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  1. yeah about 2,300 / day but within my budget short term That's why I chose it - will negotiate better terms if I need a month Still looking for LINC member who wants to rent short term to an old fart not on a sexcation
  2. I typ eat 1 meal a day unless I am with someone - so for me a decent breakfast will last me until 8 or 9 PM
  3. Booked Mandarin for a week while I get settled and old body acclimates to the weather there Breakfast was 250 p extra per day figured great way to start day or overcome night before
  4. Very small space used - wanted to help another member out.
  5. Depending on how soon you need it - I do have the tools (tiny Phillips, Torx, plastic prys - std jeweler's screwdrivers) - they should work - have replaced several tablet screens. Arrive on the March 23rd -
  6. How it's done
  7. That was explained to me in a PM thanks - I was missing that fact
  8. I tried to input the date about 28 days after my arrival but the selection screen went blank. If I cancel a day or 2 after I book it -(tonight) how is it valid? For some of you who have been doing this for years this is old hat for others it isn't.
  9. All paperwork settled on selling house - have ticket there - need throw away Checked and cheapest is about 7 KP What am I doing wrong? Arrive March 23 - so anytime middle April is fine While I'm at it - health insurance - I know VA coverage no good there
  10. If I miss your post PM me - my bank Chase does not have a branch there they said was looking at Wells Fargo
  11. New way to save gas
  12. I've posted several times about the great quality of care available in Rockford Illinois and Madison Wisconsin (60 miles away). Chicago is one of the worst. Last week during visit told my primary I'd finally accepted an offer on house - he asked what were my plans - when I told him he said he'd schedule an exam to make sure everything was OK. Next Tuesday is appointment
  13. Don't take test with bloodshot eyes