street from Ayala - huge buffet breakfast included)
  5. Me also - if you were where I've got spares - but if you were here could get your own
  6. I was talking about a std hardwired keyboard w/ std / mini/ or micro plug http://www.brighthub.com/computing/hardware/articles/121656.aspx
  7. Have you tried std corded keyboards plugged into USB ports? - works on my RCA
  8. On a pole?
  9. Those spinners are WAAAAY over priced - 300 P for plain 600 for LED - Metro had then on sale for 99 - got a couple as presents
  10. Better not try in Boot camp she might kick your ass "The official praised Renforth for finding more opportunities for male and female recruits to train side-by-side in boot camp, but said his "clumsy choice of words" could detract from the Marine Corps' "overall goals" when it comes to training women and men. " RIIIIIGHT, stick a bunch of Testosterone laden sexually deprived and depraved young men next to grunting sweating females - nope nothing can go wrong - not to mention the ones with the greater sex drive the gals.
  11. another WTF moment
  12. You might be right - I had a previous charge I paid - 484 - with last payment in Feb this year - I'll know more at end of this month With that added comes to the 11 you stated Wasn't too concerned - even 1,200 is less than $25.
  13. Shouldn't matter - on elevator several times have seen tanks being delivered here - cooking I believe because everyone I've seen just hangs clothes on balcony